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climb every mountain............


now back to my long delayed post
about our joyride......

Recall: we left after midnight and
arrived in Tagaytay at around 3:30pm.
After going around the place,
we decided to heed further South
in Nasugbu Batangas.

.........they call the place CALERUEGA. To be frank, I never heard of it before so I never knew what to expect. They open at 7am, but we were there as early as 5. Good thing we were able to convince the guard to just let us in. So you see, we parked the car, it was still dark........

As the horizon slowly turned brighter and brighter, we became more aware of the beauty of whats surrounding us. This structure is will definitely capture your attention.....

looks like a chapel ayt? but, its not the church itself, it's just the entrance to the VERITAS Conference Hall-

Then we set on the trail down the hill, towards what they call the stations of the cross, past lush greenery.....

the alignment of the trees is so alluring......

then there they are, at peace with the view.....

a closer look....

even closer......

Then past the hanging bridge...............

Then to the hills..............

...and this, our version of HEROES.keke

take 1

take 2

take 3

from this point, you can have a good view of the surrounding. With the crisp morning air, the place is just amazing.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.
See you in our next stop........



  1. I like the picture where you all look so small. It reminds me how small we really are.

  2. Wah!!

    I like those picture!

    All of you looked so happy!

  3. what a nice idea to spend the valentines day!(tama ba?)

    i like all the shots: the place is so rejuvenating, your smiles reveal just how blissful you are..

    sequel ba ito? san naman next location nyo?


    for melody,yup madalas kami sabay umuwi nun..if you can leave her contacts kung ok lng sa kanya,offline msg mo na lng ako sa YM ko friend,appreciate it very much..thnks!

  4. Marami yata kayong nakatayo sa hanging bridge. You obviously did not exceed its load capacity but it can happen. It does not hurt to check its safety limit first.

  5. Niel Camhalla ---lalim nun a---tama nga naman. we are just earthlings.

    ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~]--indeed a joyous experience.

  6. aquamarine ---cge chat kita sa number nya----

    sarap talaga retreat dito---kasi balita ko dami daw multo....

  7. Borneo Falcon ---who? keke

    bertN ---nice point---never thought of that. I noticed that it is sturdy the moment I stepped on it but never thought of capacity things---thanks.

  8. caleguera is really beautiful. i passed by that place once but was not able to drop by.

    i like the church as ive seen it many times on photos of my friends who considered it as an option for a chapel to get married.

    astig ng take three shots. hehehe...

  9. bakit ang aga ng outing nyo you head out at 1 am or something right?di naman kayo excited niyan ha hehe

  10. ang ganda ng place nice vew!saya ng field trip missed doing that!

  11. hmmm...
    matagal2x narin akong di nakapg mountain climbing,... ganda ng view jan pare ha, Lol.


    ^ ^

  12. nice one...

    sarap talaga mag nature trip

  13. the donG --uo--sarap pakasal dito--me kamahalan nga lang.

    Mac Callister---di namn masyado-keke. After shift kasi deretso na.

  14. Antoine Greg ---try u kasi---magandang exercise. keke

    _ice_ --uo. tama ka dyan.

  15. Nature trip! Gusto ko yan! Love the shots.. Ganda nung mga tress na naka-align.. wehe..

    Ang dami nyo ha.. You guys look so fun to be with..

  16. Caleguera o Caleruega?

    yan yung simbahan na sinabing may multo na pic diba?

  17. Hi...thanks, thank u---i featured u in my new blog... see here...

  18. Dylan Dimaubusan---dami nga namin---gulo yan---love the trees too.

    Phivos Nicolaides--indeed.

  19. Allen Yuarata --Caleruega---anu ba sinabi ko? macheck ko nga. salamat Allen.

    MysLykeMeeh -- ay-- naku . salamat talaga ng marami. add ko na kagad yang blog u---dami u pala blog.thanks uli

  20. Haaay, dream ko makapunta Calaruega church!

    Nwey, nice view no? I likey! Nice group pics too. Ang harot! Buti cooperative ang friends mo.. hehe

  21. wahh nakakatuwa naman..i think enjoy na enjoy kayo ha....hehe...heroes na heroes din ang dating haha

  22. refreshing sight... parang ang sarap magmuni muni tungkol sa mga utang jan. hehehe.

    masarap sigurong magretreat jan.

  23. Curbside Puppet --yep yep yep.

    Chyng --uo. ako lang di cooperative minsan.

  24. sendzki---uo, medyo natuwa kami sa kakakuha ng pics e. keke

    The Islander ---utang? JP---what are you saying? sa dami ng maiisip, utang pa no?hehe

  25. wow you have many friends! and they all look so beautiful and handsome, just like you!
    Naku sabi ko na sa Caleruega yan eh. Nag photoshoot kasi ako diya way back three years ago.

  26. wow! caleruega! nakapunta na rin ako jan once. i love the place. nakakarelax saka maganda ang view....nice!

  27. Dennis Villegas ---uo---2 lang kayong nakahula.haha

    poging (ilo)CANO ---uo---nabigla din ako kasi pati yung paligid halos walang residents.

  28. isa ang caleruega sa mga gusto kong puntahan...nung HS ako pangarap kong dyan ikasal...hehe! and they say it's haunted, the church...hehehe! dyan shinoot yung 'sukob' di ba? hehe! ala lang...

  29. Kapag madami sobrang saya. kaya inggit ako sa inyo. Happy weekend ahead!


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