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happy CHUSEOK.....

My life in the past 2 years has changed drastically because of resigning from public school and taking on the responsibility of teaching english to KOREANS.......

I will be going away for the next 3 days
but not until I greet our friends
in their celebration of the
harvest festival today---the CHUSEOK.....


...thanks for sending a lot of tourists to the Philippines,
thanks for the investments............
thanks for the job employing countless Filipinos like me
thanks for the WON converted in dollars.kekeke
and most of all, thanks for the CAMARADERIE.




  1. grabe! sobrang cute ng mga students mo!!!! want to squish them T_T


  2. man, i miss my students!

    i teach koreans, too. but for now i'm waiting for the new set of students. so how do you find the job?

  3. wah..seems that it's a grand festival over there? how isit celebrated mind to share? ;)

  4. o wow the kids are so cute!

  5. i used to teach college korean students too back in the philippines! as much as 5 per day! tuyong tuyo nun ang laway ko! hahaha.

    when i first moved in here to cambodia, i taught english to koreans too but kids, as a sideline... and they are a handful to handle!

    i'm glad i don't have to go back there again, but i did enjoy the experience. i'm glad you still have a drive to do it... happy chuseok! cheers!

  6. ah, so you teach them personally or online?

  7. hindi ba mahirap mag turo sa mga koreans? astig pala ng trabaho mo.

  8. Ron---they are not my students. Hope not to disappoint you. My youngest student is 14 years old.

    flinch---I used to be employed in an online english scool in ORTIGAS. Parang call center. We call students in KOREA....not I am a freelance. I teach at home. pero online parin.

    nahj12---they are not my actual students. I hope. But not online, pag ganyan kababata, kahit gumulong-gulong ka baka di nila maintindihan.kekeke

  9. liz--my students are all in KOREA, different places in KOREA. We meet online on a daily basis and we do casual conversations. I do correct their grammar and stuffs. Sometimes, they use books. I should also have a copy of that book here in Manila. It's like call center kinda thing. But instead of the usual face to face interaction, we do it online using skype. It's still one on one.

  10. Prinsesamusang---yeah---they are so cute.

    Spoolartist---kuya Joven. I guess I am really a teacher by heart. Not sure though kung kaya ko pa turo sa public school. Paramihan kasi stude don at subra pahirapan when it comes to discipline. T'was a surprise you also taught before. Dami mo talagang talent....

  11. Chyng---online, so I can do it at home.

    the DONG---nope. matagal sila matuto english because of the influence of the 1st language. But in terms of tattitude and determination to learn, no problem. They are polite as well.

    Kris---yeah, that's the whole point. Thanks to them.......

  12. a very late Happy Chuseok to you.....I teach Koreans online and my youngest student is five, international age.


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