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on the other side of BORACAY......


For many reasons,
it took me a long time before
finally deciding to do some post
about my trip in this beautiful



First, my motivation. I love promoting the country. We have this ESL material in my former company where topic 2 is about places and countries and topic 3 is about traveling. I make it a point that during that time, I make intensive promotions of the PHILIPPINES. My friends thought I was more of an ambassador of the DOT rather than a teacher. With all due respect, I admire secretary Ace Durano's effort and say ambitious goal of attracting 10 million tourists by 2010 ( I heard that they slashed it to 5M--too bad, just bad)

Well, as I was saying, I always flood their skype with websites of Cebu, Bohol, Eli Nido and of coarse lovely BORA. Who doesn't know the island? Only me. Yeah, good thing Koreans are polite, only a few managed to ask me if I have been there. And the answer is always NO. Shame.

I therefore included in my 2008 resolution to finally set on a journey to BORA. The time came too soon. My friend Josh told me that her mom from HK came back for a vacation and the whole family will go to BORA to visit a relative. Excited as a 10 year old I asked if I can join them. You see I went to Northern Mindanao in 1997 under the protection of my coach. After that, I only traveled around Manila and Pangasinan with Saryaya Quezon being the farthest. I have a lot of apprehensions about going far. Then again, Josh said yes. My fear though is that I am not sure if I am emotionally prepared for the trip.......

The date was Feb. 6 Wed.( Korean New Year kasi). Since they also decided to go there on the last minute, RORO is the viable choice. The fun trip started in a bus ride from CUBAO then came the ferry from Batangas port to Northern Mindoro.

...that's me on the left the Josh and the rest of his family. BTW, the date in the cam is crazy okay.

The ferry ride is something like 3 hours. It was dark when we got to Calapan Port. The bus set off again to the southern tip of the island for 2 hours. We reached Roxas Port at around 10pm but we had to wait for the next ship. We left at around 11pm for a supposed 4.5 hours trip but the ship was a floating metal junk so it took us more than 5 hours. It was dawn when we got to Caticlan port. The long beach area is not facing the mainland Panay island so you will not notice it. I was surprised to know that there are so many locals in the island. We went straight to one side of the Island called Bulabog where the windsurfers gather during this time of the year to take advantage of the Amihan. It was fun watching them.

The long beach is exactly on the opposite side. We went there at around 1pm so the beach was glowing. It was really white as white. And there are many Caucasians. I have never seen so many foreigners in a single place before. As I said I was not emotionally prepared for the whole thing so I didn't have the courage to strip and take pictures. I missed it. Damn insecurity!!!

Good thing there was this part they call PUKA beach. It's in the northern side of the island.


...........I did manage to show some muscles here..kkkk.

....oh, where is it? it's supposed to be here. Damn muscles, you don't getvto see them the way you want it.kkk

syempre di magpapahuli yung JOSH. ( my travel buddy and best-friend)



.....doing some posing on the rocks with CARABAO Island on the backgroud.

....I never though I look so malnourished....kkk

.....maybe a darker view would be more desirable.kekeke

The entire trip was fun. We managed to stay in the island for 4 days. During our last night, we had a walk along long beach for the last time then went back to BULABOG with a couple of beer and chips and we drank like whores in the seaside with the tide high and the wind blowing in our face. It was really great.

....Oh. BTW, if you get the chance, try to go to the highest peak in the island if you go there. It will give you a very good view of the mountains in mainland Aklan island and the entire Boracay itself. Enjoy.


  1. Haha, I've been to the place just for once.. XD

    Hope to be back, if [I] have the time.

  2. I miss Bora I hope i can able to visit again this coming dec..Its really a nice place.

  3. yay! it's my probinsya, the island is really a paradise here on earth...

    i'll deffo be back there sometime this year...

    ace durano jr. is that you??

    hanep sa promotion!

  4. never been to bora...
    i consider the place last in my wish list. *anti-social thing* hehe. mas gusto ko sa mga bundok bundok.

    pero cge pag napunta ako ng bora, will take the last tip. mas type ko yung mga akyatan sa bundok. lalo na kung abot langit lang. *double meaning*

    napanuod ko yung Carabao Island sa trip na trip. Maganda rin sya. Unspoiled.

  5. Hmm...kelangan this year maka-siko na ako ng isang kano, para makapag-bora experience ako, heheheh!

  6. wow! beautiful island~ Oh so the date in the camera is screwed up! i thought you went in December! haha

  7. wow... ang saya naman. gusto ko rin pumunta ng boracay minsan. hehe! parang saya nung sa carabao island? bakit tinawag na carabao? cool pics... makes me want to take a bath! hahaha!

    thanks for dropping by again, mate :)

  8. ayos! i'll be in boracay within this month. these shots entices me.

  9. Ley---let's go back there one of these days. yeah?

    s-h-y---you are very far away. guess you need to go back to the country. And bring those foreigners here will you?kekeke

    Alex---I donno you are from Aklan. Or maybe I forgot na. Meaning pala you've been to BORA couple of times....ayt?

  10. BORNEO falcon---have you been to the Philippines? The good thing with BORA is that you have a lot of choices. Weather you are a budget traveler or more of a high end type, want some party or just want a quiet place, the island can offer that. try it once okei.

    JP---you can go to CARABAo island then tapos silipin u nalang BORA from there.....

  11. MARISSA----loko ka talaga.

    FROG---ya r planning to have a trip soon ayt? why not try BORA? Yeah, the frikin cameras date is screwed up.

    RON---mate-(w/AUSTRALIAN accent)---I donno why they called it carabao. If not for the animal, maybe for the mango. I heard from a friends that they are also developing the area since it's near BORA. could be a very good extension of the place. You can see the white seashore of the island from PUKA beach.....

