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salingPUSA ,transformed.....


"love can create or destroy , depending on the direction of the wind when it is set free."
---By the River Piedra I sat and Wept


I tried to feel better and set limitations to
self pity. But it's not easy. I am also human.
I still feel pain and I sometimes cannot
stop my eyes from shedding tears .......

But I made up my mind. And I just would like to put emphasis on the profile description that I changed a few days ago.

........just when things are slowly falling into their proper places, a storm hit my life. The person for whom all my dreams and plans revolved for the past 8 years and the reason why i continue to push hard in life has left me. She simply got tired. I am not empty on my own but life will still be a lot better with her. I still believe in happy endings. This blog will be a testament that life goes on for me and I will carry on with all the dreams we worked so hard all these years although on my own. I will continue to love her and wait for her return; the day when we will again face life together......

YES, life goes on, I still have me and all the plans will still be there. I decided to stay awake and accomplish them.

I could also recall that I entered the blogosphere 4 months ago. I was new and don't know many things so I called myself SALINGPUSA. I still would love to be called such because I think it is a modest label for none of us could know just about everything.

Then again, since I love going around places, and since I am a hopeless romantic waiting for my true love to return, I will therefore call myself PUSANG-gala'. The wandering cat.

more sensible,
ready for adventure
in pursuit of
his one true love
and personal happiness...................


credits to : BONg--- for suggesting the name, Leri for agreeing with the idea.


  1. U changed your name..and I do like it~

    No matter what your name is, u are still my friend!

  2. pusang gala naman eh!


    ganda ng name mo, it just flows naturally.. pusang gala naman eh! haHAHA

  3. wow, at last! I've been waiting for this reinvention from saling pusa to 'pusang gala'... love this much parekoy! hehe...

    can't agree for more...

  4. ahm ganda ng reinvention mo parekoy...
    sana lang di yan maging balahibong
    nice post...
    gud luck sa pagbabago

  5. Sorry for the relationship that's lost. If you still love her, bakit mo bibitawan?

    Kaya pala name changed ang blog!

  6. Hey, don't be down... maraming advantage ang pagiging single.

  7. nice move. mas appropriate na ngayon.

  8. we'll hope that you'll recover from that experience sooner. could have joined us this weekend. but i understand. take your time.

  9. special mention pa talaga..ur welcome!anyways,things happen for a reason my friend.if she's yours,she'll come back!..kami nun 4months zero communication,but look at us now..just don't give up on her if she completes you..
    wag lng daw maging balahibong pusa!(rofl)

  10. May karapatan naman tyo piliin kung ano ang itatawag sa atin. Darating kaya ang araw na gusto mo magpatawag ng PUSAkal?

    The new name reminds me of a local movie.The lead characters also had their hearts broken but they survived.

  11. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~]---I thought it was fine.....thanks ZARA. you too.

    Onatdonuts---salamat KUYA ONATS.

  12. Know what? Somehow, i could relate to that kind of HURT. Mine was i think, 8years ago or less. See? I could'nt remember anymore. Simply because I am over it. Time really heal all wounds. I still don't know why we ended separate ways...distance could be...but, the pain? Oh's killing me. Just hoping that you will enjoy life without her...Cheer up.

  13. I am Bong ---slamat sa iyong brilliant idea BONG.

    mavs ---sana nga kamo at baka maging----SIOPAO pa, yung PUSA, nasa loob na ng SIOPAO---keke

  14. whatever you is okay...

  15. Chyng --in the dance of life, when somebody says she is tired of dancing, it would be selfish if you ask her to continue.

    gillboard ---yun n nga rin iniisip ko kaso I am not getting any younger.

  16. The Islander -- mas me dahilan yung pangalan?keke

    the donG ---salamat nga pala uli sa invitation, appreciate it.

  17. So that's how you got your new name eh? Old name or new name~ we all love you the same~ ;)

  18. Antune! hehe ang pusa talaga minsan nasasaling sa mga Pusang gala hehehhe Gulo... noh?.. pero ayus.. to.... the pcs. reli fit talaga hehehehhe

  19. aquamarine --yeah, optimistic pa naman kami rin ang magkikitasa finals.........

    Niel Camhalla ---another brilliant idea. siguro pag napakasal nako----pusakal nako. pusang nasakal.keke

  20. amiable amy ---maybe at the mean time, I will charge it to experience. I hope to learn from this.

