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Who is KevJumba?


Ever heard of this Guy?
Well, me,
I haven't, since yesterday
when another blogger
named Denis Claves
mentioned happy slip
in one article that
I posted.
So , I made a little
research about her and boy,
she is BIG
but where have I been?
I don't even know her.
Maybe I did hear about her before
but I didn't pay attention.
Anyways, in my little joy ride in youtube, I came over this ........

Christine Gambito aka HappySlip is a proud Filipina. She even made a series of videos
about her exploits of the Philippines. Click here.. But this guy is unknown to me. Is he another PINOY-raised in the US Internet celebrity in the making?

If he is....the entire force of the Philippine Blogosphere should rally behind him.


  1. i know Happy Slip. she was featured in tv news being an ambassador of something... and watched quite a few of her vids in youtube. but kevjumba, first time to hear about him. i might check out what he's doing and what he's up to. hehe

  2. same here...
    BTW, he was I think first featured in
    video Boypren......

    Yeah, I heard that SappySlip was appointed ambassador for Philippine tourism by the DOT.

  3. wow...akala ko singer xa or artista of some's cool na ambasador xa ng pinas sa turismo... ang lalim ng boses niya when compared sa mukha niya...hehe

  4. Ron, are you referring to kevjamba as the ambassador of tourism? I am talking about happyslip or Christine Gambito......

    With regards to kevjamba, we would have to do more research about him. He appeared in Happy Slip's youtube video boypren that's why I came across I am just wondering if he is Filipino.

  5. guys, HappySlip is Christine, the appointed Ambassador of the DOT.

    KevJumba is Kevin from Texas ( I think) and nope he is not Filipino. He is a Chinese-American. But he is a friend of Christine. He is just 19 and is about to go to college. Check out the video where he broke his leg in a soccer match.

    Christine is a registered nurse in the US.

    You might as well check in youtube another Happyslip friend, David Choi, and Happyslip cousin, Josh Verdes and another Filipino Chris Cendana.

    Youtube, indeed, make people world-famous.

  6. wow...that's a lot of info for everybody to chew. thanks a lot ArchieMD.....

  7. kevjumba's realy name's kevin wu, he's chinese,

    i love that guy he's witty

  8. That sure is a very important info Alex.Too lazy to do searches these days. Too bad nga lang he's not Fil-Am. I really thought he is.

    ....Anyways, still feel happy for the guy. He is popular now because of happy slip.


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