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to always move forward.....


I thought of not writing anything
about 2008 until it is really over.
How can I claim any accomplishment
if a sudden misfortune could
ruin everything, like what happened
to my camera on the 24th.

But there are really a lot of reasons to be happy about 2008.

1. travels. My 1st in BORA, Capones and SINGAPORE to name a few.
2. my blog--which I started on JULY 11
a rich source of insights and info.
you share your opinion and you grow with
other bloggers. lavit.

3. zero credit
4. I was able to save Php **,****
I downgraded it from the original
target but I am still happy with the figure.
The reason was my break-up with my gf
So I realized that women
are really expensive, keke

5. paid the downpayment for a house in
St. Monique Valais--Binangonan.
so that's it--I hope we can
already move there April this year.

6. Started my coca-cola in can collection ( just got some from Mal, Sin and S. Korea.)
7. Helped my brother find a decent job.
8. a new digital camera, which needs 5k to repair. The LCD was cracked. Still working though.
9. my 1st passport----I'm such a late bloomer!!!
10. finally paid for my laptop which was bought partly on loan.

I am really looking forward to this new year with a lot of optimism. It's going to be a tough year so I have to brace for the challenges ahead. Then again, all the the things I mentioned above are small achievements. My greatest achievement last year was regaining the love and trust of my fiancee. We are turning 8 years this January 28. With her as my partner in life, rest assured that I will be facing 2009 in a new light..........

as Walter Elias Disney beautifully put's it- “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

---and so it is, there will always be setbacks but I chose to keep moving forward.....


  1. wow! grabe noh?


    maganda ang year na to sau...

    nappredict ko... (hehehe! kelan pa ako naging manghuhula?)

    go! go! go!

  2. wow...what a year huh? i am gald you were able to settle things with your fiancee... 8 years???!!! if that is not something worth-fighting for...hindi ko na alam :)

    the new year brings about renewed hopes. blessed be :)

  3. Everything happened for a reason. Maybe there are a blessing in disguise

  4. Your camera's broken..and you broke up with your GF. I'm so sorry for this my friend.
    Anyway, I see there were more blessings in 2008 than sad things. You are still young and still have so much more to do. You have started to blog last year, and met a lot of new friends--me included (online).
    I'm so glad you are optimistic, like me ;)
    So, I just wish you Happy New Year. Looking forward to more of your travels and adventures!

  5. happy three kings PG
    meow! meow!
    i'm sure u will have a good year ahead kasi anjan ang long time partner mo who inspires you to keep going...

  6. Great, new house project! Aylavet! Sana kame din, soon...

    Kaya tipid muna sa trips ha. (--,)

  7. I think 08 was fairly a good year for the both of us. Hopefully, the luck rolls out this year as well.

    And congrats on the house!!!

  8. lolzz..women aren't expensive! They are tag.

  9. Grabe!!!

    Well, keep moving forward na lang...

  10. Those were not just minor one... but huge. Zero credit, saved money, paid a down payment for the house....are you kidding me? That is huge in general! I remember how I sweat just to have my own house ( Camella Housing )just like what you are having,totally an awesome achievement. So, 2008 was a lucky year for you. Hoping, 2009 brings you so much more....perhaps wedding bells and offspring would be great.

  11. Yeah!

    U are coming back!

    I hope that all your wishes come true!!

  12. Alam mo kahit na nagmomove forward ka, marunong ka lumingon sa nakaraan. Kita dito sa post mo. Mabuti yun.

  13. Huwawowowee!! 8 years na pala kayo (apir! tayo) kaya kilangan talaga ang pises will reli fit...
    sayang eh heheheh

  14. I have added your blog on my links. Need your e-mail!!

  15. HALLO!!! any travel plans in 2009? Me and my hubby want to go for a trip, I have yet to decide. I still miss Europe.. hope to go there.. well, let me save up first! haha

  16. lucas--tama ka dyan RON

    Borneo Falcon--yeah, I would like to think of it that way~~~

  17. Dennis Villegas---Nope---I broke my camera but I fixed my relationship with my ang importante.

    mavs---ay uo--me 3 king pa pala. haha. exhausted nako.keke

  18. Chyng ---kaya nga e. kaya medyo kailangan mag-behave sa 1st quarter. tumatanda nakasi---have to make my moves na....

    MysLykeMeeh ---wow---great line. gusto ko yan. women are priceless

  19. MarcoPaolo ---walt disney. kaw ba yan?

    amiable amy---slamat-salamat---sana nga---sabi nila swerte daw year of the ox sa mga aquarians like me.

  20. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] ---you too ZARA

    Niel Camhalla --hmmm. diko naisip yun a. me trait pala akong ganun. sarap pakinggan. thanks

  21. bomzz ---to talaga---di makalimutan ang pices fit. katauwa ka talaga kuya Bomz

    Phivos Nicolaides --thank you very much sir---my honor. and my email is

    a bit complicated....keke

  22. eunice --wow---Europe. hope you can go there this year. save save, yeah, especailly at these times. I guess it's the best thing to do.

  23. teka, murang madami tayong pagkakapareho ah.. check ko nga.

    lovelife and having my own house is my next target. mission impossible pero sana 2009 would still be on my side. rebuilding our house though was already an accomplishment for me. but i want to own one.

    fortunately zero credit and nakapagsavings pa rin inspite the purchase of the omnia. buying the omnia is a gamble. hehe. and thats proven, women are expensive. haha!

    you have unique collections as mine. used call cards, key cards, and some other pocket cards.

    planning to save my high school batchmates from unemployment this year through a program of our batch.

    and... kukuha pa lang ako ng passport. parang naiengganyo ako ng promo ng cebu pacific eh. hehehe

  24. atsaka...

    anakan mo na kasi si fiancee para may collateral agad. hahaha!


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