    Fable Frog---thanks frog. It was touching. A frog saying kind words to the cat. touching. thanks

  21. wel, wel, wel.. what have we here? pusang gala naman, oo! hehehe. its fun witnessing an on-going metamorphosis. :) mother madonna welcomes you, child. :)

  22. ...ohh...i'm sorry...

    8 years...hindi madaling pakawalan yung ganun..hays..well, like you said, life would still go on...

    wander around just try not to get lost :)

    peace out!

  23. hahaha! alam mo naman mababaw lang ako. nyehehe.

    e kasi naman pag puso ang pinag uusapan, wala akong maikontribyut.

  24. gentle --masyado atang talinghaga yun. di kinaya ng brain ko,.haha

    RONeiluke, RN ---don't worry, I always know when to go back....thanks

  25. im speechless.. i don't know what to say when relationship comes into matter coz i never had one.. virgin/looser ako! hihihi.. hay naku ton, alam kung kaya mo yan.. un lng pow.. =)

    parang ayaw ko tuloy magka-BF kc takot akong masaktan sa huli.. toinx! hihih..

  26. bena---thanks bena. I still believe that love is a gamble that you lose without playing......

  27. pusang-gala ka na pala ngayon. creative mind.

    mahirap kalimutan ang 8 years of a wonderful relationship. ganun lang talaga. ang lahat ng bagay ay may katapusan. be readyu to welcome another one. maka move on ka rin tulad ko. sa akin it took near a year for 6 months relationship, pangalawa, 2 years naka move on na agad. sana sau hindi aabot ng 8 years. goodluck. enjoy lang ang life. wnjoy sa pagala pusang-gala.

  28. REDLAN---sana nga- anu naman na edad ko nun kung abutin pako 8 years to move on? keke. lolo nako wla pako anak o gf. thanks

  29. So talagang may connection ang past relationship sa pagpalit ng blog name???

    anyway, I sure hope it'll be more fun to have pusang gala around, hala sige gumala ka hangga't gusto mo! ahaha

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  31. Awww-- really? She left? Did she told u that she will be back for u? Ohh, that was sad--

    ANyway, yah! continue to be optimistic, that's too positive of u--

    And in your adventure---who knows ?? Life is like a roller coaster--take care!

  32. Dylan Dimaubusan ---uo, dapat me istorya sa likod ng balita.keke

    chyng---salamat po.

    Mys Lyke Meeh --thanks. life is full of surprises, we never know what we gonna get.....

  33. Time heals all wounds,

    and time is gold...

    so wear gold to heal your wounds.

    sounds like you are starting to recover from whatever incident that has knocked you down...

  34. hala i dunno wat to say...
    super experts na mga pinagsasabi nila sa itaas...grabeh...

    so u think the pusanggala is a better person out of a transformation from u know...desperation?

    we all tend to try to be strong...
    kaa muh yah

  35. KRIS JASPER --haha. I guess better today than yesterday. If that is an improvement.keke

    Antoine GF--uo, I feel better that way- salingpusa kasi is my tagline when I started for acceptance in the blog community. thannks

  36. "love can create or destroy , depending on the direction of the wind when it is set free."
    ---By the River Piedra I sat and Wept


  37. By the River Piedra I sat and Wept
    - it's one of Paulo Coelho's books...

    hayz, tagal ko nang naghahanap ng ganto... pahiram nman.hehe. ipadaan mo na lang sa site ko. lolz

    At ngayong nag metamorph ka na, others might expect different from you, a li'l twist. nyahe. move one na.. or you won't get over it. teka, anu bang alam ko???.. magkape n lang tayo!


  38. i mean move on.. omit the 'e' there.

  39. JoShMaRie ---I love Paolo Colho and his books.

    Dylan---more mature this time I guess....and more coll , calm and collected I hope. thanks

  40. YES, life goes on, I still have me and all the plans will still be there. I decided to stay awake and accomplish them.

    that is so right...

  41. ngayon lang ako napapdpad sa blog na to, but then nadala ako sa pagkalungkot ng post.. oh well, dnt wori, magiging pusang-natagpuan dn ang pusang-gala ;)

  42. nice pics,interesting and nicely written
    be happy and keep blogging

  43. FaerieTeL ---we are all travelers in this life looking for something, some are and will be successful. some are not as lucky...but the most important thing is to keep moving forward. I am. thanks

    shrey bhatt---thanks for dropping by and the comment as well. Thanks, I will...

  44. asus. di ba si madonna ang ambasador ng reinvention... e di ba your reinventing, from saling pusa to pusang gala? so ayun.. hehehehe.

  45. huy wag kang mag malungkot...meron pang darating :)


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