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I am getting lazy.....


Being a home boy
is making me lazzzzzy
these days. I go to bed
at around 1 am,
wake up at around 11
then work from 5-11:30pm.
Before you envy me, don't.
I often get back pains
because of over-sleeping.kkk

But I've learned to appreciate the stillness and the fact that I don't have to be in a hurry all the time. Although I would admit, I kinda miss seeing bullies around. Puro mukha ko nalang nakikita ko dito.kkk

But as they say, great things come in small packages.
I got this one last Friday.......

..........a box from a friend in KOREA for JOSH and me. She thought that I have a hectic schedule working at home from 5pm-11:30pm so she gave me some food I can readily eat.

It was full of KIM, or seaweed which they use in making KIMbap (bap--means rice in Korean, so kimbap would mean Rice wrapped in seaweed. I guess.) Then there's also a lot of Ramien---Korean noodles.

I was like a child. Very excited as if it was the 1st package I've ever got.
Nice to have generous friends around. And that's the brighter side of being a home buddy, you get to accept the packages yourself.


  1. wow! pahingi ako! hihi.. =)

  2. i just got books and cosmetics from my studes recently!!


  3. Whaattt?! No DVDs of Koreanovelas? Complain, dude, complain!

    Can I have that spare bowl of noodle soup? Hehehe/

  4. wow! i wonder what your job is! i think i can handle those back pains. hehehe...

    who would not love to open packages?! i can feel the excitement from here. now you have to eat kimchi everyday!

  5. basta ko laging tamad kahit nasan ako. lol.

  6. just bloghopping...your name salingpusa caught my eye

    so, what do you do?sounds nice, to be just working at home. I can bloghop endlessly.

    anyway, i believe kim is seaweed but i think rice is "bap", and the korean dish "kimbap" is rice wrapped in seaweed with some vegerables and seafood, kinda like sushi. kimchi, is the spicy side red-orange side dish usually made of fermented cabbage or sometimes

    noodles, yeah you're right, ramien, or ramyun. i work with koreans and have tasted some.

  7. Bena---tagalugin ko na para di ako maintindihan nung nagpadala. Di ko nga alam kung saan ko lalagay ko kasi diko gusto ng KIM....pakain ko sa aso kaso pati aso ayaw. PUNTA ka dito Manila from Cebu, bigay ko su lahat.kkk

  8. Arry, --don't worry I will not.

    Alex---buti kapa me books at cosmetics pa---I-white ba yan?

    Dazeblu---1st time to be here. Thanks po. Appreciate it.

  9. Jake---how can I complain? they know that I can buy 6in 1 DVD's here for $1....... more thing,. Mahirap makahanap ng galanteng KOREANO.kkk

    DONG---isa akong online english teacher na trying hard mag-Ingles. But they like me.kkk

  10. Prinsesamusang---mukhang me kakumpetensya nako. Pareho kasi tayong cat. corny ko.....

    Denis---come address is...............kkk

    katpusa---appreciate your corrections. Yeah, I made a big mistake don sa kimchi and kimpop--I modified it na before it gets out of hand., you are also teaching Koreans online????

  11. wahehe! i remember that KIM... my tita was a english tutor for koreans and her cooking was sort of colonized. hehe! masarap ang effect niya sa pagkasin lalo na kapaf may kanin at kimchi. nagutom tuloy ako! ahehehe!

    good luck with the back pains...ingat ka baka naman bedsore ang katapusan niyan. ahehe! have a nice day.

  12. Talaga Ron? pakilala u naman ako tita u. Kidding. Nways, sana naman dio na umabot sa ganun---bed sores? waaaahhh...para naman na akong bed ridden nun. wag naman

  13. wow package! burger naman jan. hehe.
    you got some very good friends out there. not because they bother to send you some goodies but because they care to give you foods, with labor of love by sending it from outside the country.

    pwede ko rin ba silang maging friend? nyaha!

  14. hehehehe....


    penge naman....


  15. JP_--cghe pakilala kita. Marunong kaba munang mag-KOREAN? jok.
    Yeah, they went out of their way, I think that's a sign of real concern..

    Marvz----punta ka dito bigyan kita. Nakalimutan ko dala last time....


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