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the joyride south..........


I will give you more time to guess the photo below. As I said, it is related to our latest road trip with friends from my former company. Of coarse I have to be very detailed about it......

....we rented a van and left Ortigas
at around 1:30 am--Sat. Feb. 14,
all 15 restless souls heading south
to Tagaytay and Batangas.........

front row: L-R: Cyril, Gleiza, Mel, 2nd row: Josh, Rafel , Daisy, Mailyn
last row: Sachil and Scarlette

Mel and Gleiza

We arrived 3:30am in Tagaytay. Went back and forth in search of a place to stay awake till dawn--a ktv bar perhaps. I realized that night life in Tagaytay is a bit boring~~~It was futile so we ended in a casino......

Some decided to enter and play slot machine. For some of us who don't have much money to spare, the wishing well just beside the main entrance was the perfect refuge.

top: Daisy, bottom: Chris

Front row L-R: Ronnie, me, Chris, Mai, Daisy, Josh, Sca
back: Mel and Gleiza

Me and Mel and the wells

Gleiza and Scarlette

L-R: Josh, Mai, Daisy, Gleiza and Mel + horse--keke

Me, Mai, daisy, Gleiza and Mel

We were elaborately taking pictures from all angles---

Upon realizing that we were like a bunch of kids on a field trip, (in a casino---what?)
we opted to go somewhere. A gasoline station was our next victim.The crisp air was a perfect match to coffee, cigarettes and of coarse, good talk.

Then we went to a public market to eat lugaw. Scarlette's boyfriend Sachil from South Africa cannot help but ask countless questions upon seeing this.....

I have never seen so many meat in 1 place


I kept reminding him that all of those meat will be consumed within the day----hehe

----after a while, we went further south to Batangas where we decided to wait for the break of dawn. That is where the real fun started. See you there~~~~


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  1. hala! gawin pa kaming madam bola. at least mukaha naman kayo nag enjoy.

  2. nagpunta ka pala ulit sa tagaytay.hehe!

    i love wishing wells! you could ask anything basta may barya! hehe! ano namang hiniling mo, mate?

    i couldn't agree more. we have to feel good about ourselves first before we could feel good about the relationships we're in.

  3. did you say you'll reveal the place on your next post? prolonging the excitement,huh!

    anyway,i'll stick to my guess..

    you seem to had a good time last valentines day..what a getaway!

  4. nice pics. but are those orbs? Can't wait to go back to Tagaytay for my own road trip

  5. Blogger Niel Camhalla --haha.di naman. unting suspense lang.

    ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~]--they are fun to be with~~~

  6. lucas ---yan lang ang alapit na quick fix e.jeje

    Abou ---it's meow--meow~~~

  7. i love roadtrips. lalo na yung hindi alam kung saan pupunta. :D

    please visit me soon. haha. im doing a comeback sa blogging.

  8. aquamarine---uo.pero mukhang nahulaan u na. keke

    Anonymous said...---thanks

  9. saya naman ng trip niyo....nag casino ba kayo.tsk..tsk...may nanalo ba?hehehe

  10. kamiss ang tagaytay...sarap umuwi o!..tsk..

    ayos dre!...enjoy mo pa ng husto jan..


  11. awww... i miss my friends.. we were supposed to go road tripping last Sunday to Clark for the Hot Air balloon thing, but I didn't go...

    nagsisisi tuloy ako...

  12. uy roadtrip! :D
    enjoy nga yan....

    once pa lang akong nakakapunta ng Tagaytay. loser. hehehe.

  13. saya mas marami. tagaytay at batangas pala kayo.

  14. thegozumshow --ay---kataakot naman yun na di lam san papunta--diko na ata gusto yun.keke

    cge, visit kita.

    poging (ilo)CANO --yung iba-slot machine lang. kaso di sila nanalo.hehe

  15. PaJAY ---talagang sinulit namin-

    gillboard --uo , andon si Dom, bakit kasi dika sumama? bnaduwag ka no?

  16. karmi ---once is enough I guess~~

    onatdonuts ---at talagang enjoy. ey---nagbalik ka.

  17. the donG---at ikaw naman North to Clark, ayt?

  18. Tagaytay and Batangas is the easiest getaway from Manila. Ang dami nyo nag roadtrip ah. :)

  19. saang post yun mate? sorry baka nakaligtaan ko lang. :) thanks :)

  20. MeL--actually 1st ko to na maramihan....

    lucas ---yung about death of somebody....

  21. wow! super fun naman ng trip nyo ha.. pa-join naman dyan.. hehehe.. =)

  22. maganda mag road trip kapag dawn. na miss ko yan! i can see sobrang nag-enjoy kayo.

  23. Nyeh! Tagaytay pala, waha! you should've said south on your previous post.

    Wishing Well!!! Wow.. Wala lang gusto ko rin mag-wish, lolz

  24. bena---road trip us minsan dyan sa Cebu--keke

    REDLAN--totoo yan

  25. Allen Yuarata ---walang tatalo sa patakbo-takbo pic u Allen---keke

  26. fun fun! With great friends...

    Cool! It's so refreshing to unwind sometimes!

  27. aba at ang saya naman ng byahe nyo. sama ako! hehe

  28. wow road trip again

    and wow cancer break! grabe usok ng sigarilyo sa isang pic

  29. so so fun and fresh

  30. this weekend we're trekking pinatubo along with four bloggers.


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