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we are our own ghost.......


While the whole world is busy with
big things, electing presidents,
correcting the stock market, protecting
banks, keeping their assets,
creating more wealth, I am too
preoccupied with fixing petty
with my girlfriend. Great.

Looks like my life is a microcosm
of a supposedly great country
they call Philippines where people
are too busy fighting against each
other without noticing that the
world has moved on and progressed a
lot. Worse, we are just about to realize
that we are years back........

I don't want to suffer the same faith.
I decided to move on with my own
fight. I cannot afford to lose this one.
I cannot afford to lose myself.........


I realized these past few days that there is no such thing as a lonely place, lonely people, yes.......
A different place though could serve as a diversion or the could of location could make you realize that you need a new perspective.

This is one of the places I love.A river in San Juan San Antonio Zambales.
I was here 8 months ago. Always give me a feeling of freshness, simplicity and peace.
I love just sitting at it's bank and listen to the sound of it's shallow water flowing, the chirping of the birds the chorus of the frogs. It's a 15 minute walk away from a small community so motorcycle uproar is also a welcome thing especially when it about dusk. Reminds you that when it's time to go back to the civilized world again, it's just nearby. That's isolation and security.

There was this dampa ( small hut) when we were there 8 months ago. That's where some locals spend the nights sipping their favorite alcoholic drinks. Mostly Gin for economic reasons. There, you can lay down an see the sky full of stars at night.

This time around, the dampas are gone, maybe because during rainy days, the rivers swells and the cold and gloomy weather is no longer alluring for an overnight stay in the area. The river was a bit wider but still shallow. My friend said it used to be deeper. That was before the eruption of Mt Pinatubo. The clear cold water allows you to see the volcanic sand and some fine rocks still present.

This was me in nature and this is something I miss doing.

Another memorable trip. Another fiddle to a sad heart and a weary mind.
we create our own problems. We alone can solve them. I am very thankful with my short date with nature, I finally made up my mind. I need to keep walking.


  1. how deep is that? i think kayaking will be perfect in that place. water is serene.

  2. Wah!

    Look so peaceful lor!

    I missed some places like that.

    Eh..I asked you to post your smiley face right?

    Accepted lor this one~


  3. dong---below the knee lang. I don't think it's good for kayaking. maybe before the Pinatubo explosion.

    Zara--yeah,really peaceful. I sat on the banks and just tried to clear my mind. Now, I'm all smiles.keke

  4. i like the 3rd picture! ganda ng reflection.

    uhm, that's so true. there are so many big things to deal with than fight and cry over someone.

    thanks pala. ok lang naman ako sa pag-inom ng gamot. hobby ko na yun! ;)

  5. sarap naman punta dun...

    kelangan ko ata ng break sa trabaho ah...


  6. all the pictures are absolutely awesome..pwede ng entry sa mga photography contest(seriously speaking!)
    i like what you said were making our own ghost and you're right,we ought to get out of it..find solace and at peace with the Lord!i miss places like that..i miss home terribly!

  7. hays... i really do hope you'll be able to iron things up with your girl friend :(

    the philippines is too busy tackling unnecessary fights. we are so left behind. don't lose yourself. once you lost it, it's very hard to get it back...

    gusto rin mageskapo minsan sa malayong lugar or have a clean slate. para marefresh naman ako.

    the shots were brilliant! astig! anong gamit mong cam? i love the silhouttes :) loved the photo of the river in dusk! great job.

    yeah! it's available in IMAX. i was able to watch the order of the phoenix in 3D last november last year... i agree. the visual technology has evolved so much. exciting tuloy lalo manood ng mga pelikula...

    hala. she's not my GF...hehehe! she's my best friend. matagal pa xa aalis. kelangan niya munang pumasa ng nursing boards. sa saudi xa magwowork :)

  8. Chyng---cute naman. gawing hobby ang pag-inum ng

    Marvz---wait till you see the next place we went.galing

  9. Leri---mukhang active sa kakalibot ngayon a.
    Musta nga pala prices dyan sa HK? nagmahal naba? Kelan bakasyun nyo?

    RON---buti nga gumana e. would you believe it I did not use my camera becase it was in Pangasinan. Nagbakasyun don. 1.3 Megapixels lang yung gamit namin. Buti naman okay lang.

    Sure kabang bestfriend u lang? All great relationships start with friendship ika nga.

  10. Philippines is one of the beautiful place on earth. Sana ma-appreciate yun ng lahat. maganda talaga ang nature. I need to know more places here. Napakaganda ng pinuntahan mo 8 months ago.

  11. That is a spectacular place...beautiful.

    I hope you made peace with your girlfriend!
    Don't keep going without her !

  12. redlan---just wait till you see my next post. I love the place. agree ako sayo.

    Sidney---thanks. well, both of us need the break at this point. Nways, I will go on with our plans kahit ako lang muna coz I know she will be back. love will lead her back. aty sa time na yun, I will be ready, waiting for her.

  13. ayus ang lugar na yan jan ka mag muni muni mag isip magpa ka emo,,, at sabay tungga ng gin at sabay hit hit buga... sabayan na rin ng kanta. Sanay maulit muli hehehhe

  14. BOOMZ---kaw talaga kuya BOOMZ malikot ang isip. pero dinga. masarap pag me ganun.keke

  15. I almost gasped at the sight of one of the reflection pic... asgtig... :D


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