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I got me.........


Social Intelligence they
say is the way to happiness.
But when things go wrong
and you find yourself in
the middle of sanity and despair,
where do you turn to?

Control what you can control.
In turbulent times, the best thing to do is to look inward. That's what I intend to do. The Philippines will be celebrating ALL SAINTS DAY tomorrow in honor of all the saints, known and unknown. It's our time to visit our relatives grave and pray for them.

This year will be a bit different. I will not be in my hometown, I will go somewhere else where I hope to make a grave for myself where I can leave my sadness. I will be praying for myself and hope I can find peace of mind. I should set limitations to bad emotions before it reach a certain level where I would be comfortable being sad. I need to be with myself and be myself again........


  1. Do we know each other?

    I couldn't remember where we met.

  2. Where ever you go dear...

    Just have fun and please take care ya?

    Happy All Saint Day 4u!

  3. thanks for the kind words ZARA, I badly need it.haha

  4. Nov 1, im in bed, reading a book while lolo serving me tea and biscuits. Spoiled. Sickleave kasi, hehe.

    I have no time to be sad. Im used to the fact that when a love one dies, or a saint dies,they dont feel or appreciate if a nice TOLDA in the tomb had been rented very costly to cover them on the day...they dont see it anymore if we play tong-its, or if the flowers brought came from a nearby grave...

    I Think my age sucks now to such tradition.I blame it to the french, haha.

  5. i hope you'll find what you are searching parekoy... enjoy the holiday!

    Happy Halloween...

  6. kame may pasok! double pay naman, kaya carry lang. besides di kame sakto nov1 nagppunta sementeryo.

    uy, san ka punta? bakasyon!

  7. Hi antonio..u are still in your sadness? Can my hug help?


    Just follow your heart. If you duno where to go next, just sit down, lay back and relax first. Resting is for walking a longer distance. ;)

  8. onga. free hugs. dont be sad. things will be well soon. smile :)

  9. that's is how this day should be spent. a day of silence and reflection...

    nabalitaan ko nga na matumal ang umuuwi sa mga probinsiya ngayon kasi parang hindi holiday. just a normal weeknend, tapos may pasok agad sa lunes...

    happy halloween mate :)

  10. enjoy and have isnt the end of everything..engage in some activities to divert your sadness.are you some kinda sporty?try bowling or badminton my friend..saya!

  11. yey! kudos to the saints (known and unknown). i in fact believe that there's more unknown saints than the known ones.

    best thing about this post is the line that talks about control. and it is yourself that you can control.

  12. I’m happy for what you did. Most of the times, we find ourselves working soo hard for them- our loved ones, for others…to the point that we forget that we also need some time alone…to think, to pray, to reenergize. There are times that we also become victims of life’s injustices, but life must go on…and we can only do that if we learn to be brave enough to look life into the positive side.

  13. ohh inspiring words teach though a bit creepy, still refreshin to read. gudluck finding urself. happy resurrection ;)

  14. I wish you all the best on your journey...

    I pray you finally find your old self.


  15. if you need a blog shoulder to lean on, count on us...

    if you need your sunshine back, may our kind words beam enough light on your path...

    but for everything else, there is always mastercard. lol.

    seriously, may these dark days flutter away... now na.

  16. I really, really hope you feel better now.

    And (that) you have found the answers for all those questions in your mind.

  17. Ms Francesca, hmmmm---the French has corrupted you. I might as well have the same perception in the future, but as of now, I am really enjoying the tradition...

    Bong---thanks man. how's your Halloween?

  18. Chyng---yung lang. dibale super vacation ka naman last time.

    .....dyan lang sa tabi-tabi.kk

    lz---thanks for the hug. very warm and full of love. I feel better now.

  19. Myk2ts--yes. Once you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. thanks

    RON---we made bus reservations nung papunta province so the trip was smooth. But I noticed nga that there are only a few people in the terminal, not like the usual pyesta ng patay crowd in the past....

  20. Hope you find the peace and serenity that you desire for, my friend...

  21. Leri--thanks for the advice donya leri.

    Dong---yup.control what you can control. D u kasi kontrolado takbo ng isip at puso ng ibang tao. kahit yung pinakamahal mo.

  22. onatdonuts---we also need some time alone…to think, to pray, to reenergize. There are times that we also become victims of life’s injustices, but life must go on…

    I love it the way you said it.

    ♥ мамаѕнцĝаŕ ♥ ----thanks for the visit and the comment. appreciate it.

  23. Fable Frog ---thanks for visiting again frog and the comment as well.I miss seeing you here.

    Jake---thanks. really thanks. knowing that your here is enough to warm my heart.

  24. spool artist---kuya loven---comic karin pala. san nga the dark clouds would go away soon. or better. now na.keke

    Kris---I really do feel better. Thanks to all of you guys.

    Denis---thanks man


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