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a long awaited reunion........


Got the chance to meet some
our batch mates a few weeks ago.
Was actually intended for PE
majors but I decided to go
since my fiancee
is one. Call it a small reunion
if you will........

Rosales Pangasinan was the destination:


everybody's full of smile---except me---
but I was the most excited oka---hehe

Was a small group and a simple swimming but enough to bring beautiful memories of university days. Sigh---I miss them and I miss school~~~~

The bright side is that I received a text message from my friend early this morning that we actually passed the entrance examination in PUP Graduate school---can't wait!!!!!


  1. di padin tapos ang bakasyon ah. haha.

    Congrats for passing PUP-GS kuya!

  2. yeah it's always good to meet old school/uni mates... after reading this... i miss all my japanese friends >.<

  3. congrats sa pagpass...

    saya naman reunion niyo...

  4. Allen Yuarata---kapamilya na tayo Allen---yehey!!!!

    gillboard---tama lang---kaso namiss namin isat-isa kaya parang enggrande.hehe

  5. hays...nakakamiss talaga ang mga ganitong reunion...

    3 weeks ago meron din kami ng HS friends ko kaya lang no time to make a post about it. hehe!


  6. gillboard---salamat salamat---yes---back to school nako---hehe

    lucas--ako rin miss ko na mga HS friends ko---

  7. oohh, my plans og going back to school! bongga! ang galing ha, since birth ba kayo friends? ;)

  8. yeah... reunion is always fun... specially if your with your long lost friends from high school or college...;)

    it brings back the happy days.. ryt?!

  9. Wow! congrats!!!!

    ya man!!!!!!

    Anw, thanks for sharing those fotos. Na miss ko bigla college friends ko ah....

  10. Chyng-- uo---kasi buro nako---so i need an avenue para maiba naman----

  11. The Teknisyan ---brings back the happy days indeed.....

  12. hello how'r u! All of you still look young in the reunion hehe! It's really cool to keep in touch with old friends.

  13. Congrats for passing the exam. I'm sure you'll have fun at grad school. Kayang-kaya mo yan!

  14. Looks like everybody is having lots of fun...

    Congrats for passing the entrance examination in PUP Graduate school!

  15. nice blog.. i have added you to my blog links. exchange links? thanks!

  16. eunice ---me? lazy lazy with blogging....nice to see you here again Eunice.

    bertN ---hey Bern---kaw din---salamat-

  17. dodong flores---salamat Dodong--excited na talaga ako mag-aral uli---hehe ---sure---add na kita sa blog list ko---thanks

    i will follow you too---

  18. dami mo ring outing lately ah. hehehe... tagal ng june. excited na kami sa tondol. another group of photographers will be there with us.


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