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RP is Ecotourism Destination of the Year....


The Philippines clinched yet another honor, the coveted “Ecotourism Destination of the Year” title in the 2009 edition of Nature, one of France’s biggest travel fairs.

The Department of Tourism attributed this latest victory to a number of factors, foremost of which is the country’s selection as site of “Koh Lanta” (The French TV version of Survivor) for two years in a row.After shooting in El Nido, Palawan, in 2006, the show’s producers were back in late 2007, this time in Caramoan, Camarines Sur, with a new batch of competitors.

“This is unprecedented in ‘Koh Lanta’s’ history,” the DoT said. “Since it debuted a few years ago, the show is watched by almost 8 million people every week.”

Images of the Philippines are likely to linger in French living rooms a year or two from now, as the DoT finalizes details with producers of the French version of “Great Amazon.” The show, which reportedly has a bigger following than “Koh Lanta,” also wants to shoot an entire season in the Philippines.

Based on exit surveys, according to the Tourism Department, foreign tourists spent close to $4.8 billion in the Philippines last year. This figure doesn’t include plane fares and hotel accommodations, which they usually buy in their respective countries, and other miscellaneous expenses.

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BTW----found out that this site is a brainchild of
Singapore-based journalist RICO HIZON. Hmmmmm, this is getting more interesting. lavit.


  1. Philippines definitely deserves this recognition. We've always been in the top in terms eco-biodiversity. It was just a matter of tearing down our image as an unsafe destination and have people come here and see it for themselves.

    Philippines Adventure Travel and Destinations

  2. ah lav et too!

    it's nice to hear news like this, something positive about pilipinas

  3. to be chosen as the venue of such a big show is already an honor. jan pa lang proud na ko. hehe.

    may touch rico hizon pala ang GNP? thats one of my escape pag gusto kong magbasa nang magbasa. especially that i prefer reading good news rather than caring about politics. very inspiring site.

  4. that is indeed great news. napakaganda naman talaga ng PINAS, you just have to see it for yourself.

  5. antoine---cheering squad ba-keke

    Alex--the call it SUNSHINE JOURNALISM and a lot of our neigbors do that. About time we also focus on the good stuffs. puro nalang bad news....

  6. Islander---uo, same here. kahapon ko rin lang nalaman. glad you share the same ideals.

    Lawstude---agre, especially you and Islander. you've been to so many places sa PINAS so you can tell. I hope to explore the Philippines more para naman di ako maging dayuhan sa sarili kong bayan.....

  7. Russel--yeah, a lot of negative perception about the Philippines, most of which is not true. It is still a very safe country....

  8. our country definitely deserves the honor. we have the most diverse eco tourism destinations.
    walang tatalo sa ganda ng pinas, kaya byahe na :)

  9. wow! this is really something for the Philippines! i just hope that the collections from ecotourism programs are in good hands.. Adding to that, we really have to work hard na ma-maintain yung kagandahan ng ating kalikasan.. Sometimes kasi sa daming tao na pumupunta sa mga ecotourism destinations dito sa Pinas, unti unting nasisira ung kalikasan.. nakakalungkot lang.. so much for that! mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  10. Only labels can help to make ecotourism better and get rid of those who use the term for profit!!
    Good that Philippines got it, hope that will strengthen the local ecotourist sector!


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