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what about mountain hiking for a date?.....


----------we were supposed to go to
San Narciso Zambales early Saturday
to attend a fiesta but we headed
southwards instead, in BATAAN. ( as if
some sort of magical force lured us there)

Took Bataan Transit in Cubao 2am bound Balanga (that's the bus in the station so , with no idea where the place is, we boarded.All we know is that Teresa has a cousin living there. Except we donno where in particular). Got there 5am.

Since it's too early and her cousins phone was completely out of reach, we decided to take a little joyride. We rode a jeepney to Cabog-Cabog for 18 pesos.

We found ourselves hiking on the foot of Mount Samat in the Town of Pilar. I've never done mountain hiking before. The locals in town said it might take us 3 hours to climb. I never believed them........

Started 6am, with our bags and a pillow. We didn't look like tourists, we seemed like teenagers who ran away in the middle of the night. Nagtanan baga.

The road was asphalted, long and winding with a lot of trees on both sides. This is a mountain after all, a protected area, a national PARK.

There are only a few people that time and I love it despite not having any sleep the night before. The air is crisp and the place is very quiet. Loved hearing my heavy breathing.....

One cannot help but stop and appreciate the view from time to time......

I said i never believed the people. I thought it was outrageous, but after 2 hours, the top is still nowhere in sight. Then came the shortcut 9 there are a couple of shortcuts which cuts through the woods, this, the last one was the longest....and nastiest coz I think it rained a bit before so my PONY shoes were the first to experience the torture.....

Took us 40 minutes to navigate this trail. Looks like a long short cut after all. keke. Then, after 2 hours and 40 minutes of walk, there it is, imposing on top of the mountain.......

....the reason why we are here for. Not so much for a religious discovery but as a discovery of far we can go together.


  1. Yosh!

    This is really beautiful!

    Like the photos so much!

  2. Thank you for sharing your travel with us. It's really romantic to have a date in the mountains! Congrats!

  3. i live in ORION, BATAAN when i was still in the phil........ and i love being on top of MT. SAMAT, the scenery was amazing.
    thanks for bringing back some memories!

  4. Dre nice photos! sa Bataan to dba? ganda ng mga view....I feel for your pains n sufferings sa pag-akyat but it's worth naman dba? lalo na kapag ksama mo yun

  5. I first went there nung HS filed trip! hehe

    Ang gusto ko i-feature mo ay BATANES! goodluck naman.

  6. And btw, ok lang magdate anywhere, basta bring a TRIPOD! (mahalaga ang couple pics.) hehe

  7. parang pumunta na rin kami sa Bataan ah...

    hanep sa detalye and i love the pix...

    meow! meow!

  8. I always enjoy mountain hike. There was once I don't bring enough water supply and have to retreat before reaching the summit. Lesson learn there

  9. your date was worthed..what an awesome romantic adventure date:)..the pictures are amazing..

  10. huwaw! hiking for a date? mukhang maganda yan ah! ;)

  11. i only saw mt summat from afar two years ago. never really had the chance to go up.

    congratulations because you made it. did you try going up the cross?

  12. congrats!looks like you have finally won her over!..
    i wonder if you're aware whats at the end of the trail?..pretty obvious, leading you to a church wedding eh..
    what a wonderful date!

  13. any outdoor date is a great idea. it will show you how a person will react to uncontrolled situations like nature (heat of the sun, insect bites etc.) you'll get to see her in her more natural form minus the make up and the pretty dress. it's a great way to know the person within.

  14. Zara---wait till you see the next set.

    Dennis Villegas--I thought so too.

  15. rodangeles --my first time in this province and never been in ORION, but the view from Mt. Samat was really amazing.....

    darkhorse--uo sa Bataan to. wait for the next set please. ganda talaga.

  16. Chyng ---thanks Chyng---very important talaga agi ng mga advice u. pag-iipuan ko yan.hehe

    gillboard--still keeping my fingers crossed.hehe

  17. Borneo Falcon --lesson well learned I guess,in our case , we brought a lot of water.....

    estella --look for the next post please......

  18. JoShMaRie--PANGtanggal ng stress Josh, sabay emote sa mga puno at halaman.haha

    the dong--yes---ikaw ba naman 3 hours umakyat. talagang all the way na kami.

  19. hey anton when was this????

    are you guys back together?

    ang nice ng date, muddy nga lang...

    but still!

    this is the very thing i need to do now, to be one with nature, sure way to lose weight!

  20. aquamarine--on the process of healing and rediscovering each other pa Lery....dami arte no? hehe

    Niel Camhalla ---tama ka. can't agree more. kasi don mo makikita how each individual react talaga.hmmm, well said, well said.

  21. alex--nung Saturday lang---uo, magandang pantanggal ng fats at pampatulog sa sobrang sakit ng katawan. 3 hours halos paakyat, 1.5 hours pababa. san kapa.

  22. wow--

    romantic walks in the middle of the forest? or..

    romantic hikes to remember!

    ganda ng far did you go with each other? talagang my end question pa! Take care---

  23. Antoine GF ---sweet ba o sweat? keke

    Mys Lyke Meeh --mas mahirap nga manligaw uli kesa umakyat ng bundok e. But I'm slowly getting there....

  24. wow. adventurous talaga kayo ha. i love the pictures!

  25. There's a road that goes all the way to the top of Mt. Samat?

    BTW, I've never seen anybody hike with a pillow before LOL.

  26. gentle ---just the tip of the iceberg gentle.

    bertN --yes, made just for the place. The end is the top.

    ...and we were on a night bus kasi so me pillow pa kasama.haha

  27. wow! ang cooool ng mga pix!! gusto ko din dito ^^ im cindyrella by the way! and in just having a break from my cleaning and stuffs, u know!

    eto yung blog na inu- update ko lagi:

    hope 2 c uder! ^^

  28. cyndirellaz --nice to meet you and I am glad to know that you have decided to keep blogging as a pastime. It really is very rewarding. cge add ko yan.

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  30. thanks for sharing! i'm from bataan!


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