    Dong---kelan ang punta? group adventure na naman ba yan with your team? Pasama....kekeke

  12. ahaha! oo nga eh.. napressured ako. pero ganun talaga. sayang nga lang.haha! ok lang na maging late bloomer i know pero the society doesn't think that way... i don't care. hahaha! naku hindi ko alam kung kaya ko pang sirain ang pagkatao ko kaya pagiisipan ko muna kung kelan ko ipopost yun. haha! thanks again, mate!

  13. ive been there,once!thanx to my former company who sponsored the trip(company outing kasi) actually me share employees,bitter!so bad of me,ingratitude!..
    anyway,the place is really beautiful but honestly i didnt enjoy it..there's a cliche-you can enjoy something when shared with special someone..peace to all whom have i offended!
    don antonio carranza jr.-more of your travel blog,okeizzz...
    thanx!keep it up

  14. napadaan lang sa site nila. ang ganda ng bora, never been there.

    ang bongga ng pictures!

  15. salingpusa, hindi ito group. business and leisure pero pwede ring sumama ang mga gusto.

  16. sorry hindi ko pala nasagot ang kelan. end of september.

  17. white sand.

    free waves.

    yummy foods.


  18. oh,,, you've been here in bora,,, ,,, I always see ur name on the comments section on allen's blog (my classmate back in high school..)... If i only knew that you're going here, i might have a look.. heheh

  19. Lerry---sabi nga nila--walang malungkot na lugar, malungkot na tao meron. Tama? peace.

    Talk On Corners Photos ---thanks for the visit and the appreciation.

    DENIS----anu--punta us. group. diba parang masaya?

  20. the Dong---how will you get there? by bus ba? weekend lang us available. Sana makasama ako lakad nyo minsan. Sept is a very busy month sakin. Dami ko financial obligations at gastos narin....pag nakaluwag. too soon pala. gud luck.

    Kris---is there any beach near your place? If there is one thing that UK is lacking, it would be the beaches ayt?

    anonymous---thanks. Biruin u. classmate ka pala ni Allen the wonder boy? Mag-blog kana rin kaya?

  21. tae mu. wlang aswang dun! tahimik dun! mgnda pa. hoy mr. carranza, alam ko nalalapit na ang singapore escapade mo kya dont forget my pasalubong. or else, di ka papapasukin sa NAIA. hehe.

  22. ang saya sa bora...sana makapunta ako diyan this year...

    laking tulong para tanggalin ang pagkabangag sa trabaho ;-) hahaha

  23. BORA.... never got the chance to foot on that beautiful island.. hayyy.. kailan kaya?.. anumpecha noh!

  24. I love Boracay. The last time I visited the place was November of last year. That was my 3rd time. And I know that I'll visit the place again. :-)

    Glad you had a wonderful time.

  25. Friend (naks! lol),

    may beach d2 pero anlalamig ng
    H2O. ang maiinit lang eh yung mga Bitch.

  26. wow. looks like you had fun!

  27. bolabog ba kamo? well,, dapat nakita mo talaga ang totoong "other side of boracay!"... siguro masasabi mo ang mga phrases like...

    "boracay ba to?"
    "nasa bora ba ako?"
    "may ganito rin pala sa bora!"

    (medyo exaj... hehehe, pero seryoso...)

  28. onatdonuts---yeah, good place. Wag kalang inum masyado baga lalong mabangag.kekeke

    Bena---punta ka nang punta Manila, why not BORA? mas malapit kana nga dyan sa CEBU e.

    Dyosa--di mo naman ginawang parang palengke lang ang BORA. Dika naman weekly napunta don ayt?kekeke

  29. Kris---natuwa naman ako----maraming bitches sa mga beaches. Sounds like a fun

    prinsesa musang---we did. medyo bitin pa nga e.

  30. ANONYMOUS---I don't exactly know what you are trying to see. Im not 27 not to know the ugly things in life. And I am not stupid not to know the down part of any place. Anywhere you go, whether you open your eyes or not, you will also see negativity. I am sorry if it doesn't please you NOT HEARING bad things. Do you breed on negativity? I also have that side. I could go on ranting and ranting but fot what? in here, I prefer to see life in another perspective. I hope you respect that.

  31. I miss Boracay like crazy! I lived in Iloilo and Boracay is a bus-ride away, so we always come here for weekends! That was until we moved to Cambodia... huhuhu... now, i'm really missing the island!

  32. i also got to visit those beaches you mentioned...loved that windy beach...sarap mag-picture dun :P

  33. heheh... negativity blocking mechanism eh... yah..

    it's just that "the other side of boracay".. is uhmm,, quite negative... heheh..

    and uh-uhm, a view on the brighter side's much better, sorry for being pessimistic...



  34. Kuya Joven---I don't know na Bisaya ka pala.BTW, what is the most famous beach there in Cambodia?

    tutubi---masarap nga ang hangin sa gabi.

  35. "on the other side of BORACAY"
    which is clearly the title of this post ......has a different meaning from ---the other side of BORACAY.....

    Time to put on some glasses ANONYMOUS----

    ....and hope it works. If not, maybe it's the one inside that is not working well. what they say again? Intel inside?

  36. Anton, hindi ako Bisaya, Ilonggo po ako.... the most famous beaches here in Cambodia are Sihanoukville or Kompong Som and Kep... fortunately, I might go there next week so I'll keep you posted!


  37. Ever been to Mt. Luho? sanctuary-like place in Bora..

  38. Cge kuya Joven, I will wait for your post ha.....

    anonymous---are you referring to the highest peak in the island? Yeah, we did the day before we left. I got a couple of pics but I decided not to put it coz we were so dark, we look like the monkeys in there. kekeke


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