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...of being in s serious relationship
Yep, my special someone and I just
turned 8 years today.......

But since Jan. 28 is a reg. working day,
we decided to take advantage of the
Lunar New Year.


Choosing between Baguio and Tagaytay, we ended in the hills of Antipolo instead. Reason, it's closer to PASIG where we reside. In the 1st place, despite it's proximity, I've never been there. I know it's not a well known travel destination but all we were looking for is a place where we can be on our own. I started texting people where to go, if there is any resort around where we can stay overnight.....

Luckily, Josh said to try one is Brgy. San Roque, 70 pesos away by tricycle from the church. The name is LORELAND RESORT.

This might look like a typical resort but it didn't appear to me as one when we got there 12 midnight. There were no other guests except the 2 of us. Creepy? Kinda. But since there are many crew to guide us around, we never felt alone. Who would think of staying overnight in a swimming resort on one chilly January evening anyway? Except us. keke

I thought the room rate of 2,500 pesos overnight is outrageous given the fact that the area is not a tourist destination, but what can we do, it's 12 midnight, were in the middle of nowhere.

The exclusivity served as a consolation............

The guide who assisted us to our room had to open one light after another just to light our way. I felt as if we rented the whole place exclusively. To our advantage, we got what we were looking for, a quiet place where we can have a good chat.....

Changing places from one hut to another with the magnificent night view of Manila from the hillside with it's bright lights dotting the landscape as if stars were gathered in one place. It's my first time to see such view and it's delightful to the eyes. Was a perfect night to be with the most important person in my life~~~~


  1. wow..mukhang very nice itong post, pero masakit pa ung eyes kuh, hahahaha

    ^ ^

    congrats sa number 8 na yan Mr. A, hehehehe.

  2. wow! congratulations to both of you! wooohooo. u seem to have had a pleasant celebration :)

  3. wow...eight years...almost a decade! wohooo! congratulations mate :)

    the place looks incredible. perfect haven for souls in love :)

  4. congratulations ! Get married now :)

  5. Sometimes it is kind of cool to have the resort to yourself

    Hope you get marry soon!

  6. aha! aha! In love alwayzz---gud!

    Love makes the pusang-gala ....stay in the house? Hmnn--let's see--

    so--when is the wedding? wow--hanep! eight years---naka four years lang ako ah--! hahaha

  7. greg---bat masakit eyes u?

    sca ---salamat sca,. happy naman ako na mula sayo---

  8. lucas---ay uo---diko naisip yun a. ngapala---dekada-wow.

    Borneo Falcon --we will eventually--that's possible---but the resort, that's impossible. keke

  9. Sabardansyukur --haha--there is a proper time for that....soon.

    MysLykeMeeh--malapit na. keke

  10. wow, pasigueƱa ka rin palaaa! :)
    ako rin eh.

    ex links tayo!

    happy anniversary sa inyo!

  11. Some says 8 is a sign of infinity. I believe that.

    Great venue for social gatherings..I love Antipolo, its my birthplace.

    Congratz to that!

  12. it's a nice place! not a bad choice. wow 8years of good relationship. congratulations!

  13. wow... congrats sa 8 years! you're one of the fortunate ones. kainggit! hehehehe

    penge contact sa resort na yan! malay mo mapadaan ako isang araw :)

  14. Nice! Sana saken ka din nagtanong about sa mga ganyang places..

    Eto pa, next thing to buy is a TRIPOD! Come on, kelangan yan ng couples who love to travel like us! ;)

  15. mukang nag enjoy nga kayo...

    mukha din bang ok yung place na reception sa kasal? hehehe

  16. ganda naman ng places....congrats! 8 years! galing naman - career na yun I mean isang kurso na yun dba?...lol more power to you PG! hopefully maging fruitful relationship mo...tc

  17. Happy anniv to you and your beau... congrats!!!

  18. Winkii --yep yep---been one for the past 6 years. sige---link kita

    Dylan Dimaubusan --aha--ngyon alam ko na san ki pinanganak

  19. the donG --kaya nga e---roller coaster ride din at times.

    Christian Bryan --loreland ---696-0101.

  20. Chyng --kaya nga---Chyng--penge nga contact info. keke. uo--slamat sa laging pagremind......tigas ulo ko no?

    abe mulong caracas --I think nga rin maganda rin sya reception---nagustuhan ko lalo na yung night view ng Manila.....

  21. wow! congrats ton for keeping that long.. and nice place for sweethearts ha.. :)

  22. syeeeeeettt! 8 years! o my god! congrats!

  23. How sweet! Aww... 8 years na kayo. Dadalhin mo na ba sa ibang level ang relationship nyo? :)

  24. happy anniv to you guys!

    the place is nice naman pala

    worth na sa binayad at "very" exclusive pa hehe

  25. Congrats sa 8 years!

    Sana magtagal pa kayo at magkatuluyan eventually.

    Unfortunately, 8 is a bad number for me. Hehehe.

    Yung sinabi ko sayo wag mong kalimutan. Para wala nang problema sa relasyon.

  26. normal yata talaga ang rollercoaster at tingin ko kailangan nyo ring daanan yon.

  27. wow ganda ng place...a romantic place...

    hapy otcho-otcho sa inyo..hehehe

  28. darkhorse ---yup--isang course plus OJT and 3 years experience.keke


  29. bena --the night view of Manila from the hills is amazing~~

    JoShMaRie ---salamat---you have to start counting too!!!

  30. alex --uo nga--laging ganun---exclusive---keke. nagkakataon na walang tao sa pinupuntahan namin.hehe

    The Islander --hmmm..bakit bad su? at wait lang? anu na uli yung sinabi u? diko na ata matandaan~~~keke

  31. the donG---well, that's life. sad but true.

    poging (ilo)CANO --haha--otso-otso talaga ha.thanks

  32. Congrats for surviving that so-called 7 year itch!

    Hope it's forever for the both of you!

    Sa kasal padalhan mo ako ng invitation plus plane ticket ha? lol!

  33. KRIS JASPER --me kasama talagang plane ticket ha---keke

  34. Congrats sa inyo! Ang layo naman ng narating to have a good "chat" ;)

  35. kegler747 --haha---lapit lang nga e. for a good chat---uo---maingay kasi Manila e.

  36. Congratulations!

    Nice place to have a wedding also



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