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addicted to farming.....

...not the real one okay. I despise it
being from a family of farmers.......

I am referring to this application in
FACEBOOK they call Farm Town.
Sure is very addictive.

At least for a bored bum like me who is very much in need of entertainment ir say anything which can help me pass time.

If activity is the best way of combating
boredom then Farm Town you


I reached level 24 in a matter of 2 weeks. That for me is an achievement. I noticed that a lot of people in the West are into it ---and most of them are in their RETIREMENT Stage. So for those who think this game is for kids---I dont think so.

Speaking of farming or farms whatever. I should have posted something before taking a bloh hiatus last time. i forgot. And so, to Vhyng---here it is, our short stop in SONYAS GARDEN.

Celine, Joan and Mela.

As usual, I was not able to get rid of my high expectations of the place so I ended up frustrated. It was not as I thought. Looks good on pictures but not so impressive in person. I find it too crowded and weird to say but I thought it was kinda difficult to distinguish the weeds from the flowers/plants.

I have myself to blame coz I thought of it as another place for field trip. It's a place for wedding receptions and Spa for Goodness sake.

Let the place be known for that. And as for weary travelers like us who only commuted via tricycle with wallets exhausted by the whole stay in Tagaytay and Caleruega, those are luxuries we were not able to afford.

We feasted in their Panaderia instead where we enjoyed their milky hopia and puffy puto. That's the consolation.

On that note---I'll leave you there coz I still have a farm to tend. See you around.


  1. Next time magbuffet tayo jan. Im looking forward to meet you! :D

  2. PG
    meow! meow!
    isa ka rin pala sa mga
    may malaking farm sa FB...
    uala lang ibang mahirit eh...

  3. Haha! Nabigla ako when I saw your blog. kasi naman, kaaway ko ngayon si Kuya sa paggamit ng laptop coz he's been very busy being a farmer.

    Yes, meron din siya and would you believe it, he named it Hacienda Yuarata. Magiging close rival to ng Hacienda Carranza, I'm sure. Haha!

    My economist brother ended up as a farmer.

    And so is the teacher, anton. haha!

  4. hi anton! its me esquilito, your neighbor sa farm town haha! addciting talaga xa, even my tita is addicted pareho na nga kayo ng lebel, inunahan na din nya ako haha and my bro humahabol na din ngayon. visit mo din po yung blog ko if may time ka, or we can exchange links. ingat!

  5. try mo naman restaurant city...

  6. naloko ako dun ah. kala ko totoong farming. medyo interested kc ako to learn something about farming. tulad mo bum din ako ngayon makapagtanim na lang muna. hehe! pero serioulsy the pix are so cool. nice place. sasma ako sa buffet ha. :D

  7. galing ng villa carranza ah... daming crops... nung di pa ko hooked sa farm town di ko pinansin yung mga gifts. ngayon nagpiplead na ko na may magbigay. hehehe

  8. Chyng---why not? looking forward din-=---di kasi matuloy tuloy e.hehe

  9. mavz---- meron ka rin bang farm sa FB?

  10. Allen--- ayan---na-add ko na kuya mo---kaso diko pa sya na-invite na maging

  11. poging-ilocano---- hmmm---- uo kaso mahal-lol

  12. rara---salamat---blogger ka rin pala ha---fun to know that---looks like this is going to be the start of a long and fun relationship---hehe

  13. gillboard---cge--try ko minsan---thanks

  14. rej---cge ready ka----sasama ka namin---hehe

  15. cge bigyan kita gift mamaya---anu ba gusto mo? kabayo o baka? lol


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