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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the majestic MOUNT SAMAT........


I thought of visiting this
place before, just as a plan,
never thought it would be soon.
I saw a picture in one of those
cheap D.O.T. promotional
calendars before and I just
love the idea of having a
memorial on top of a mountain,
makes it more grand----majestic.


This is Mount SAMAT, he site of the Dambana ng Kagitingan or "Shrine of Valor".

The mountain is war memorial. A huge white cross stands as a reminder of the men ( Americans and Filipinos) who died there during World war II.

I have never seen the Philippine flag so high and proud. In here, we sat like kids on a field trip reading the large tablets on the wall and reliving those bloody days which eventually led to the surrender of Bataan and the DEATH MARCH.

We took advantage of the view which is just spectacular.

At the back of the museum is a stairway which leads you to the Giant cross,

This gives you another perspective on the landscape.

About the Dambana ng Kagitingan or "Shrine of Valor" itself, well talk about it in my next post.......


  1. napapansin ko you're travelling a lot now ha! kakainggit! haha,

  2. Allen Yuarata---paminsan minsan pag me time at pera.keke. kaka-adik kasi.haha

  3. it is beautiful!

    I didnt know that we have a museum like that. It's like being in Washington DC. We should promote it more!

  4. Dre - ganda naman ng mga pics! naalala ko noong high school pa kami nakapunta jan...dba may Monte Mayor na beach ba sa Bataan - nklimutan kona...nice!

  5. Korek, travel travel ka ha.
    Sama naman jan!

    I added you na sa friendster! Why do you want to send me a message?

  6. This mountain is worth to hike. Nice and peaceful place. Spectacular view

  7. Maganda nga dito. Nakarating na rin ako. Malinis at masarap ang simoy. Mahihiya kang magtapon kahit balat ng kendi.

  8. 2009, I promise myselk, I'll be visiting the Philippine locales more... nainggit ako sayo... hehe

  9. The picture looks inviting. Parang gusto ko pumunta. Sana magpost ka din about the other side trips, food and accomodation na related sa Mt Samat. Parang naghihinayang kasi ako bumyahe ng malayo tapos isa lang destination. :)

  10. KRIS JASPER --I think so too Kris. Wonder what D.O.T is doing.

    darkhorse --diko pa lam masyado e. Sa Balanga area lang kami so diko pa natry mga beaches nila.

  11. Chyng--kasi yung sa 11 minutes na naging 7 minutes---7/11.haha

    Borneo Falcon--yeah, I just thought of a large cross on top,. The rest is just amazingly surprising.

  12. Mike Avenue--yung nga napansin ko---parang Baguio ang hangin pero malinis talaga.

    gillboard --maganda yan. discover the Philippines and you will be proud of it more for sure.....

  13. some very cool pictures. Great Job!

  14. akala ko space ship yung isa hehe. pasama naman sa travel mo. hehe

  15. claim mo na friend,u'r finally together again.u remind me of the "winning-me-back date" namin ng husband ko..nagpunta din kami vigan tapos side trip sa paoay church..basta maging persistent ka lang sa kanya..hay naku, i won't meet you here in HK pag di sya kasama mo(me threat ba?)
    another nice spot..keep exploring the beauty of the Phils.

  16. MarcoPaolo ---Bataan po---should try it.

    simon n josh --thanks simon, or shall I say Josh?

  17. nice pics ah! ganda ng mga views. tinalo mo na yata si islander eh. God bless my friend ^^

  18. ganda pala ng view sa taas. my favorite shots includes photos 1 and 4.

  19. Atop Mt. Samat at Dambana ng Kagitingan is a vantage point where you can see the whole surrounding. It's a picturesque view that will surely be a treat to the eyes. Thanks for the fantastic pictures. God bless you always.

  20. hehehe :D iii! :D ganda ng mga pics :D

  21. whatta beautiful place, whatta nice view! swerte mo nakarating ka dito. salamat sa pag share.

