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A very long engagement with the rain.........

I was supposed to have
my haircut tonight
because I already feel
so dirty with my
long hair but
just when I
was about to go
out, the rain
started to
pour. It was strong
so I decided to
stay put and
do some blogging.
Well, almost.

Because instead of going to my room, I removed my clothes and went out of the house. Next thing I know, I was running and dancing in the rain. My board mate joined me afterward so went round and round the village for 30 minutes. It's fun. We were like small kids again.

I just missed it. I remember when I was a young boy growing up in the countryside. I always play in the rain and the feeling is good. I also remember my first date with my girlfriend was during a storm and since there is no available ride, we walked through fields and dirt roads while it was raining hard. I can still feel the cold drops in my face......

So you see, I have this long engagement with the rain. If it makes other people gloomy, it brings good memories to me.

But I stopped bathing in the rain years ago.
I just became cautious all of a sudden. It's part of growing old. We try to suppress the child in us because that kid is carefree and in a big mans world, there is no room for error.

My life was well planned for the next 5 years. Ok, maybe "well planned" is an overstatement. I wasted a lot of time before on wrong pursuits.Now, opportunities are coming and the future is getting more orange so I want to take advantage of it. Part of that is becoming more careful and responsible in my actions. So I have to suppress the child in me.......... But this time I failed.

After a warm meal, a tablet of paracetamol just in case and a hot shower, I'm all set to teach my Korean Students again. If there are a couple of things I realized it would be, one----that I am still brave., two---the child in me is still alive and healthy and three---I have to strike the balance between being cautious and still knowing how to be carefree.....that is not an easy thing to do.


  1. Do you remember that song from the ABS CBN rainy-day station ID a couple of years back called "Sukob Na"? That reminds me so much of this post!

    Yup, I do love drenching myself in the rain too! And a hot bowl of Lucky Me noodles after that!

  2. i like this post, i grew up in the countryside as well and i missed splashing my feet on puddles and running after my playmates, screaming when the thunder claps...nakaka miss ang pagka-bata.

  3. hays...there will be always that child within us...the recognition of it reminds us how mature we have grown through the years...

    the rain fascinates me still... i sometimes think they its not just droplets of water falling from the skies... hays...

  4. ugh! i've never tried that ever!

    i got an asthma since i was little

    guess i missed a lot!

  5. Sorry guys, been away over the weekend to get some fresh air......

    Kuya Loven, maka-ABS-CBN karin pala?
    Yeah, i love that add but I never thought of that when I made this one. kkk. The lucky me hot noodles though surely gives a lot of people happy memories during rainy days..

  6. Marissa, san kana nga uli laki?

    Ron, if the raindrops make you think of something else, what is it? I hope it is not creepy ha....

    Alex, Is it bad for people with Asthma? I mean, maybe not coz it has nothing to do with bad air? Only bad water in the metro.kkk.

    Maybe you should try to live in the countryside one day. You might as well experience the rain there without any worries....


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