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Battlecry..........why I prefer a REPUBLICAN in the white house


The economist, a British newspaper
had it's take on the 2008 US Presidential
Elections with it's own global survey
and as the way it looks, the whole world
is for OBAMA, with only Georgia and Cuba as
exemptions. Yes, 8,842 electoral votes
for Obama compared to only 31 for McCain.

In the Philippines, where I voted, only 15%
went for McCain and the rest is for the
Democratic nominee. I will be very unpopular therefore
when I say that I chose McCain. Yes.I did.

I am pro-McCAIN. I want a REPUBLICAN in the white house
because I dread the DEMOCRATS controlling
the legislature, the executive power, even the judiciary.
I have nothing against anybody. I even consider myself liberal
on many values and I am not trying to play clean.
Just like any human being who is in
pursuit of personal happiness, I made
a lot of mistakes and made myself dirty in the
process but I do think there should still be
a certain framework where we can,
although not completely, at least set boundaries for
social liberties. Please allow me the benefit of the doubt
in explaining my side.

If it is too boring or too academic, please feel free to leave or leave a violent reaction.

What made me think this way? Things like these......


CNN Presents Gods Warriors - The funniest bloopers are right here

I watched this last year in CNN ( I love CNN)---the title of the documentary, God's CHRISTIAN WARRIORS.

This is Teen Mania Ministries---their battle cry is to provoke the young generation to passionately pursue Jesus Christ and to take His life-giving message to the ends of earth ( according to their


My heart leaped when I saw those teens fighting for their generation. I may not be one of them but I cried because I know that there is still hope.I am no purist. I made a lot of mistakes in my life and I know how it is like being in the dark. There are choices in our life that we make and once we make them, there's no turning back. Some people are lucky enough to pull themselves out before it's too late but there are many who are not as successful.

I believe in FREE WILL and Freedom of choice, I also respect people decisions for sex, drugs or other vices but not to the point of legalizing them. As a parent in the future, It also scares me to think that the world is becoming too liberated and people are trying to do things by trial and error as if it is as easy as buying a candy and throwing it away if you are not satisfied. A lot of people are hurting. The worse of those pains are mostly self-inflected.

I don't mean to be divisive too.

America is the bastion of democracy and Christianity and you see the 2 forces balancing each other in this very critical period of human history.

The current financial turmoil which started in the US
and is threatening economies around the world is proof of how influential this country is. If you think it's just economics, no sir. It's about coca-cola, McDonals, hollywood, Madonna and other cultural mediums shaping the world into what it was and will continue to do so in the generations to come. The cultural influence that this country has is so immense that it could either make or break millions of lives day after day.
Sure, I love democracy. But American style of democracy doesn't necessarily work with our realities in the 3rd world for example.

If America is to be the superpower in the 20 or 30 years,
I prefer to see an America which is not socially too liberal.

Republicans currently fill a minority of seats in both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, hold a minority of state governorships, and control a minority of state legislatures. Having Obama in the executive wing will be social disaster. We cannot afford to have a superpower going wilder than it is now.

Americans are voting for OBAMA who they think is better in economics because they are afraid of losing their money, their priced jewelries, expensive bags , cars and mansions. It's understandable. Financial instability is no joke. Sadly though, they are not afraid of losing their values.

It's true that love comes out of the window when you are hungry,
in American, values comes out of the window when you are hungry.


teenmania ministries.


  1. “It's true that love comes out of the window when you are hungry,
    unluckily, in American, values come out of the window when you are hungry.”

    I love that line. Hehe…

    I admire McCain in so many ways and I believe he can be a better US leader if given the chance to lead. But for me, if given the option to vote, my one vote will still go to Obama. It’s not because he is a Democrat or because McCain is a Republican, but simply because, I think Obama could become a better leader than McCain. Hehe…

  2. Dude, values begins at home. Not in school, not in the church and certainly not in a blue or red White House.

    I know where you're coming from. But I'm more concerned about wars. A Republican Administration is all about wars. What happens if their war gets out of hand, and if they decide to loose all of their 5,000 something nukes in the world?

  3. i agreeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus the fact that OBAMA only says the words that the voters want to hear (a flip flop), and all those economic plans he has proposed are all copied from Sen. Clinton's (to which he opposed last Feb, but why propose them now?).

    Unfortunately the Americans are punishing the Republicans at the mo (even though McCAin hasnt really been a loyal supporter of Bush). But I dont think it's over yet! 3 more weeks and the DARKNESS will FALL.

  4. Obama has his heart in the right place...a strong leader...and that is what matters... let's hope Obama wins.

    We don't want more wars, torture, interest groups, etc. Enough is enough.

    But too bad... I can't vote ! ;-)

  5. very profound. a good read. ok lang kahit medyo nagka hemorrhage ako.

    but still, i dont care about politics. penge na nga lang ng email add mo tonyo.

  6. i am bong--i respect your opinion on this one. Thanks for contributing. Too bad we cannot vote.

    Skron-- thanks dude. your opinion is always important. But I think it is unfair to blame McCain for the bad decisions that Bush did when in fact his record shows that he could go against the present administration. Then again, thanks for your views. Appreciate it.

  7. Kris--finally. A kapamilya and a republican. looks like we got a lot of things in common. But I have to admit, I am not as vain as you are when it comes to clothes. peace.

  8. I didn't follow closely the election closely, but according to my sis who is studying in US now, she said Obama is more popular among the voters and she prefers Obama (though she has no voting right heheh).

    Hey Antonio, actually I just wanted to say, you can write so well! It's not easy to write about Political stuff, at least not easy for my standard! =P

  9. ive watched the 3 episodes of US Presidential debate and Obama really did a good job,very eloquent!while i would like to say "i don't care" but were actually affected w/ what is going on w/, may God give each American voter the wisdom to vote for the right President..

  10. hindi ako updated dito. kaya makikibasa na lang muna.

  11. sidney---apreciate your comments man.

    JP--okay lang. added nakita. I also sent you an email.

  12. Denis--quite a surprise to see another McCain supporter around.

    Eunice---I think to say that I am quite articulate in writing is too much. I decided to blog in english because I definitely need some practice....thanks

  13. Nice scratch to hear.. I also in tht issues, but at some point bong has the right reson.. Obama has the lead not in a major context but the casual and perf to become a better leader.

    Oh well I still go for McCain, whoo-hooo XD

    Just a sniff.. yew and Kris have a lot in-common, hmm agree!!! as in even vain-ish stuff, haha xD

  14. Lery---wise words.

    Dong---nice decision.

  15. Ley---happy to know that you are also PRO-McCAIN.I really thought it's the other way

  16. buti ka pa you know a lot about american politics. ako kasi i'm not that into politics eh. i want results! haha.


  17. me vain? since when? I cant even spell that word!


  18. jowell--di naman masyado. kaso one way or another, directly or indirectly, we are affected so we have to care.

    Kris---vain sa damit at sa krisjasper pose I guess....keke

  19. good thing hindi ako boboto... hehehe! hindi ako magaling sa mga usapang politics. hindi talaga kinakaya ng utak ko pero...

    kay obama ako...

    but i think...

    mccain deserves my vote :)

  20. RON---kulit ng comment. nawindang ako don.keke

  21. no comment ako jan... baka awayin u ako eh... hehehe


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