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Marie Rubzen.......


looks like Filipinos don't want
to settle for the limelight in
singing, dancing or cooking.....

an Australian teenager born to Filipino parents
is now making waves in her writing.

according to the Philippine Star article
dated jan. 18, She has been compared to
JK Rowling and her novel was said to be
better than Eragon. Her novel, ‘Neath Crescent Light,
is now gaining praise from critics.

She is Marie Rubzen.........another Proud Filipino.
I wish her all the best. Who knows, her books
will be hitting the box office soon, just like
JK Rowling's HARRY POTTER. She is young
and the possibilities are endless~~~~


Photo and Full article


  1. filipinos talaga are talented at hardworking pa.

  2. Thanks for dropping by on my blog!!

    Yeah, I heard Marie's writings are awesome!! I should read her novels, i'll find some time.

    Rock on!! take care.

  3. wow... astig ah :) ma-wiki nga xa..hehe! i'll definitely try to read her novel. puro foreign authors lang kasi nababasa ko eh..hehe!

    ahehe! hindi ko pa napapanood. tignan ko agad pagkabalik ko ng mga Cd's bukas :) bigay ko yung review ko asap.. hehe!

  4. Kala ko at least ndi lang puro tayo sa singing at boxing magaling. hehehe

  5. Cool. I'm not much into fantasy these days but I'll check her out.

  6. interesting. makahanap nga ng works niya.

  7. whoa, this is great! another reason to be proud of our roots... i better look her up online and see how to get her works!

  8. MysLykeMeeh---cool indeed!!!

    REDLAN---sinabi mo pa~~~

  9. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~]---and talented too~~~

    Mon -my peasure--yeah. we should support her.

  10. lucas ---good good, ako ngayon ang excited Ron,

    Ely ---uo nga====sa lahat na ata ng aspekto.

  11. the spool artist---for sure you could grab a copy of her book there in Cambodia too kuya Loven~~~

  12. Skron --that's a great thing to do~~~

    Allen Yuarata---uo---esp aw Allen----you are into reading.....

  13. that's cool. available na kaya libro niya dito?

  14. let me try reading her pieces! :)

    sa ngayon puro twilight pa mga tao eh... hehehe

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  16. wow

    released na kaya book niya dito sa manila?

    gonna buy!

  17. gillboard ---diko pa sure

    MarcoPaolo ---astig

  18. Christian Bryan--mahilig karin pala basa---cge.

    Mel Alarilla --I will try to talk to you~~

  19. alex --cge---search mo---tap[os balitaan u me.....keke

  20. wow! I hope Philstar will read my books too!

    you know... the adventures of Chunky Cunth

  21. Wow galing! I'm proud to be a Filipino!
    Btw, She's very pretty!

  22. wow! i should buy her book. astig pala siya.

  23. To all you guys who are interested sa book ni Marie, well if you are living in the US or Aussie, you are lucky pede na kayo bumili ng book nya.. But for those na nasa Pinas pa just wait within the year magiging available na siya sa NBS. Actually I haven't read the book yet but my children was able to courtesy ng pinsan nila(Marie Rubzen)... By the way nasa Korea din ako


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