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fate stay night.......


One good thing about working at home
is that you can open any website of
your liking without the fear of being
apprehended by a supervisor.

Fishy or not, who cares?
I just indulge in any site that
I want to see. And this is my latest


______________________ FATE STAY NIGHT.

I love the fact that the animation is short---only 24 episodes all in all. Should it have been longer, it might have become a bit boring coz to be honest, It's really monotonous at times. There are too many conversations for somebody like me who loves seeing fight scenes.

The main character Shiro is admirable for his ideals. I am not sure about his servant though---SABER. But for sure, if you're looking for an animation with a lot of heart, this will be it.

Better watch it to understand what I am saying here.


  1. wah!!!

    so cute!!!

    welcome to be a part of me as well~


  2. huling tagay sa blog mo :) ingat

  3. hmmm... I dont know if I shud say "I'll check it soon" coz I honestly cant stand animes... lol!

    If Im awake overnyt, I check Clue? porn!


    seriously, Have a cool weekend, sir PG!

  4. anime. hmmmm. not really a fan but she is cute nevertheless.

    teka, ano ba yung hentai?

  5. nice nice... I also have the whole series.. pero di ko pa napapanood... just the first 2 ep. ;-)

    I'm trying to complete my naruto, bleach, Love hina and hack anime... hehehe.. bagal ng download speed ko.. lols..

  6. im not also an anime fan,tried before though..have you seen bleach? maganda din daw yun..
    happy weekend gayyem^-^

  7. I haven't seen Fate Stay Night. But one of my friends, who's also a toy buff and collector, owns a lot of Fate Stay Night 1/8 action figures. They're really cool. Very expensive though.

  8. oy ang cool ng nickname mo ah PG! hehe

    i'll check it out

    i'm anime fan

    i'm 27 na but with mental age of 12 kasi hehe

  9. i love anime too! adik na adik ako dyan! hay i miss watching those na ^^ hmm wish i can find some time!

  10. ewan ko ba, di ko talaga maatagalan ang panunuod ng anime.

    Kahit pa maganda yung art, o yung kwento, di ko talaga kayang tutukan. O

  11. ill definitely try this one out :)

    i love animes

  12. wow, will definitely check this out..

    and yes, i think we are old enough to watch anything we want ;)

  13. Mahilig ka pala sa cartoons... Sad to say... ako hindi....

    Hehe :)

  14. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~]---so you also like it?

    JoShMaRie--hello--what do you mean?

  15. vanvan--thanks for the comment.

    KRIS JASPER --haha--I thought so too~~~

  16. Lawstude--nope--di to hentai ha--keke

    Evil M--panuurin u na bago pa masira---hehe

  17. aquamarine --uo namna---napanuod ko na til episode 205---it's great

    Skron---action figures are really expensive so hanggang tingin lang ako---try it

  18. alex --ako 28, mental age---8.keke

    cyndirellaz ---yeah--try this one too..

  19. hey!

    ikaw talaga :) bakit ka nagsososori.nagpop-out tuloy ako dito ng wala sa oras! :)

    wala yun. stop muna kasi ako sa blogging these days. yun ang ibig kong sbaihin. :) ingat ka sa pag-gala ha? baka maligaw ka. hehe. see yah, when i see yah!

  20. When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another - and ourselves”
    ganito siguro nangyari sa kin kaya matagal-tagal din akong nawala...
    oo nga PG, masarap talaga ung walang mag-aaprehend sayo anumang site ang trip mo...GB

  21. I am not a fan of animes but the drawings look nice this time around.

  22. eto naman
    walang siraan ng mata
    just have a break have a kitkat lang muna
    inGats PG...
    meow! meow!

  23. This is the kind of anime I would watch, yung may short episodes lang..Just not sure if I will watch it.:D

    Unlike Naruto and Bleach..grabe.. I'm currently watching Bleach tas nalaman kong ala pa palang ending! tsk

    -Yes, Shawshank, I made a review of that movie @ my blog, nag comment ka pa ngang all time fave mo yun eh.. I also recommended it to Lucas. Kaya lng yun nga, ala daw sa video city nila..1994 pa yun eh.

    Pusang Kalye ka na ngayon ha.. Marami ka pa ring makikita sa kalye na di mo basta basta makikita sa mga pinupuntahan mo, like streets, children, vandals, yung mga only in the Philippines lang..wahaha! ..:D May adventure din jan. Sana makakita kami ng mga ganun dito..


  24. I love working from home too and its allowed by our company. Anime has always intrigued me and I'd definitely check this out.


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