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down memory lane......


I think it was about time to
emphasize the blessings
and opportunities of the year
that was.......

There surely is no
shortage of it, starting with
the TRAVELS we had.

As I said, I used to be
a 27 year old
travel-out-of-the- country
virgin. That was broken this year
with our very momorable trip
in Singapore.......

So allow me to post some of the fun pictures we had in the city state.......


....of coarse the experience will never be complete without paying the FAMOUS MERLION a visit......

This one is the PROMENADE which is indeed very inviting...........

From here, one can have a lot of angles of the main financial district.....

....and walking around the area will make you appreciate some interesting spaces and buildings.....

...and one of my favorite places here....

This journey opened a new phase in my life and Teresa, and a new perspective as well......

I am really hoping for more out of the country travels next year.....


  1. See? There are lots of things that you should be thankful for. :)

    I am planning to go to SG next year. Sana matuloy... :)

    Merry Christmas Pusang Gala. Keke

  2. i could only wish you the safest of travels. happy holidays.

  3. nice... you do have a blessed 08. Di ka nga dapat nadedepress ngayon. Buti ka pa.


  5. Bry---yun na nga---so I will just try to focus on them,....

    Lawstude--- sana nga marami pang dumating---kakaadik~~~

  6. gillboard --tama ka dyan---kakatense kasi pasko e, pero this too shall pass.....

    rodangeles ---salamat po ng marami---merry christmas to you too....

  7. I still uncertain on where to travel next year. I personally want to go to Laos but my wife been pushing for Bali Island

  8. then more travels to come for you! gusto ko din mag singapore with my hubby LOL

  9. I miss singapore huhu...

    Did u go to malaysia too? ;)

  10. Hm---lovely background and

    is she ur new gf? I always see her in the picture--

    Geezz...did I smell romance in the air? Oh lala!


  11. it's always beautiful at any angle there. what's its advantage is that it's a small country.

  12. ang ganda! parang gusto ko rin pumunta jan hahaha.. ang linis linis tingnan!

  13. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of your travel in Singapore. I wish that you can travel more next year and share to us your experiences.
    Your girlfriend is very lovely. Congratulations!

  14. wow, travel galore. thanks for sharing your pics in singapore.

  15. Borneo Falcon---I hope the financial crisis will be gentle to a travel whore like me next year.....keke

    prinsesamusang---why not? gogoggo

  16. LZ ---we only tried to cross the brodge to Johor and ate in a seaside/ seafood resto there......was fun

    Mys Lyke Meeh---she is my gf for the past 7 years....haha

  17. the donG---small but amazing~~~

    Fjordan Allego --at malinis talaga sa personal.....

  18. Dennis Villegas---salamt Denis---salamat, slamat, salamat...

    REDLAN---really hoping for more to come....

  19. bon voyage my cat...

    be just like pocahontas. go wherever the wind or your heart brings you

  20. "I used to be a 27 year old travel-out-of-the-country virgin. "

    That statement could be read a variety of ways... Hehehe.

    I hope you have more gala's in the coming year. :)

  21. sosyal na ang pusa!! hehehe. pa-out of the country out of the country na lang. ;)

  22. Merry Christmas!

    Nice naman... You are really blessed this year... Hopefully tuloy tuloy sa coming years...

  23. "I used to be a 27 year old travel-outside-of-the country virgin"...that's an innovative way of describing your first foreign travel LOL. Marami ka pang travels na gagawin, bata ka pa. The first time I traveled abroad I was already 30 years old.

  24. Wow, wow, weeee!!! It's awesomeyou guys. That is so much fun. I could sure tell you enjoy on that trip.

    Anyways, I got you tagged. Check it in my blog. Hope you can play along.

  25. wanderingcommuter ---gawin ba akong POCAHONTAs. keke

    Niel Camhalla ---I hope so too----haha

  26. gentle ---oh, I failed to mention---this was last September pa.

    Lionheart : Richard---uo, more blessings to come---hopefully.

  27. bertN ---more to come sana---haha. dipa pala ako late .

    AngelMist---haha---tagged. takot ata ako. keke

  28. wow...those pictures are so i wish i could go there..merry xmas

  29. buti ka pa, you been to this place, hmmm...wish you more blessings to come for the coming year

  30. Same here, this year ako perstaym nakapg out of the country trip. with boyfriend pa, kaya super memorable! :D

    San next destination naten? Thailand gusto mo?

  31. di mo makalimutan yung SG trip mo. pero okay lang, try other places naman like ha long bay in vietnam!

  32. amy---I'm sure---makakapunta ka din sa Singapore one of these days---law pa~~~

    Chyng ---why not? apat us? keke

  33. Curbside Puppet--lam mo na 1st time .keke

  34. wow naman, kainggit hehehe,.... Thanks for sharing!

  35. So you lost your virgin to Singapore? hahahahah!! Glad that you lost it with pride hehehehe!!

    Come back Singapore again! Now everywhere is so crowded. I just came back from town again and going out tonight to see if there are any nice X'mas decoration for us to take photos.

    Merry X'mas!!!

  36. Allen Yuarata ---dikopa lam e---basta update kita.

    chubskulit --welcome po---

  37. misty--thanks---you too

    eunice--I'd be glad to come back one day---there's so much to explore there in such a small area---every corner of your country surely is full of surprises....

  38. Come during the June mid-year sales or Dec year end sales for some great offers and X'mas lightings, or during our National Day on 9 Aug or Chinese New Year, you will see lot of fireworks for the week.

  39. Indeed, Singapore is a garden city. :D

  40. and i am looking forward to those new travel fotos you will present next year!

    Take care Sir PG!

    and Merry Christmas!

  41. i was looking for my comment using the wifi connection via omnia pero di nag appear. hmmm asan kaya yun...

    anyway, dami mo pa palang stored photos sa singapore trip mo. sayang kung isasantabi lang noh? hehe. sana ako rin makagala ng singapore at anywhere in southeast asia. pero opkors, kukuha muna akong passport. hehe

  42. ..... and of course you've become one of the read worthy bloggers in town!

    happy xmas and a blessed new year!


  43. wow akala ko sa Pinas! Singapore pla kaya familiar!

    Merry Christmas!

    ganda mga pics mo! tc

  44. Such fab pics. Love them all. You really do capture the essences of the city.

    Happy Holidays!

    Thanks so much for the comments.

  45. Hi Pusang Gala,
    Here’s greeting you the very best of the Christmas season. May the Lord shower you and your family with countless blessings this coming year. Thanks for joining Filipinos Unite!!! God bless you and your loved ones always.

    Mel Alarilla of Filipinos Unite!!!

  46. have a very merry Christmas anton! wishing you the best of the season and a brighter 2009! and of course... more travels to come... hopefully cambodia?


  47. eunice --thanks for those tips Eunice. I will keep them in mind...

    Takemoto--I never thought it is possible but it is.....

  48. KRIS JASPER --me too Kris. looking forward to it.....

    The Islander ---what are you waiting for JP? madali na kumuha ngyn.

  49. alex ---sana nga Alex kasi I sometimes feel that I have been posting a lot of crap these days....

    darkhorse--thanks darkhorse

  50. Mel Alarilla ---I say, thanks for coming up with such idea as Filipinos Unite. Merry Christmas too....

    simon n josh--thnaks---love reading your page.that's why.

    he spool artist ---CAMBODIA? let me think. haha. sana nga maraming blessings this year para makatravel uli.....

  51. great shots sa promenade. sana makapunta rin ako soon dyan. more travels to come this coming year, bro!


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