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last sunset of 2008.....


Still feeling the holiday
fever with it's effect on my
body ( stress), and wallet.

.......while we were very excited here in the Philippines, my students in Korea thought it was just another ordinary day. Let's forgive them, they have their own New Year's day celebration based on the LUNAR Calendar which eventually falls Jan. 25-27 this year. That's the BIG DAY for them.

And if I may share, it has been their custom to climb a hill or a mountain and see the last sunset of the year and the 1st sunrise of the new year. So, my friend JOSH who is also an ESL teacher for KOREANS thought of doing the same thing.

I would like to show their pictures
of the sunset in PUNDAQUIT beach
with the CAPONES Island and
ZAMBALES mountains as background~~~~


Seems like time elapsed photography right?
and the mountains of Zambales also provide
a majestic view.


who wouldn't fall in love to this place.
I consider it home away from home.

and with these pictures, I hope to spread love this 2009.

I love you all. haha


  1. Aduh...

    Its so romantic!!

    I love sunset and sunrise...

    Oh God, its damn beautiful!

  2. The colors remind me of leche flan arnibal and maple syrup.

    A maple syrup beach. Sweet!

  3. Zara---indeed it is~~~

    Niel Camhalla--haha. you really are very articulate. never thought of it. you gave new defination to the place.....

  4. nakaka miss naman dagat na yan huhuhu!

    matanong ko lang yung sa pics na may dalawang lalaki parang meron maliit na tao sa likod na nag susurf tao ba yun? hehehe napansin lang..

  5. bomzz ---uo, tao yun na nag-susurf.keke

    Elay --it is---it is. thanks

  6. oh--so nice! The place is quiet romantic! And still!

    You must be finding peace there when you stare at, a great experience!

    And what?, Koreans have different dates of New Year? Oh? I have to ask my friend...and wish her and him New year here? What a new knowledge to store!

  7. wow ang ganda ng sunset talagang bursting ang pagka gold!

    very nice sight for the closing of 08!

  8. MysLykeMeeh ---TRUE--THEY CELEBRATE IT BASED ON THE lUNAR NEW YEAR----YOU SHOUD WISH your friend. It will be sometime January 25----

    Alex---ask josh to bring you there this year.

  9. waaaaahhhh! I love the pics! wala talagang nakakatalo sa shot ng sunset. so breathtaking.

    Ayan, nagcomment ako kasi nakauwi ako ng buhay. haha. I'll post my very short Laguna trip very soon. stay put!

  10. Those are very lovely, romantic pictures! You have captured the last sunset of 2008 in a poignant way! Thank you for being such a good blogger. Happy 2009 to you and your loved ones!

  11. the pics are very romantic! i mean sarap siguro pag masdan yan HHWW! di ba? ^^

  12. I love photos of "bodies of water meeting the sky"... sigh....

    really, really beautiful!

    Happy New Year sir SP!

  13. ganda naman ng mga pics PG! wla akong masabi pati hangin at buhangin ramdam ko hanngang so nice!

  14. Those are some nice sunset pictures.

    Pero ang cheesy ng post. Hehehe

  15. Allen Yuarata ---at talagang nagpunta ka ng Laguna ha.

    Dennis Villegas --thanks to my friend Josh---haha

  16. cyndirellaz--grabe ka ha---midnight na dyan sa HK gising ka parin.keke

    KRIS JASPER ---water meeting the sky talaga ha-thanks Kris

  17. ang lulupet naman ng mga pictures!

    taken by a person with an snake eyes!

    thumbs up...

  18. Wooowww!!! I love your pictures... kainggit naman!

  19. ganda ng sunset ah...nakakalungkot na man gabi na haha
    ---oy, teacher ka sa korea?

  20. wow! super ganda and it looks so serene.. hope to visit that place someday.. at ngayon ko lng nalaman na Koreans have a separate date to celebrate new year in a quite unusual way for me.. hihihi.. thanks for info ton! ;)

  21. darkhorse matalinghaga kataga.haha. ako rin ramdam ko e.keke

    gillboard --h=aha---ayaw mo ng cheezy ha. cge ,post pako

  22. abe mulong caracas---haha. wala akong snake eyes ha.


  23. sendzki ----nope---nasa Pinas ako---nasa Korea sila. we do it online.

    bena ---uo---they have their own version of everything.

  24. parang gust ko rin magpapic na bankground ang sunset. pero gusto ko ikaw ang photographer. hahaha.

  25. very picturesque. i love the sunset, napaka serene ng ambiance. nice camera. nice shot. good capture.

  26. JoShMaRie ---aba--mahal ang talent fee ko Josh.haha

    The Islander--camera yan ng friend ng friend ko---sira kasi yung sakin. keke

  27. beautiful... beautiful...

    hey, your goals for 2009 seems not that difficult to get, so 99.9% you will succeed.
    pautang ha?

  28. ganda ng mga sunset shots mo! i love sunset!

  29. really nice photos. its like magic..

  30. Francesca ---parang ako po ata ang kailangang umutang to get to France...keke

    REDLAN--I love it too----

  31. wow... they are just so breath-taking...

    i love sunsets...whenever i see one, i always tend to feel that bittersweet emotion, for another day has ended and yet i can't seem to adore its beauty...

    parang gusto din yun. umakyat ng bundok.

  32. wow naman....

    gumala ka na naman sa unang linggo ng 2009?


  33. pusang gala - same with alex ---if i have time apply ako diyan hehe

  34. ganda nga ng mga kuha. ganda pala ng sunset dyan. hindi kasi namin napansin yan kasi bagyo yung nandun kami kaya wala talaga kaming nakitang araw. hehehe...

  35. lucas --naku wag muna maye---kababalik u lang e. keke

    Christian Bryan --baka last na yan. haha. sira kasi camera ko e.

  36. sendzki ---apply san? what do you mean ??

    the donG--pero maganda parin ang place kahit anung panahon. ayt?

  37. maganda talaga. one of the best islands that ive visited. galing kasi ng landscape at rock formations ng isla.


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