  22. Now that I've read your post, I am wondering why it has not occurred to my itchy feet to visit Bataan. Gotta include it in my list of next itineraries ;)

  23. Mt. Samat! Bataan ayt?

    Ilang hours ang byahe from Tarlac? Tagal ko nang gustong makapasyal jan.. wala lang talagang time, pati mga gusto kong isama ala ring time..Dream kong mag-hike before makaalis, hopefully next year..

    lucky you, parang di ka nauubusan ng oras sa paglalakbay! ang saya naman..


  24. JoShMaRie ---baka hanapin ka ni emperadora kung sama kita cge ka.

    aquamarine --dyan honeymoon namin don't worry'keke

  25. Bino---di naman po---d pwede compare ako sa kanya/ kanila ---mga beterano na mga yun--ako salingpusa lang.

    the donG ---kaya nga e. worth naman yung climb talaga.

  26. Mel Alarilla ---true. salamat po for appreciating.

    jules --thanks

    Redlan---biglaan nga e. wla sa plano---napadpad kami dito and we thought it would be a nice idea na umakyat at sulit talaga.

  27. Nortehanon --I think you really should. I guess there's much to discover in the area. we only touched the tip of the iceberg.

    dylan dimaubusan --from Manila kasi 2 kami alis--dating kami 5am. 3 hours kami kasi madaling araw. sa balanga battan---then dyip nalang 10 mnutes.donno ngalang kung galing Tarlac.

  28. napaganda diyan :-)
    at napaka-gala mo rin hehehe

  29. I am glad, because new persons recognize the sacrifice of these persons that gave their life for our own freedom!
    Honor and glory in the HEROES of all world!
    Great post!

  30. Ah..

    Eh sana ina-approve mo na yung request ko sa friendster dba?


  31. aye! kay ganda naman! ----lalo na yung magandang dilag--na nagjujump!

    So, ur travelling a lot this days ha? Cool! Unwind and unleash!

  32. the shrine is amazinnnng!

    totoo nga sabi mo

  33. onatdonuts ---nakaka-adik nga pala talaga ang gumala.

    KOSTAS --always send shivers on my spine ecery time I remember the sacrifices of those men.

  34. Chyng---haha. ayun po-na-approve ko na. Tamad kasi ako bukas friendster lately e. keke. Thanks Chyng.

    alex ---yun, sabi ko sayo e. Thanks to Marcos talaga.

  35. wow, looks so awesome and nice in there! di pa ako nakapunta dyan but thanks a lot for sharing ur wonderful shots. they all look great!

    btw, thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  36. wow...super ganda nman...i love the places that you visited....your blog shows more of Philippine scenery...keep up the good work my friend...i wanna see more like this

  37. ""rare*jonRez"" --hope you can visit it one time and experience it yourself.....

    amiable amy --thanks Amy. and continue sharing us your perspective of the US okay.

  38. pare i lived in Bataan, im proud to be Bataeno hehehehe. Astig talaga Mt. Samat pare, ang ganda no?hehehe.

    sayang sana na try mo rin yung mga beaches dito sa bataan. (amor Montemar Beach yun hindi Monte Mayor hehehe)


  39. its really nice to know that marami humanga sa bataan.nice nice.

  40. sa totoo lang, hindi pa ako nakakarating jan hahaha mukhang intersante ang lugar hmm..


  41. zeb---finally, ablogger from Bataan!!! where do you live there exactly? I think you really have to be proud of your place. It's amazing, come to think of it, I've only experienced 1% of it. will surely be back and explore your wonderful province.......

    thanks for the comment. I can feel your energy. Can we add each other? so that it will be a lot easier to follow our adventures?

    add na kita ha.

  42. Fjordan Allego ---try it, it's so damn good.keke

  43. Been there sometime in May 2004. Unforgettable experience.

    Great pics!

  44. Jake Tornado--I think i will never forget this experience too.....

  45. I think the last time I went here was during the early 90s. I want to go and visit sometime...

  46. Nina --maybe it's time to go back and rediscover things.....


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