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Saturday, February 28, 2009

the church in CALERUEGA.......


......the annals doesn't end
with the climb over the hills
or the cross over the hanging
bridge. I found out that there
are a lot more surprises
in this place.~~~~

We entered what seemed to be chapel
which led us to another world
past these alleys.....

On the left you can see Hermitage cottages complete with basic home facilities as well as the CATALINA HALL,
a 90 bed (double deck) dormitory for women....

there is also PLAZA DE AZA,
a roof deck which can be used as a venue for reception and other big-group gatherings ......

A few more steps and there it is.....rising tall and majestic in the highest point of Caleruega ----- the Transfiguration Chapel.

I have never seen a chapel as beautiful as this one. I said this not only because of it's structure but also because of the fact that it is nestled in a very serene surrounding.............as it is completely at peace.

It is here where we took a lot of group pictures......

this shot in particular is one of my favorites. Too bad I was the one holding the camera......lol

they were like casts in a Koreanovela.....

....and of coarse I will not finish this post until I tell you my favorite photo.

...it was indeed beautiful beyond words.


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  1. oo nga ang ganda nga ng lugar.. sobrang at peace ka talaga pag andiyan ka.. saka sobrang refreshing ng views, nasa taas kasi na lugar.. parang ang sarap magreminisce at magreflect..


  2. Wah!

    The building looked interesting and the area surrounded looked peaceful..=)

    The way all of you took photos there, just like Final Destination style and also Heroes!

  3. Ang ganda! I promise to visit Calaruega soon!

  4. Saan ang Calaruega? Ang ganda nung lugar... I think I'm going to like it up there... Looks really nice.

  5. Pare nice tour nanaman, lagi mo ako dinadala s mga lugar na hndi ko pa nararating, nang dahil sau napapaisip tuloy ako na ipursige ung plano ko n pasyalan/puntahan ung mga lugar n napuntahan mo na. Ur blog is my virtual eye in visiting diff.places here and abroad.

  6. I agree with you. It is a beautiful chapel

  7. i think I'm going to take my bf there...the place is soooo neat!

  8. peaceful scenery there! I want to go to the Philippines but don't know where to start from, and if it is safe to travel around for backpackers?

  9. maganda nga ung chapel, dun nako titira ../.^_^

    wahhh kainggit naman pagala-gala kayo mga dudes

  10. wow...the place is indeed enchanting! T_T

    dyan ko pinangarap ikasal, mate :P

  11. Fjordan Allego---at tahimik kasi hlos walng bahay sa paligid at sarap ng hangin...

    ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] ---haha--Final destination? that sounds grim. lol

  12. Chyng ---pwede ring don k magpakasal--hehe

    gillboard --it's in Batangas---try it.

  13. zeb---salamat at ganun ang effect sayo---masaya akong malaman na me silbi namn pala inaggagawa ko-hehe

    Borneo Falcon---and the sorrounding---just perfect.

  14. Mommy Riza---aha--- me bf kana pala ha---hmmm--sino>?pakilala u ako ha. kaw Riza ha---keke

    eunice ---I think I asked you the question before Eunice coz I was really wondering why a well traveled person like you has never been to the Philippines. It's understandable though coz we are a 3rd world country....but please don't be too concerned about security.....unless you go to Mindanao---or SULU island in particular.

  15. sendzki---hha-pag gagawin u yan---dika na magagandahan---sometimes a thing of beauty is a thing of rarity -----

    LUCAS---dikapa namna kasal mate e so pwede pa---buhay pa ang pangarap ayt?

  16. hehehe! Born Again kasi ako kaya hanggang pangarap lang yun. hehe! nagandahan lang ako sa landscape ng caleruega..hehe!

    sige try ko mag-sulat na ang scene ay umaga. hehe!


  17. Uy, maganda ang structure nung church. Iba talaga kapag marami, masaya.

  18. hmm I don't really see myself as a "well-travelled" person, so it's not surprised that I have not been to the Philippines, and not even to Indonesia and Bangkok - SG tourists haven! There are still many places that I have not been too. You think too highly of me! hehehe. Bro, travel needs lot of money and time ok! And also opportunities. It's just that so far, no luck to go to your beautiful country. That's all.

    And no, it never crosses my mind that a 1st world country is safer than a 3rd world country, you'd know what I mean, like USA... but I am only concerned with certain areas of a country whether they are tourist-friendly eg. backpackers can find their way around easily. Here, I only know we have budget airlines to Cebu and Manila, but really not sure about how to go to those nice Philippines islands. And wonder if we need to go through a few stops just to get there.

    So I got the answer! Really looking forward to visit your country soon!! I will find my way around. My hubby is also interested to go. We love those beautiful beaches!

