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have I set the bar too high?.....


I have the habit
of telling people
about my plans.
And I will do so again in this post.
Blame me for being showy but to be
honest, I do it for another reason.

I want people to know
( as many as possible)
so that at the end of the day,
I have to
deliver or suffer not knowing
how to keep my word.

That's why I love this blog,
aside from people around me,
I can now let the whole world
know about my TARGETS this year.



1. savings of not less than Php100,000.
2. A honda XRM motorbike
3. moved to a new house
and buy basic appliances that
should go with it.
4. plan carefully for the wedding next year
5. at trip to Bohol or Palawan
6. visit my sisters in laws in Ilocos Norte
7. help my brother Albert find a job
8. pay for my fathers remaining SSS contribution.
9. pay my PHILIHEALTH contribution
which I discontinued since resigning in
public school on August 2008.
10. buy a new desktop computer to
backup my notebook.


........there , I said it. A lot of these are BIG ones and it might prove to be no easy task. But that's the point, I have to aim high. I am excited. these goals will surely make me busy the whole year. I hope I could sustain the good momentum last year. A lot of things to look forward to I guess.

With a lot of optimism, I hope i didn't set the bar too high.
Wish me luck on this one........


  1. Aim high; Hit high!

    I like #1.
    We'll do #5! Lapit na!

    Wait, wedding plans? Kala ko bagong break ka?

  2. Hmnn--oh my,, getting married--wow! Such a big responsibility!---!

    Not there yet! But it's agood plan though...aim it!

  3. my oh my!
    you have big plans for the year. God bless!!!

    nagulat ako you're getting married na pala ha, CHEERS!!!

    best wishes.

  4. I was ablle to mend it na after 1 month of hard work.haha

    MysLykeMeeh ---yime to have direction in my life I guess~~~

  5. Dylan Dimaubusan---kaya nga e---kailangan ng SOBRANF EFFORT TO FOR SURE.

    next year pa naman. not too soon~~~

  6. Hehehe....

    The lists are quite long but I'm sure that u can get it...

    May God bless u in whatever u want to do!

  7. ambilis ng kasal ah... good luck sa iyong mga goals ngayong taon!!!

  8. I think that you have set very reasonable plans, my friend. I am very happy that you have a goals to achieve this year, that should put all things in context--what to buy--what not buy, etc.,,That's good.
    I wish that you can achieve all of these.
    Advance Best Wishes for the coming Big Day!

  9. wow! sana magawa mo yan lahat ^^ gud luck!!

  10. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] --thank you---you are so kind.

    gillboard--29 nako that time so I guess okay na yun. isa pa---9 years na kami nun.

  11. Dennis Villegas --it's about time I grow up. thanks Denis

    cyndirellaz ---sana nga. thanks

  12. wow...ang dami mong dapat gawin ah...maganda yan kasi at least my goals ka..hehe!

    ikakasal ka na pala. wowoweeee! good luck...true love really persists. :)

  13. lucas---kaya nga e. hope I will not have too much than I can chew~~

  14. you'll do just fine :) goodluck...hope you accomplish them all :)

  15. kaya u po yan!

    basta focus lang sa goal u...

    ikaw pa...



  16. maganda lahat yan friend, i think achievable naman lahat.just don't forget to seek God's wisdom and His will for you and..

  17. marvz ---salamat Marvz--bestfriend talaga kita.keke

    aquamarine ---salamat Lery, for that to come from somebody I know personally is a big thing. salamat, slamat.

  18. I hope you can accomplish all that is in your list. Wishing all you all the best.

  19. me too im excited for good things to happen to me this year.

    cheers! to your goals!

  20. wow...shawshank redemption? hmm...ngayon ko lang narinig yan... at dahil nirecommend mo, i'll watch it. sana meron sa video city..hehe!

  21. uglykidjoey--thanks--I need that.

    andi--as i said, a lot of things to look forward to diba?

  22. lucas ---talaga? cge panuurin u and give me a feedback soon okay. hope you like it.....meron yun. kasi don din ako rent nung nagvivideo marathon ako.

  23. kaka-start pa lang ng taon, marami pang darating... hopefully lahat nga ng plans mo eh naka-align din sa plan ni Lord sayo.

    basta ako, hopefully, bago tumuntong ng 30.

    no you haven't - sagot ko sa title mo. sabi nga eh, kung mangangarap ka na rin lang laki-lakihan mo na. di ba?

  24. It's better to have your year planned. My friend gave me a planner for Christmas and until now I haven't opened it yet.

    I still love my life unplanned. It's best if things just come in a surprise. haha.

  25. wow ikakasal na ang pusang gala, di ka na gagala niyan hehe

  26. Goal ko rin yun nasa #1 list mo at pareho tayong iniisp sa #5 at #10. Ikakasal ka na pala. kailangan mo talagang magtipid ngayon. :)


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