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hump day hump.......


sounds like nursery rhyme?
forgive me---it's Wednesday and
as a student beautifully puts
it---it's hump day~~~

I started the week brimming with positive aura but
today is a setback. I am a bit frustrated. See, I
went to Galleria this afternoon and queued for

I planned of traveling to
Ilocos Norte this April so I thought I am a bit early
to book for a cheap ticket. Well, there is, except
the number of people drowned my chances of getting it.

I went home without my number even called. Got to
hurry back home for my 3:25pm class. Damn!!!
When I checked it this evening---it's a lot more
expensive, so I might settle for the bus then.
Ranting in the middle of the week. Not good.....

Have to think of something positive. It's difficult to find it these days---most of the time, you see worries in the faces of people. the web is a good refuge. Let's try some good news....

Well, I found this---

She's Freida Pinto, and I honestly thought she's Filipino. But I was wrong. I heard that she's from India---what's with the damn name!!!Rant.______



  1. i hate wednesdays too!

    sana weekend na......

  2. BTW, who's the girl? actress???


  3. alex --haha---uo---slamdog--na diko napanuod---yoko narin ata weekened---parang mas nakakapagod---kung san san ako sumisiksik---anu ba.hehe

  4. Hope things will turn out better tomorrow

  5. ako rin, wish ko, weekend na... buti na lang last day of work today samin.. nz holiday tomorrow.

  6. hey, she's the girl in slumdog millionaire right? she's pretty! ;-)

  7. siya ba yung gurl dun sa slumdog millionaire? dunno! haha! anyway, nagkakaroon din ako ng ganyang araw at actually kakatapos lang niya! matatapos din yan ^^

  8. hello my friend, i missed your previous post,andun pala ako..thank you very much friend,well appreciated!nagiging inactive lang lately,i like sleeping a lot nowadays,need much rest.

    anyway,find time to rest,wag puro work! all work,no play is NOT healthy neither..

    God bless always!
    pareho na kami rest days ng husband ko(Sat n Sun) happy!

  9. wah!!

    beautiful actress!

    I also had bad day sad!

  10. freida pinto is the female lead star in the movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE

    damn great movie!

  11. Kame nga sa office, 12AM ng Feb 4, natataranta na din sa Summer Out There seat sale! Konti lang mga naka-avail kasi 100,000 seat lang eh.

  12. naks! vacation in ilocos? sama naman ako! hehe

    yeah she's the girl from slumdog millionaire. di ko pa din napapanuod. hehehe

    salamat nga pala s pagdaan =p

  13. Borneo Falcon ---yeah--I hope today is better.

    gillboard ---so, account mo is from New Zealand.ayt?

  14. caryn --yes she is and she looks Filipina to me.

    cyndirellaz --talaga ha!!keke

  15. aquamarine-- buti nammn kung ganun---basta wag pabayaan ang blog ha---welcome.

    nways, dami ko kaya tulog. puro nalang ako tulog---yun lang---wla nga lang sa oras. keke

  16. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] ---please. infect me with some of your optimism Zara---keke

    Phivos Nicolaides ---yes, unfortunately not.

  17. abe mulong caracas --maganda nga raw---kaso diko napanuod.waahhh!!!

    Chyng ---ay talaga? kaw, naka-avail kaba?

  18. 2 tulog na lang weekend na! tent tent

    me too, i haven't watched it.

  19. andi --mukhang kailangan na nating panuurin. keke

    ced--haha---why not go on a trip too?

  20. Just imagine a snow pestered wednesday.....


    well, a week actually.

    another sigh....

  21. strongly recommended ko ilocos kahit norte or sur. maganda dun lalo na kung may kasama ka ng katulad ng nasa pic.

  22. tiis ka na lang sa bus kuya ton. Isipin mo na lang, plane yon. minus the wings. haha.

  23. nako naman...di bale, things will turn around so be happy! hahaha!

    she's gorgeous. and i agree. tunog pinay nga ang name niya. hmmm...

    hindi ko mahanap yung nirecommend mong movie. downloading is my last chance. hehehe!

    i got your e-mail. thanks :) all is fine, mate.

    peace out :P

  24. KRIS JASPER --1 week? that's unbearake.

    Lawstude -sana nga matuloy na---kasi taga region 1 ako pero never been there.

  25. Allen Yuarata ---brilliant ka talaga Allen--nice idea.

    lucas---ay--bat ganun---subra naman yang video city dyan sa inyo---hehe

  26. poging (ilo)CANO --this april---hopefully---thanks

  27. JUst answered your querry, sir PG!


  28. tonyo, me and my friend also wants to go to ilocos, vigan in particular.

    since we hardly gather our friends for this trip maybe you can reconsider to be bring us in.

  29. she must be from goa or somewhere in south india which the portuguese colonised back in the day. just like in the philippines, these conquistadors christianised the place thus giving them iberian-christian names.

  30. Baka meron pang cheap ticket. monitor mo n lang. layo pa naman ng april.

    baka mixed race yang indiana na yan. hehehe

  31. She's gorgeous.
    Wednesday's fine with me.. But up to you how you'll make it special and kakaiba.. :D

    Ilocos! Masarap cornick dun.

    - Maki-usi ako.. What movie yung ni-recommend mo kay Lucas, para kasing alam ko pero baka mali..lolz

    Take care!

  32. KRIS JASPER --forced

    The Islander--kelan ba available time nyo?

  33. kikomeister --oh--I donno that there are some parts of India with those surnames. thanks for the info.

    REDLAN --nice idea--cge monitor ko.thanks

  34. Dylan Dimaubusan --the movie is SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION---my favorite....gotta see it yourself....


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