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the world in my face.......

I'm 27 but I feel like 17.
Not because I am young at heart
but because
my sebaceous glands (yes, plural>)
are still very active.
It's my gift. My curse.

Seriously, my attention centered these past few days on the 2 BIG PIMPLES in my forehead. Maybe my pimples are just representative of the world events happening lately..........

1. they wanna remind me of the sacrifices of the people who are risking their lives everyday just to make the world a SAFER place. It's 9/11 yesterday and I am so self absorbed I didn't even remember. 7 years on, I still feel for all the people affected on that terrible day.

2. maybe to RAISE AWARENESS for CANCER just like LANCE ARMSTRONG with his decision to go back to professional racing just to advance the CAUSE and many celebrities who are STANDING UP to it. Yeah, I guess these pimples are as a result of smoking 4 different kinds of cigarette last weekend when we did bar hopping. I am very sensitive to nicotine. 3 sticks would mean 1 pimple. But I still do it. Hard head. So these zits are a constant reminder that my grandparents and a few of my relatives all succumbed to cancer and I am not invincible from it. Bad genes.

3. perhaps my pimples are also trying to represent the stars in the universe, as the CERN project has launched an ambitious experiment to simulate the few seconds after the big bang. Oh, wait, I guess 3 more pimples are also signifying their intention to go out. Maybe they want to form a CONSTELLATION. Please, no.
4. or say they are happy because McCain finally overtook OSAMA, rather OBAMA in the latest election POLLS in the US. I love it. I am PRO-Republican. It maybe the party of the past according to the Democratic Nominee but I'm definitely for the GOP. Not that I am conservative, just a little. America needs to put on the brakes, they are becoming too liberated I guess. Time to bring back a few VALUES in the new world.

5. or maybe because it is Chuseok in Korea tomorrow ( harvest festival). Happy harvest festival to the Republic of Korea. I hope some of my students could read this post so that they would send me rice cake. Oh, love rice cakes. Yum yum.

.......YES, I got so obsessed with my face I forgot that there are LARGER and more IMPORTANT things happening in the world. Time to look outward and care more about the things that matter.


  1. i cant think of an adjective that best describe you friend..that's 1 positive attitude of you..maybe if you're another person,they would have hated their face or would have consulted Belo medical clinic..keep blogging!

  2. Hmm, too cverebral sir, my brain neurons is bleeding XD

    How I'm gunna fix it? sike.

  3. hmmm...

    i got interested what CERN is doing right now. i have read about it Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. CERN has this huge Hadron Collider known as a particle accelerator... the main purpose of this is to make subparticles collide in speed i could barely understand and make an antimatter to matter... basically they're explaining the origin of the Universe. Astig talaga si Dan Brown. you should read it.. :)

    ang haba nga naman. hope you could watch the video.. hehehe!

  4. ah yeah i've read it from angel's and demons too! astig, but the antimatter thing is kinda freaky...

    anyways, na try mo na ba ponds facial wash? okay yun anton

  5. hi!

    300MOP = P1800

    yes, iba pa ang terminal fee at travel tax sa airport! whew!

    kelan alis nio?

  6. ang poetical,see? this is what im telling you antonio! oppz did i just reveal ur name?

    see... this is quality writing in your face ( cohesive with pimple huh =) )

  7. Leri---mahal ang belo---I need a sponsor. Somebody from Hongkong perhaps?kkk

    Ley---para bang mga FRENCH, cerebral?

    RON---yeah, the CERN is really amazing. It's underground and the loop covers a very large area. great

  8. Chyng---it's Saturday today so next Saturday. Excited na nga ako. At mga pimples ko. Thanks for the info....
    Denis----thanks for thinking so. A beginner always need an inspiration.

    Alex---I tried almost everything. Bad genes lang talga. And maybe a complete change in lifestyle. Maybe eating grass (literally) everyday will do.kkk

  9. be proud... pinagpuyatan mo yan weh...

  10. America getting too liberated? Only in Hollywood, man. I mean they still can't accept gay people like we can in the Philippines. They still throw people out of Airplanes if they wear mini skirts.

    Besides, GOP won't bring back values. That's just what they say. Bush was a Republican and he only brought wars (two wars) and brought down the economy.

  11. anonymous----sabagay.

    Skron---nice point. But I guess they could go on the extreme. So better put on the brakes. About Bush messing up with the economy, okay, it happened under his watch, but you have to consider that you have both congress and Senate dominated by the DEMOCRATS.......

  12. But it's still his administration. He just can't say "Well, I failed because the congress and the senate didn't help me. So blame them." He's the leader, he's responsible. That's why he assembled an awesome cabinet of awesome people to help him come up with an awesome plan. But I guess they didn't. So now Lehman Brothers just filed bankruptcy.

    Besides, Democratic party only became a majority, but not dominated by them, in the senate and congress during his second term. Which means if some democrat agreed to him (like Hilary Clinton), he still wins.

    Anyways, I'm not Dem or a Rep. Left wing, right wing, still the same bird. So I'm a centrist. In this election though, I'm for Obama. Because McCain admitted that economy is not his strong point, and Palin might just ban all the books that I want to read, games that I want to play and music I want to listen to.

  13. skron---odd but I agree with 80% of what you said but I still go for McCAIN. I think that is called stubbornness. And I guess most voters are peace bro


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