  19. very beautiful indeed. from the church structure to the landscape. no wonder a lot of people like to wed there.

  20. Awwww.

    What an inviting peaceful place!

  21. lucas ---born again? seriously? that explains your sensibility~~~~

    REDLAN --wacky talaga pag marami kayo---

  22. Very beautiful place! I believe its haunted...

  23. It is so nice to see young people in a church!

  24. maganda lahat ng mga shots... i would love to visit that place...someday.. sa north ba yan? sorry, flunked my geography ahihihihi...nways, the last photo's really breathtaking...

    napadaan lang...

  25. eunice---well , that one's a ver comprehensive explanation there. Thanks so much---sorry I made you write that long Eunice. I really wish you could visit the Philippines soon,.......

  26. the donG--I also wish so---but it will be a wish in the stars coz it's expensive.hehe

    Dylan Dimaubusan --gandang mag-emo.lol

  27. uglykidjoey---you gave me goosebumps with that comment, coz our companion who tried staying there that it is indeed haunted.

    Phivos Nicolaides ---yeah---young people in Church---the problem is---outside/in front of the church. not inside.

  28. ~yAnaH~ ---That;'s Batangas---south of Manila. hehe

  29. So sa Caleruega pala kayo gumala! Hahaha. Pinigilan ako ng friend ko magpunta dyan. Sabi nya sa Dec na lang daw sa wedding day nila para memorable para sa akin. Haha.

    Ang ganda dyan no? Sa pictures pa lang na-appreciate ko na sya. :)

  30. so is it included in the choices for your wedding church? i also dreamed of my wedding be solemnized at the Transfiguration chapel..jan kinasal pinsan namin,just last year..
    its really a perfect place for retreat/soul searching..been there once,retreat venue namin sa school and stayed at Catalina Dorm..
    san uli next stop nyo?malapit na summer/holy week ah..
    God bless on your next getaway..

  31. pahabol friend,bumili ka na kasi ng tripod para di ka nawawala sa mga group pictures..

  32. I agree, Caleruega is indeed very beautiful! It is also a very peaceful and relaxing place!

  33. ang ganda nga PUSANG KALYE...

    naninibago talaga ako ah, kekekeke

  34. Im sooooooo atat na pumunta ng Calaruega! (pero hindi para magpakasal) hehe

    Aalis pala kame in 3 days. Excited na ko!

  35. aquamarine --mayaman si cousin0---keke

    at talagang sumama kana rin sa tripod clamor ni Chyng ha.keke

    Dennis Villegas ---magandang mag-meditate.

  36. Christian Bryan--bat ka naninibago po?

    Chyng?----talaga? grabe ha---bilis. this weekend? try nu rin ang don BOSCO---malapit lang don---along the way---meron daw silang Church don na unique, dina kasi kami nakadaan e....

  37. Ay naalala ko tong place na to when we visited Taal last 2005.

    Kudos to your site my friend, I like it! I wish I can also shoot pictures as good as these.

    Take care...

  38. My friend told me that caleruega retreat house is a haunted place i have 1 photo there is a man wearing a white barong or white long sleeve & it has no head...
    & my friend gf has a photo there was a dwarf in the photo...
    & my other friend told me that his friend capture in a photograph there is a woman wearing a wedding gown...In The MIDDLE of the night?

  39. My friend told me that caleruega retreat house is a haunted place i have 1 photo there is a man wearing a white barong or white long sleeve & it has no head...
    & my friend gf has a photo there was a dwarf in the photo...
    & my other friend told me that his friend capture in a photograph there is a woman wearing a wedding gown...In The MIDDLE of the night?

    1. Hello! I'm Gemmalyn Masanga from I Juander, GMA NewsTV. May gingawa po kasi kaming story about sa mga haunted places. Gusto po sana naming ifeature ang Caleruega dahil sa mga kuwentong kababalaghan dito. Baka lang po matulungan nyo kami sa sa story namin. Baka po naitatago n'yo pa 'yung pic ninyo ng mga nagppakitang ghost. Or baka po matulungan nyo kaming mahanap ung mga tao sa ilang pics ng caleruega na kumakalat sa internet: ung mga lalaki sa picture sa hanging bridge, 'yung magbabarkada na may nakuhanan na kasama nila ang isang ghost bride (LETRAN Communication Arts (CA4B Batch 2004), ipagpapaalam po kasi namin na magamit ung pictures nila sa episode namin. Contact info or kahit pangalan nila would really help a lot. Thank you!

    2. Hi po Ms. Gemmalyn. If you want stories po about the ghosts in Caleruega, visit niyo po yung USTHS. We are currently having our retreat there batch per batch. Kada balik po ng isang batch, marami po silang naeexperience about sa ghosts sa retreat house.


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