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FRIDAYs at banchetto........


I made it a point that despite
working at home I still maintain
a good relationship with
former colleagues in an online
english company in ORTIGAS.

On Friday nights after a long week
of work, we gather in EMERALD Ave.
in a place they dubbed BANCHETTO.


BANCHETTO is a SATURDAY EARLY MORNING Street Fiesta and was primarily organized for the purpose of promoting tourism in Ortigas Center. BANCHETTO is an italian word for "a feast."

The concept of BANCHETTO_ortigas center is geared towards attracting the Call Center people and employees in Ortigas area as the main clientelle, thereby attracting the residents of Condominiums around Ortigas Center, including us.

there's a lot of food to choose from at a reasonable price.

check MTLTIPLY site HERE


last fiday night was a bit of a twist, instead of dining in the area, we opted to buy food, then were off to ORTIGAS extension near Ever Gotesco in one of our friends apartment where we had beer and good chat until 5am. It was a night of fun.

And as expected, when I get drunk, I get too red. The above picture is a testament to that.

Then again, one might think it's just an ordinary night out. But to me, it's more than just that. It is for me a renewal of bonds between friends, and just like any other relationship, it needs a lot of pampering........


  1. Yeah!!

    We have this kind of market too..
    So many good stuffs at lower price..


  2. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~]--this one is about food , food , food.

    Allen Yuarata--and delicious too.

  3. Gorgeous pictures. You are beautiful all of you!

  4. ikaw ung pulang pula sa last pic?


  5. miss my friends too pero masyado silang malayo para puntahan ko every week.. geez!! T_T

  6. Wow!! sana may banchetto din d2 sa's good to see you enjoying the night. red na red talaga face mo ahh.. =)
    by the way, your link has been added to my page already. =)

    rock on! keep safe!

  7. i agree, di ko ipagpapalit ang kahit ano sa mga panahon na nagbobonding kami ng mga kaibigan ko.

    tis always something to look forward to, and remember fondly.

  8. ganda naman - greenhills tiangge? nakakapunta ako dyan noon..more pics pG!

  9. saya naman jan...nakakainggit..makapunta nga din jan pag-uwi ko kung anjan pa...heheh

  10. hay nakakamiss yan sa ortigas.... sarap ng burgur yung malaki ang patties

  11. hindi ko pa to napuntahan. ayos na gimikan pala to.

  12. Hello pusang gala! Came here via Dong Ho and Bry's sites.

    Banchetto pala tawag dyan? Masarap nga mga tinda nila dyan! :D

  13. Phivos Nicolaides--thank you sir---that's true. keke

    Abou --uo, nedyo nakinom na kasi e. hehe

  14. cyndirellaz ---friendship is an investment talag...

    Mon---time to focus on the good things that you have there I guess~~~

  15. gillboard---uo, now, I know the meaning of that than ever before~~~

    darkhorse --nope---greenhills is different although it's near.....nasa business district mismo to.

  16. poging (ilo)CANO --kelan ba ang bakasyun?

    markey---sawa ka s pagkain dito---

  17. Dennis Villegas ---(you said)
    Great place...good-looking people!

    yung una uo, ung second, not sure. keke

    the donG ---tamang kain lang actually at usap. pero noisy place---nope

  18. seemed like fun? ehh!

    well, never been there--and i don't know if i will--lolzz!

  19. wow may bgong word akong natutunana...

  20. hahaha! ang pula mo, mate! ako pagnakakainom tamang kalma lang...hehe!

    wag mo naman ang pressurin! hehe! pumunta ako sa video city wala akong nakita.. ano ba yun? comedy, drama, or action?

  21. halata masyado hhehehe

    Banchheto ka kamo?

    sa bisaya mallit na upoan yan "Bangketo" hehehe

  22. MysLykeMeeh ---fun fun fun it is~~~

    lucas ---ganun talag ko pag nalalasing~~~~

  23. bomzz ---aba may Bisaya version pa pala ang Banchetto~~~

  24. wow, mestiso pala si pusang gala at nagbblush pag tipsy! lol

    pareho kayo ni MEL :)

  25. Christian Bryan --haha, c mel ba yung Luksong Tinik?

  26. i wish to chill out up to mga 5am tulad muh, hahahha....

    sige lang... sandali nalang at matatapos na midterms nmin..hahaha

    ^ ^

  27. Ako na sasagot para kay Bry. Yes, ako po si LuksongTinik. :)

  28. Antoine--uo, learn to reward yourself after a hard days work....

    Mel--nice to meet you----shy ako tuloy. keke

  29. napuntahan ko na yung place but not with my friends and not at night.. but i look forward to meet my long time friends na once in an asul moon ko na lang makita..

    hmmm, teka, bakit namumula ka sa isang pic dun? nag rush agad ang dugo mo sa ulo?!

    ehehe, piz!


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