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down the Araneta


--------I never expected it too soon.


A blogger friend DOM, invited me last weekend to spend time with him and LAWSTUDE in Nueva Ecija. I declined, One, I don't have money and 2. I got things to patch here in Manila..................

For those who are not aware of it yet,
last Sunday was the Grand Finals of
so I was back in the big Dome for
the 2nd time.....

I was here was years ago...before the big renovation, now, ARANETA is better. Both inside and out.......

Marvin and I came late and the tickets were out in the lowest level. With little money on our pockets, we opted upper box B instead.....

Having said so, we missed seeing the participants up close, but it's not so important since it's not a beauty contest. I like it up here coz yoget to have a good view of the dome (para nga lang birds eyeview.haha) The formations and uniformity of movements of the dancers are also very clear from this side. Araneta was groaning from beginning to end with all those energetic teens.

I miss my teenage years when I was full of optimism and energy. Wonder where have all of it gone.

Just wanna say congratulations to the Champions. Miriam for High School Category ( by the way it's an all girl group, just like the 2nd and 3rd place winners.), and La Salle- Manila for the college division. Haha. My friend who is pro-Ateneo lost. I love the GREEN ARCHERS.keke


After the event, we opted for a simple dinner at the food court of GATEWAY Mall, which is one of the good things about this place.

Cubao is bustling these days, and I am so excited about future developments in this area. One of which is the Manhattan City.


Then again, the best development last Sunday was not that. But This........

It was a very long story I might tell you next time. Then again I would not end this post without emphasizing that it was all because of hard work and persistence, and a lot of tears shed......

I made up my mind not to sit by while
time completely take her away from me.
I decided to win her back
and I will win her back.......


  1. good luck pusang gala. i believe persistence do work sometimes. malalaman namin yan pag naging saling pusa na ulit ang pangalan mo.

  2. nice pics! kaka homesick - keep up the good works!

  3. meow..meow..
    bah mainit-init pa to ah...
    buti pa kayo, anytime can afford mag Araneta...
    mahirap tlaga sa
    sige patuloy lang sa paggala parekoy...
    hanggang sa susunod pusang-gala...

  4. Sabe na nga ba I saw you eh!

    We were in gateway last Sunday, andameng bata, kala nga namen UAAP season ulet. hehe So streetdance pala.

    We passed by the foodcourt, and I thought I saw you. I hope it's you nga! (mahina memory ko!)

  5. hmmm..sweet. keep it up...
    development on the process. wow.

  6. yeah, fight to win her back!!! para alam mo sa puso mo na ipinaglaban mo para maging kayo...

  7. is really good to her back and don't let her go ever...i am happy for

  8. the dong---haha. it's worth the try. Hmmm...I think life is a journey---so I'll bring an open mind and still call myself PUSANG-gala as I wonder through the world and through life.


  9. mavs ----don naman na kami sa halos pinakataas so mura lang.hehe

    Chyng ---talaga? san banda don sa foodcourt? around past 8 na ata kami don e. hmmm----epekto ba ng gamot?keke

  10. Antoine GF--I really can't afford to lose this one.

    gillboard--love will lead back.haha

  11. You go boy! Go for that gold, I mean the girl. Good luck. :)

    In the meantime, have you seen a Counterbalanced High-Wire Bike? The Asian Traveler has it now. This is one of the cool features found at the National Taiwan Science Education Center. Hope you enjoy!

  12. So yun pala yung event na yun. Kaya pala madaming tao sa Cubao that night. Nandun kami para lang mag-grocery. Akala ko pa naman mas peaceful kapag naggogrocery ng gabi.

  13. huWoW!!! that's wat im talking about boy! the pcs really fit talaga....

    need lang ng kunting mighty bond..
    heheheh didikit uli yan....ibalik muna yong saling pusa! kasi kahit
    saan ka gumala may kulang pa rin heheheheh good luck...Bunsong Tonyo.. hehehe

  14. Asian Traveler ---salamat po sa oral support, este moral support. I will check your post po----thanks.

    ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~]---yes, I should believe.

  15. Sidney--thanks. I feel an overwhelming support.

    amiable amy--I definitelay have my mistakes so I should really make an effort. It is still worth fighting. Love is worth fighting for....

  16. sayang di ko lam na angpunta kng araneta... dapat nakapaghunting ako ng pusang gala. hehe. :) gandang hapon anton!

  17. sigh... di pa ganyan ang cubao nung huli akong mapadpad dyan. ang ganda na pala!!!

  18. Niel Camhalla--hmmm, mukhang daming bloggers ang nagala sa Cubao pag weekends, 1st Chyng and then you. I should go somewhere else next time.keke

    bomzz-in-iraq --talagang ayw mong bitawan ang the pieces don't fit na tagline ko ha. Thanks kuya Boomz.

  19. JoShMaRie ---ayoko nga mahunting ng isang adik sa kape. baka anu pa gawin sakin. jok

    M A Y A--matanung ko nga, kelan ba huli?hehe

  20. hey ton.. musta?.. im not aware what's really happening to you lately but i feel pain in your posts here.. im speechless.. i hope your wellness back soon.. ingat lagi and maging matatag.. okies..

  21. pusang gala ka din hahaha.

    kidding. nice to be back here=)kmusta

  22. sabi sa'yo eh..good luck friendship-Christmas is fast approaching,mahirap na hehehe..when you win her,reflect again what went wrong and try to smoothen things(although part lahat un ng relationship..

  23. oo nga eh ewan ko ba hehehe

    eniways sa ask mo pag dating ko sa tambayan kong opis kain muna habang nag bubukas si explorer hehehe blogging nauna kesa work..

    hope fully mid next year.. bakasyun ko na

  24. Bena---oaky lang po ako---gaya nga ng sinasabi ko, once you hit rock bottom, there no way but

    Denis --yes I am and it's not just because of a lost heart but because of the fact that we are all wanderers in this great maze they call life.......

  25. aquamarine --uo. malapit na pasko, mahirap na. hahanapin sya lahat ng mga relatives ko malaman nila na break na kami.hehe

    Bomzz! ---okay ang work sked a...haha. yeah, hopefully. you deserve a break....

  26. precisely, 8pm kame nandun! haha

  27. never been there---! is it really cool coliseum???


  28. hey anton!

    .....and i'm back after the shiteous smartbro thing...

    anyways, yeah go for it, i think the relationship you had with her is something worth fighting for. wish you all the best ^^

  29. Chyng --malamang nga yun na. Dami tao that time. next time sa ace water spa na us magkikita.keke

    Mys Lyke Meeh --way better than before, although there are still improvements that could be done. Important to note though that the air conditioning system is good so I have no problem with it.

  30. hmmm.... I hope you have won her back na...

  31. dude~! you rock!
    go for it and get that chick back!

    but dun dwell in it too much...

    can't find what's not there anymore broh~! ;) cheers to you and your feat


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