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should I feel guilty...........??

It has been a month since I
resigned from my job.
But since I have what I call
period of hibernation or
laziness, I didn't look for
another job until now.....

Then again, I have this habit of being a 1 day millionaire except that I don't have millions. As I said before I am a total wreck when it comes to managing my finances. I have more years in my age than the figures in my account. I got alarmed so I finally decided to open a dollar account with HSBC Philippines.

Then came the guilt.
HSBC is a foreign bank. You see, I feel that I am like those Filipino workers outside the country who sacrifice blood and sweat just to be able to send those precious dollars home except that I am here in the Philippines. I am not earning much though. You see, I just get from a few students who study with me privately. I might be sounding very OVER ACTING here as my friend and constant blog agitator said that a few dollars will not make any difference. It does. Given the fact that the global economy is slowing down, we need all the dollar we can get.

Granted. I have a few dollars sent here every months. They are in the Philippines, then what's with all the noise? Well, that's the problem when you are exposed to blog discussions a lot. And how do you want me to feel after reading an article in BISEAN that among the 10 largest Banks in Southeast Asia, the top 3 are from Singapore, 4 are from Thailand, 2 are from Malaysia and 1 is from Indonesia. Metrobank, our largest here with around $13B in assets is not even close to the 10th largest in the region being Siam Commercial Bank of Thailand with
$21 Billion in total assets. So where is the 16 Billion dollar yearly remittance to the Philippines going? Maybe they are all those foreign banks.

With that in mind, shouldn't I feel guilty?


  1. Hmm..I don't have business background so i dun really understand wat's going on.

    Anyway, wish u could find a job that suits u! U can do it! ;)

  2. no guilt. banking is basically a personal mantra. so save and smile. whohooo dollars! burger burger

  3. sa HSBC ka pala nagwowork...pareho tayo. period ng hibernation to the next level. hehe! my opinion you shouldn't feel guilty. :)

    ei thanks talaga ng marami. i do paint. visual arts is one of my frustrations :) pero i wasn't able to practice that side of me when i started attending college :)

  4. Lz---thanks. BTW, what is your field?

    Denis---those are financial words of wisdom. TY

    RON---di ako sa HSBC work. Isa akong pipitsuging ESL teacher sa bahay...kkk

  5. Lanya, mabuti ka pa kahit bum nakakapag open ng dollar bank account...lawit na nga dila ko sa kakasalita at kakapaliwanag sa mga kano at awstralyano wala pa rin akong kahit singkong duling sa bank account ko no! Asa pa...

  6. Not that so.... or no guilt talaga...

    For sure naman na pinaghirapan mo ang ginagastos mo? Hehe!

  7. wow. dollars! at least may account ka na s HSBC. haha.

  8. I do know someone from HSBC.. Fraud Analyst.. I hope i remembered it right. ;)

  9. Tht should be a typical syndrome, for being guilty over a month of no work XD.

    Anyways let's all be kewl.

  10. Marissa----kaya mo yan. Just think of the rainy days.....

    Lionheart---mas masarap gumastos kesa mag-save.kkk

    Allen---thanks. pilitin ba naman. Lam u na yun.kkk

  11. Chyng----wag mo ko isumbong dyan sa fraud analyst na friend u ha.kkk

    Dazedblu----salamat naman at normal responce pala to.he he

  12. Hehe, thanks for the comment .. I'm doing slides for the website. better check it na lang XD

    Oh btw, wht will call you then, instead of saling PUSA.

  13. you can call me Antonio Ley......I will wait for it.

  14. I got 3 words for you -- KEEP IT LOCAL.

    That's what I've been doing with my moneys (yes, in plural form LOL). Easier to track, easier to gather gossips from the stock market.

    If you're really itching to go foreign, go regional first. I use Maybank of Malaysia for convenience.

    Just a suggestion from a dude who's "sevidor de nadie". If you know what I mean. =)

  15. Bro, being largest doesnt mean the best. Singapore banks, they are big because they activelly bought banks in lower economic countries such as Indonesia, south asian banks, probably in Phillippines too.
    It is our time (phil and indo) to gear up for international battleship. Our bank mandiri is ready to expand to cambodia, vietnam, malaysia, and europe. It is the only way to enlarge our banks, bro.
    Believe me, THE PHILIPPINES CAN !

  16. yeah--I hope the Philippines also that strategy....thanks bro.


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