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Manila Cathedral Revisited.....

Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would be there to look forward to?
Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow……......

There is something with the idea that you can do something alone and still not feel empty......

I did so last week.
I decided to go to
Intramuros on my own.
and I wanna share
some of the
things I have seen.


Took MRT Shaw-Taft, then LRT from Taft-Cenral Station. Walked through Unibersidad ng Maynila and this is what caught my attention.

I donno how they call the park but I guess it was a tribute to Andres Bonifacio, one of our National Heroes. It was near Manila City Hall. The Grand old Manila City Hall.

Took the underpass in front of it then walked through familiar places. The National Museum as one of them.......

A couple of meters more and I am in the historic gate of Intramuros --the walled city. It was already dark when I got there so the walls are no longer visible. Much to my disappointment.

This building welcomed me instead.

Then again, it was really my intention to be here at night ti see one important edifice I saw in tv that they have lighted with different hues.

also known as the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, was the seat of the Archbishop of Manila during the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines.

built: 1578
Has been a witness of my historical events including countless earthquakes. But there it is, Majestic in it's age.

But the lights were off, for reasons I don't know why. Maybe they only did so to formally announce the contest initiated by MERALCO where they are in search of the best lit Churches and cultural landmarks in the country in line with the Christmas season.

Rather than be upset. i decided to just have a little trick with my camera and change the hues myself. haha

I decided months ago not to post historic buildings in the country such as churches coz I might not give justice to their beauty as I have no formal training in photography. This is my first attempt to do so.......

...and I hope I didn't mock it.


  1. for me basta may story behind the photos ayos na. i always appreciate things na may kasamang hardwork. it always appears an art to me. *palusot lang kasi wala ring pulso sa photography*. hehehe

  2. nagplaplano pa lang kami nila dom na magshoot sa intramuros. nauna ka na pala jan. ganda ng mga pics. lalo tuloy ako ginanahan pumunta jan.

  3. Interesting colonial buildings there in Manila

  4. The Islander--haha. looks like kailangan natin enroll in a formal class. Anu, kelan?

    Borneo Falcon --yeah, I really hope the government could do more effort to preserve them....

  5. Lawstude ---spoiler ba. keke. actually nauna na si JP-Islander the week before. Nakabarong pa sya. peace JP.

  6. not bad pusang gala. i particularly like the ninth photo in this set. it's really hard to take pictures at night when you dont have a tripod.

    keep on taking pictures of structures. siguradong mama-master mo yan.

    ayan na eenganyo lalo si lawstude na pumunta dyan. piang usapan na nga namin yan nung weekend.

  7. Wow---galing mo naman! So beautiful, the building---mapapa wow ka talaga---

    The picture is quiet captivating! Keep posting---kahit hindi ako makapunta may something akong makikita!

    Take care--

  8. the donG ---salamt DOng---naka-ilang take nga ko e- hirap talaga pag walang tripot. I agree. magalaw pamandin kamay ko. But there are so many things to cover in the area.

    ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] --very old indeed.

  9. nice shots anton! :)

  10. Mys Lyke Meeh --haha. basta shot lang po ako ng shot. tutok ang camera then click so walng dereksyun yung mga kuha.haha.

    Maraming salamat sa pag-appreciate.

  11. That photo of the cathedral with a tree in its front reminds me of LOTR (Return of the King).

    nice set of photos.

  12. dito ko lang nasilayan ang kagandahan manila cathedral. di ba may mga christmas lights na dyan ngayon? i love the 2 and 5 photos. napakaganda ang pagkakuha.

  13. JoShMaRie--slamat po.

    KRIS JASPER ---wow!!! LOTR naba effect.thanx Kris.

  14. one word! BEAUTIFUL! hmm...i am not sure, but it seems that your blog is becoming more popular now .

  15. REDLAN ---salamat naman kung ganun at nagustuhan u. takot kasi me na pangit.

    Akhyari ---I donno Arry. Hmmmm, I don't think it's popular.keke. Just enjoying myself here...

  16. don't worry, ganyan talaga ang buhay, but I believe that there are reasons behind those tears... everything in life has its own purpose...maybe it's a way to find new doors for another new life that's better for you. Cherish mo na lang ang past and good moments have to be strong because you will still be here tomorrow...ganyan din ako minsan, ang hirap mag-isa at malungkot..pagala-gala lang din...pupunta kung saan makakapagbuhos ng sama ng loob...don't worry, time will heal your pains! and in the future, tatawanan mo na lang ang sarili mo na para ka palang pusang gala noon na palakad lakad sa intramuros! hehehe keep smilin' :-)

  17. wow.. gusto ko di makarating ng intramuros...

  18. i enjoy my solitude alot! ahehe!

    isang beses pa lang ako nakapasok dun sa nat'l many memories..ahehe...

  19. cybercesz=---salamat ng marami sa iyong advice. I am sure I could draw lessons from what you said. I know I can make it.....and with the help and advices of friends and people like you, I know life will be a lot easier. thanks again.

    ~~m$. DoNNA~~---it's very accesible. wait lang. could I know where you live by the way?wag lang davao ha, talagang malayo yun....

  20. lucas--RON, is that you? you call yourself LUCAS na? bago na naman yun ha. transformation uli? or maybe it's your real name....

  21. anton, you did more than justice to them... you are letting more of the world see its incomparable grandeur!

  22. the spool artist --thank you kuya Loven. I always wait for your comment coz they really mean a lot and this one is very especial, maybe I am really still looking for approval, and coming from a seasoned and respected artist/photographer like you makes me so honored. your nod is reason enough for jubilation.


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