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my share of nightmare before Christmas......


The Christmas spirit finally
took over me 11pm, the 23rd
of December, when I was about
to board the taxi and rush to
Victory Liner Cubao to catch
my 12 midnight bus reservation.

With all the gifts hanging in the compartment of the cab, I came to accept that I am who they say is the SANTA CLAUS of the family, and when I say family, it's not just my immediate family but my aunts and cousins families as well.

I finally realized the fact that I will be giving happiness, not receiving it. But it's true. That the joy you feel upon seeing their grin is far beyond compare....


And since, the 24th is our clans reunion and my family was the host, I was very upbeat from morning till night until the unexpected happened.

I accidentally sat on my camera!!!!!

I realized it too late and upon checking the LCD was already crashed. All I see are ink like formations on it when I turn it on. I was so upset amidst the festivities but I have to conceal it. Am I saying goodbye to my camera too early? I'll go back to megamall on Saturday to check how much it would take to put it back on it's original state. Last time I checked, it's still functional, except that you cannot monitor from the LCD screen how your shots are until you open it in the PC.

To make things worse, by 11 midnight on the 24th, the cough and and flu I caught in Manila was completely incubated so I had to stay in bed the whole day Xmas day so as to gather enough energy for the travel the same night.

Yep, had to be back in Manila the 26th for work. My students were now weary to study and my blog has been eager to know what is new.......

well that's what happened, I was very happy and sad at the same time. Life is indeed full of contradictions.........


  1. wow ninong ka ng lahat. at least you spent christmas with your love ones. Ako rin sinisipon. sana sa new year okay na. Happy new year in advance sau!

  2. grabe ang ganda! hehehe. meri xmas sau ! :D

  3. the pictures are beautiful...nice blog.


  4. The baby is cute. And's true life is full of contradictions...

    Wow--You became the Santa ha?!

  5. REDLAN ---kaya nga e. kaya para akong nilalagnat lagi pa Xmas---mahirap din kasing masanay sila e.

    Jules--meri Xmas din su man.

  6. basyon --thanks po---~~

    Mys Lyke Meeh --yep --SANTA--now a broke Santa. haha

    ---she is my one and only niece.

  7. ganda ni ashley nicole oh...

    buti di nagmana sa tito nya...



    dont wori magagawa pa yang cam u...
    kayang-kaya yan...

    pagaling ka po...

    Merry Christmas!

  8. richard--thanks

    Marvz---uo---mayaman ako---marami akong pera---joke---

    haha--loko ka- pag nagkababy ako mas cute pa dyan at di kita gagawing Ninong-----hmmmp. keke

  9. that camera thing... ouch!! ang sakit nun!!!

    ako ba, may regalo din? =)

  10. สุขสันต์วันคริสตร์มาส Merry Christmas dude!

  11. gillboard ---kaya nga e---masakit sa bulsa.

    Pisanu for BISEAN ---wow---this is one of the sweetest Xmas greeting I got. Thanks.

  12. hoping the camera is fix by now, it is like a soulmate, kulang ang lakwatsa pag wala yan

    happy new year


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