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Siloso Beach.......

I would like to make Bisean's
10 Best Beaches in Southeast Asia
(for the moment) where
the beautiful people go.

as a reference to this

1. CHAWENG BEACH (Koh Samui, Thailand)
2. SILOSO BEACH (Sentosa, Singapore)
3. WHITE BEACH (Boracay, Philippines)
A few people from the Philippines reacted about Boracay being only 3rd. But Bisean was correct when it said they are ranked according to the fact that a lot of gorgeous people going there.

see full article here

I admitted my ignorance about the topic since BORA is the only place mentioned that I have seen myself. Believe it or not dopako nakapunta ng Puerto Galera which was number 8 in the list. So when we went to Singapore last month I was really decided not to go back to the Philippines unless I see SILOSO Brach. Now that's 2 out of 10. Not bad.

And here are some of the Images that we took from Siloso beach in Sentosa Island Singapore.

with friends in Siloso Beach

Yes it's man -made with the sands purchased from Indonesia and Malaysia. Money speaks. But if you expect it to be as white as BORA, don't, you'll be disappointed. It's just a few meter away from the UNDERWATER WORLD....

One thing that is obvious in SILOSO beach is that there are many locals (teenagers) shirtless, mostly men who were playing basketball in the beacfront. now I have some hints why Siloso is at number 2. Well, I still say that I saw many gorgeous people in BORA, foreigners or locals, it's a playground for beautiful people in the Philippines.....

these during our trip in BORA last February........

Or maybe it's the nightlife. I don't know because it was afternoon when we got there and we didn't have the luxury to stay until night time or even book in RASA SENTOSA RESORT operated by SHANGRILA which offers 5 star accommodation and a different view of the beach.

Siloso beach is where we spent most of our time camwhoring......

and hunted some MONKS in the beach, yeah, I donno what they were doin there that time....

We didnt try swimming so i can comment on how the water is if it is clean or say itchy or salty.kekeke. We have or shoes on so it was really more on seeing how the place looks like.

It was interesting to note though that there are 3 beaches in SENTOSA Island and Fort Siloso is only 1 of them.

There PALAWAN BEACH...yes you heard it right. It's just next to Siloso and is less crowded. It would be a ghost town if compared to BORA.

And the other one is Tanjong Beach where the Dolphin show is.....

This is where I saw this cute store......

If travelling they say completes one's education. One way or another, it does. I will miss Singapore and with it SILOSO beach.....

......don't worry. BORA will always be the best beach in my eyes and in my heart.


  1. siloso beach is the scene of the hottest parties in asia! they usually hold mega events there with international dj's, celebritites and musicians... that's why all the beautiful people go there... and not to mention it's crazy during weekends!

    like you, i share the same sentiment... kahit saang beach man ako pumunta, boracay will always be the best for me... cheers!

  2. When I was there, Palawan Beach was crowded

  3. Spoolartist---thanks for the info Kuya Loven. Now I know. I still need to learn a lot of things I guess......

  4. Falcon---it was a bit cloudy the time we were there so maybe that's why. I was at the right place at the wrong time....haha

  5. wah!

    nice beach!

    whether siloso is quite near to me, still cant find the time to go there...


    time constraint~

  6. Hi Salingpusa, Ganda ng post na ito, sarap basahi ng travelogue combined with pictures...And mukhang enjoy na enjoy kayo! Heheheh looking forward to more of your travelogues!

  7. Woot! I envy you for your time and money to travel! LOL. Being an entry level employee doesn't permit me to splurge on international trips or be out of work for more than a day. I have to make an good impression first, diba? LOL.

    But yeah, Boracay is Boracay whatever happens. Sa pics mo pa lang, ibang iba talaga ang Boracay.

  8. ZARA---yeah, it should have been an advantage to go there since you are near the place. Or maybe you are just not too excited about it to want it? Ok, or maybe you are just too busy.keke

  9. Denis--thanks po sa mga subtle words.

    jowell--how long have you been trying to make an impression ba with you present job? Don't tell me you work 6 times a week? Come on, you deserve a break.

  10. may filipino beaches din na medyo man-made.
    caylabne bay, it was once a high-end resort in cavite has sand imported from australia and i heard shangri-la mactan's sand came from bohol.

    bakit feeling ko pattaya hosts the best parties, and boracay as well?

    sana you considered kuta beach as well on your post. it's in bali.

  11. been to bora with Lolo Michel 5times and w esure would come back.
    Mind you, we live in France, 5 minutes from the beach of Nice, the paradise island din daw.Sawa sa beach, everyday mo daanan to work, but its not the same as home sweet home, phils.

    Wish ko rin mavisit ang siloso beach.Maka spot ng Monk for a night out, haha!

  12. if i'll visit another country, for sure it wont be for their beaches. i still believe di kelangan lumayo pa para sa magandang shore and water.

    btw, nice shots! ano camera mo?

  13. man-made beach!! galeng naman

  14. puppet---thanks for the info.donno that.....

    ...and I've never been to Bali kasi. As for the ranking, it's from BISEAN. I think for security reason they did not include Bali for the mean time.

  15. Ms Francesca. 5times, from France pa kayo galing. Di nyo naman ginawang parang palengke lang BORA no? hehe. I'm sure your French Husband loves it so po ba?

  16. Chyng--talagang patriotic ka sa mga beaches natin ha. Pero true, you don't have to go far. Parang every corner ng PINAS meron. My camera is GE G2 digital camera.

  17. Alex--meron din daw pala us ganyan sabi ni puppet.


  18. hay naku... nakakamiss na talaga ang mag beach... at yung store, cute at unique ah!

  19. korek!

    bora pa rin kahit na meron pang mas maganda...

    iba pa rin ang beach sa pinas!


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