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I admit I am bored......


say, it has been 2 years since I quit
public school and started teaching
Koreans instead. I donno if it's
just me with a very short attention
span or something but I am pretty
sure I am starting to get bored
with the whole thing.........


well, we all feel the same with our jobs I guess. Maybe the key therefore is finding the good things in what we do. Maybe I was too focused with the financial aspect of the whole thing so I missed the key reason why I am doing this in the 1st place.

that's Min on the lower left corner.....

But when your student suddenly give you something like this photo.......things just turn out sweet and rewarding.

Thanks Min for the photoshop.... It made me feel really good. Who says Korean students are too busy to show a d*mn act of appreciation.


Next time though, try not to put those red circles on my face. I don't think they are necessary--haha


  1. sweet naman ng estudyante mo!! hehehe

    i'm bored too... but not with my job...

  2. gillboard---dont tell me---with your life???lol

  3. so you need short getaway from time to time....good to recharge yourself!! anyway you wont get bored if you like your job =p erm...okok all the best =p

  4. yeah sweet naman ng student mo. sometimes we really need to find niche in what we do, and change in environment surely helps you to keep up with pace and not get bored

  5. as they say, you have to love your job and enjoy with it.. time comes that you get bored and tired but remember, mahirap ang mawalan ng trabaho sa panahon ngayon noh.. hehehe..

    i miss this place.. ;)

  6. Hmmm,bored ka pa ba nyan??? Ang cool naman ng edited photo. Rewarding di ba?!

    As long as you still enjoy what you're doing cge lang.. You dont need to love it. Enjoy!

    AKo noon, gusto kong umalis sa trabaho hindi dahil bored,dahil sobrang toxic ng buhay sa trabaho.. Ihi lang ang pahinga at hindi makakain sa oras dahil sa sobrang challenging at exhausting ang trabaho, ni hindi man ako makaupo ng isang minuto!.. Miss ko na nga ngayon yun eh..But the thing is,I'm grateful pa rin I experienced those types of job.. may boring, may sobrang nakakapagod. kakatwa at exciting. naging masya naman ako sa trabaho at sa mga katrabaho ko..


  7. speaking or boredom, mababaliw na yata ako dito kaya I can't wait for the opening of classes.

    Ang kulit naman ng student mu. Ginawa kang clown. wahahahaha!

  8. ang sweet naman ni Min :) they're bound to love you, mate!

    nakakabored nga minsan. try to reinvent your old ways into new ones. kung pano? hindi ko alam..hehehe! you're students are lucky to have a teacher like you! peace out!

  9. fufu---I agree with you---I will not be as bored if I just enjoy my job---time to find meaning to it I guess----thanks

  10. When I was still in the work force, I often felt bored and restless after doing the same job over several years. I usually mersmerized myself with the pleasant thought of a healthy compensation and the promised retirement benefits but when the urge to live and not just to exist became overpowering, I just took off for a future unknown and a life, rightly or wrongly, I thought was worth living.

    Did I make the right choice? The jury is still deliverating LOL.

  11. .pOot!---uo nga---yung talaga dapat.

    jasperjugan ---like the change in environment thing. Good thing I will be moving to a new house soon.

  12. bena---sabi nga nila---bawal magkasakit---kahit pa sakit sa utak yan ---hehe

    Dylan Dimaubusan ---what's the fine line between enjoying your job and loving your job? nacurious lang----hehe. thanks ha

  13. Allen Yuarata ---uo---wl namn nang need---clown nako dati---hehe

    hay ako rin kaso June 13 pa start namin graduate school----

    kung alam mo lang Allen ang enrollment nung Sat sa PUP Grad school---crazy---

    had to stay in line the whole day just to finish step 3---dipako nakapagbayad ---the system failed couple of times..... good thing I was in a good mood that day---Maybe I just miss school talaga. hehe

  14. lucas ---salamat mate---I think they are lucky nga---hehe.

    bertN---wow---that's very brave of you Bern-=--at least you will not nag yourself one day for not doing what your heart desired.......

    I think that's how it is----we have to be bold sometimes and just go for it....Im just playing it too safe I guess that's why I am bored..... thanks thanks

  15. Sabi nila, kailangan daw mahalin mo ang trabaho mo, ibigay mo lahat ng lakas at pagod mo para makatagal ka. Khit na hindi ka masaya ayus lang kasi may kinikita ka naman, for the sake of money. But it's not actually a differnt thing, maliit lang ang pagkakaiba na halos wala nga.

    Sometimes, when you start to enjoy every detail of it na kahit mahirap eh ayus lang kasi masaya ka sa ginagawa mo, masaya ang mga katrabaho mo at para kayong pamilya. Pag wala na yung enjoyment para ka na lang robot na kumikilos dahil kailangan hindi dahil gusto mo. Di mo kailangan mahalin ng trabaho, boss siguro o co worker but not the job itself.. What a job can do to you is exhaust you. Just my opinion. It's about the people you work with not the job itself.

  16. I know sobrang galak mo. Mga ganyang way of appreciation ay talagang nakakataba ng puso. mukha kang red rose and roosy cheeks. hmmm. alam ko ang pahihiwatig niyan. early christmas.

  17. Dylan Dimaubusan---nararamdaman ko minsan yang robot thing----the problem is--- I work at home---so nobody to talk to but myself---basically---hehe. thanks Dylan-thanks

  18. REDLAN---naku---wag namang early Christmas---wla pang pera---hehe

  19. you're quite right, mate. It was quite great challenge for me coz i usually prefer to work alone...and then when i became the leader, i had to make some adjustments.

    no. those were taken last year. i have no plans of growing my hair back. i hated my hair! hehehe!

  20. that's cute. when we were in club manila east last sunday, we also had the chance to get in touch with korean kids who were bragging that they are from ateneo and la salle. i noticed that they are now become friendly to pinoy.

    hahaha... i like the red nose. i believe it's necessary. hehehe...

  21. kyut nga eh...
    may nar re-recall akong christmas character...
    human edition..
    lurve yah kuya!
    maybe u can have sumthing that may ease ur boredom... have some more enjoying activities with them... ahahah

    i know ur having much

  22. yeah... sweet naman...

    if your feeling bored with your job or just with anything then try to move out of the usual routine.

    anyway.. that's a sweet gesture from your student!!!

    My Tech Blog...O_o

  23. dong---wlang ganunan---bat kailangan ko nung red mark sa nose----ha? kaw----lol

    Antoine Greg---sabi ko na nga ba---to talaga---red nosed raindeer ba? lol

  24. The Teknisyan ---you sometimes feel stuck--maybe it's not the job after all--maybe it's just me---haha.


    sweet gesture indeed.

  25. we all feel that at work sometimes. just don't forget to rest on weekends, so you'll feel energized the following week.

  26. Cute! LOL! Ginawa kang si Rudolph the red nose teacher. LOL!

  27. I did also teach high school stud for a short period of time and when the kids shows their appreciation na kagaya ng ganito nakakawala ng pagod, nakakamiss magturo nung anjan binabalewala mo pag wala naman hinahanap mo,hehe

  28. talaga nagtuturo ka sa mga korean? cool!

  29. I hope that by this time, you have found a or several solution/s to your (temporary) boredom. :)

    Regardless, try to enjoy life. ;)

  30. JoShMaRie ---uo---pero basic english lang.

    icezorg --thanks MAn---oldo easier said than done. better do it.

  31. JM ---tama ka dyan---nakakmiss--

    Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart---still in the middle of it Brent---tagal no?


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