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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

High School Musical 3: Senior Year....

You cannot
put a good woman down....
So goes with
Vanessa Hudgens.
After the controversies and
bad publicity, looks
like there's no stopping her
and her being the lead role
in the upcoming
HSM3 is a testament to that.....


It is scheduled for a theatrical release on October 24, 2008. Great Britain will get to see the movie at least one week earlier.
official website:

well, it will be shown on October 24. I guess I got a little too excited.


  1. I'm waiting for it too~

  2. glad that you are also a fan. Is HSM famous in your part of the world Zara?

  3. grabe...

    tagal na rin ng hsm ah...

    oct 24 palabas na!


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