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barely scratching the surface.......


this is actually a late remark
but I still would like to welcome
another personal friend to
the blogosphere.............

Scarlette is a former colleague in an online english company in Ortigas---former coz she's still associated with the company but I was already resigned. But we still go out from time to time. She purchased this gorgeous little digital camera a few months ago and from her own words-----is trigger happy. keke. An so I encouraged her to blog, and she did, much to my delight.

And judging from her 1st post from BARELY SCRATCHING THE SURFACE,
she got what it takes to be a writer......
Way to go Sca!! And again , welcome to the blogosphere!!!!!


This brings to a total of 4 blogger friends who are dear to me personally.

The other one is Marvin,
my bestfriend from public school
otherwise known as BLUE MARVIN.

He has been blogging for barely 4 months, but boy, his visits had already breached 27, 000 and counting fast. I am very happy for him. Keep it up Marvz.....


Then there's Lery.......
also a former colleague in Ortigas but
she has resigned ahead of me coz his husband
petitioned her in HONGKONG where she now
work in an office........

her blog >>>>>AQUAMARINE
is a testament of a Filipina life in HK.

By the way, Lery is a certified Ilocana. hehe. I love you Lery.


Then there's ALEX----he's the man.
He is BIG.!!!!
Currently at #2 in Pinoy topblogs
Humor category. He is my therapy.

Alex has been blooging for quite sometime so he has loads of experience to back it up. And since technology hates me, he is always there to save the day whenever I need some IDIOT's GUIDE on blogging. Hope you don't get tired of me Alex. keke

I love my friends and I love their blogs too---
keep em comin guys............


  1. parang ang tindi ng pangangailangan mo ng therapy ah. dami eh. hehehe.

  2. welcome welcome! =)

  3. mapuntahan nga ang blog nila :P

  4. hehehe! tnx poh...

    tlagang na-advertise ang blog namin ah.


  5. alex is my blog friend... hehehe... i don't know the other 3, but welcome to the blogverse to all of them.

  6. Niel Camhalla ---what do you mean? diko nagets......I know them personally kasi----

    pao --haha---kasama sa welcome party.thanks

  7. JoShMaRie --cge dalawin u---pero be gentle ha josh---keke. most of us are just beginners.

    marvz =---syempre , I know you guys personally e.keke

  8. gillboard ---they were personal friends of mine.

  9. uy thanks sa shoutout...

    if my blog is your therapy you seriously need to consult a shrink!


  10. ooo!!! welcum welcum! gonna visit them na!!

  11. alex---to nga---totoo lex--anu kaba.and I know many people do~~~

    cyndirellaz--parang nagtinda bigla-keke

  12. Sweet! Madame tlga magiging buddy sa blog!

  13. Hmm---yeah---that sounds like a true friend--wow!

  14. Buti ka pa, marami kang personal friends na may blog. ako ina-encourage ko sila pero hindi nila hilig. wala silang panahon magblog.

  15. Chyng ---I have known them before they were bloggers---

    MysLykeMeeh --I don't know but I am really glad~~

  16. REDLAN ---me isa rin ako na friend na kahit anu encourage ko wl talaga---ayaw---e nakaharap naman sya sa pc the whole day. la lang--kung wl talagang hilig.

  17. Hi antonio, so nice of you helping to promote your frens' blogs! =) I'm recently getting less active in blogsphere ady huhu..But will visit you and them whenever I'm free! =)

    Take care there antonio, hear from u soon!

  18. I also managed to visit Blue Marvin and Alex's site from time to time. I think they're in my blogroll.

    Nice way to promote their blogs.. You're such a cool friend..nice nice!


  19. Great to see your friends' blog! I will to visit them, looks very interesting!

  20. ayan, may bago akong blog destinations!

  21. ang dami mo palang blogger friends na personal mong kakilala..ako isa lang yata..hehe!

    i visited sca's site by the way :)

    wow..baliktad tayo... i hate math and anything with numbers! hahaha! thanks! :)

  22. Mel is my only personal blogger friend.

    Ang lulupet pala ng mga friends mo Pusang Gala :)

  23. LZ--thanks LZ---oldo I am not sure if it is me who needs to promote, because they are bigger than me.keke

    Dylan Dimaubusan --because they are personally dear to me.

  24. Dennis Villegas --that would be great Denis. thanks

    Allen Yuarata ---time to set a new perspective I guess.

  25. Phivos Nicolaides--I am sure you will be delighted indeed.

    lucas----I also hate Math mate----

    ~~~try retardeds notebook too-it's one hell of fun.

  26. Christian Bryan --uo---sila lang-keke

  27. astig pala mga blogger friends mo. mabuhay ang mga pinoy bloggers!


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