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help the CAT....anyone?

A blogger friend LZ posted an article about an old man feeding cats.....

Made me leave a note like this,,,,,,

is the
term for

Since she is from Malaysia, I made her a bit curios. She went on asking this.....

meow! =)
Why would
u wana
urself 'cat'?
Does saling
mean anything?


.....the rest is history as I fumbled for words to best explain what it means. If you are Filipino, you just need common sense. Even so, I am sure you would have a hard time explaining the denotation or the connotation whatsoever of the word SALINGPUSA because for one my education limited me with the idea that it has no direct english translation......

So I am calling all fellow Filipino bloggers here, cows, lawstudes, islanders, retardeds, blue marvins, aquamarines, spoolartists, kris jaspers, dongs and even those in the coffin rock to help me here.

this might sound like yahoo answers.maybe you have better explainations than the one I gave LZ.
what in english is SALINGPUSA? help, anyone?


  1. i tried the online tagalog-english dictionaries and it translated salingpusa as = feline version! hahaha... useless looking for it online! where's Gat Jose Rizal when you need him?

  2. i was reading the one on your gadget and i think "wanderer" is a close english term for salingpusa..just to qoute the meaning of wander(verb)from
    1. to ramble without a definite purpose or objective; roam, rove, or stray go aimlessly, indirectly, or casually; meander
    ..i therefore conclude salingpusa is a wanderer..makes sense???
    yan ah,"effortless ito"..whoever coined the word,he/she should have provided the english term as well..hehehe!

  3. Pwede na ba: the uninvited cat???

    Kasi saling pusa is a cat that invites itself, i think,haha.

    Uy ty sa pag guest in my blog.
    Me bagong post na, hehe.

  4. salingpusa doesn't have a specific english equivalent but it refers to an individual who is made a member of a group even though he or she does not possess all the requirements for membership.

    from the words "sali" meaning to join and "pusa" meaning cat. "pusa" acts here as a placeholder; any other noun could have been used.

    parang case ng "balikbayan" wala ring english term na sakto, pwedeng "returnee" but the concept isn't really there, maybe culture thing

  5. ang cute ng photo nung cat! hmm... salingpusa. hindi ako makaisip ng one word. tayo pala ang nakaimbento ng salitang ito. walang ingles eh! yaan mo tatanong ko kay jin.

  6. kuya Loven---I also tried the dictionary but to no avail.

    Lery--wanderer, parang feeling ko tuloy cat equyivalent ng askal---asong kalye.keke,nice point though.

  7. awww cute

    but i dont like cats. =)

  8. but but it dosent mean i dont like ur blog name. heheh

    (asus defensive)

  9. Alex----thanks for the wikipedia answer.comprehensive. keke. appreciate it.

    Ms Francesca---did visit your site. Thanks for the input.

  10. oh I didn't know your blog name is related to cat!! haha! Anyway, I don't like cats too =P But I like your blog heheh

    Btw, for my latest post that you just commented, Taiping is in Malaysia. It's not in Taiwan.

  11. wala po eh... sa wikipedia lang ang meron... tama naman meaning dun sa filipino... pero sa english...wala po.

  12. i go for alex's answer. *nakiki-go nalang* haha.

    pero di nga, thats what i thought about salingpusa also.

  13. crap...nawindang naman ako sa tanong na to? ahehehe! well, nasabi na ni alex yung gusto kong sabihin, hehehe! bakit ga ba 'saling pusa' ang title ng blog mo? hmmmm

  14. wandering commuter---thanks. pati kaw napa-isip.

    prinsesamusang---who is jing?

  15. Eunice---it is. So am asking some people but looks like I am giving them a lot of burden.

    Sorry about the comment, my ideas are all over the place.

    Dennis---why do you hate cats?

  16. Hahha..u really described the event from head to toe! XD Thx so much for such an effort, I really appreciate and feel honoured!! XD

    Thx a million to antonio and frens!!

    And hmm..I can get a general idea of what salingPUSA means - a person who is still trying to include him/herself though he/she is not welcomed in certain group. Am I right? ;)

    And huh..that sounds even more sad than cat! Why would u call urself like that? Huhu..

  17. marvz--thanks-Pilipinowiki meron e. I hope magkaroon na english.]

    ISlander---okay, 1 vote for Alex.

    Ron---okay, 2 votes for Alex. keke

  18. heheheh i like your blog's name..i remember i used to be called "salingpusa" because i was the youngest kid among 7 siblings. thanks for sharing :)

  19. kasi mahilig ang mga pusa magtipon tipon. kahit hindi sila magkakilala. hehehe...

    i think in chavacano it's called entrador or sometimes in tagalog it's called "usyoso or usisero".

  20. Dong-----put it beautifully with the words like usyoso or usyusero ( over-curious) That's how I am sometimes Denis that's why I called myself salingPUSA. This blog is a vindication of who I am. I don't know how to categorize my blog because I don't set any limitations to topics. I just discuss what my heart desires. That's why I called myself such.


  21. LZ----really is difficult to explain I tell you.

    But now we have seen more views about the term itself......

    I consider myself a salingPUSA because of many reasons......

    1. I don't want to tag my blog any category coz I want to participate in any discussions or discuss topics that my heart desires. Jack of all trades, master of none. I write to pass time and to satisfy myself. I am okay with that.

    2. I don't consider owning anything. Even my views, Sure, we have our say but who can call them their own? Our ideas are never our own, they could be the idea of somebody else, your neighbor, the tv announcer, the vendor on the street. Our intellect is a result of the environment that we are into, the school that we attend, the books that we read etc. We are all salingpusa.

  22. good way to put it, S.Pusa... i think i asked you the meaning of saling before coz' i already know the meaning of pusa~ so i guess now i get the proper answer :) thanks~


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