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Charice Pempengco finally
have a song she can call
her own. Thanks to Oprah
and David Foster for giving her
a voice.............

I love her version and I am sure she will go far with this one.


I thought I also would like to share here her appearance in Italy's Ti Lascio Una Canzone on April 4, 2009. I love her rendition of LISTEN by Beyonce so much that I listened to it more than 20 consecutive times. A thing I rarely do.

The grand stage and the special attention given to her in Italy is the justice that a third world country like us could offer.......


  1. listen more than 20times nonstop @.@ wow... but nonetheless a nice one XD

  2. fufu ---yep---just love it so much...

  3. Charise has a very powerful voice, she could do more if she wanted to, but being a modest Filipina she is, its good to know that she revels in the thought that she's making everyone back home proud to be living in this land.

  4. Reese---i VAN'T AGREE MORE---SHE IS MAKING Us all proud---and I hope this is just the start of it.....

  5. oopps, good. but im not a fan.. :D

  6. The note to GOD in which language was written?

  7. napanuod ko yung video last night... maganda naman yung kanta... may sablay lang sya minsan sa pronunciation.. hehehe

  8. napakafortunate nya at sa oprah sya nadiscover. taas ang kamay ko sa kanya. Sana lang wag lumaki ang ulo at wag maimpluwensyahan ng ilaw sa Hollywood. Go charice! but just like chyng, im not total fan. hehe si chyng ang idol ko

  9. dumalaw sa iyong bakuran :D

    like manny, charice keeps on making our country proud.

    alas, her concert was postponed here. we were not refunded wd the tickets even.the indian promoters where nowhere to found.

    we misd the chance to see her upclose en personal :D


  10. definitely, charice is just one of a few who makes us proud of our race.

  11. im really impressed with charice. she's really hitting the charts soon.

    i heard she was number one in amazon mp3 download yesterday.

  12. I took time to listen here. Malayo na talaga ang narating ni Charice. I'm sure, she will have a great opportunity to tour around and pomotoe her first international album.

    Iba ang dating ni Charice sa akin. May na-prove ako na kahit hindi ka nanalo, huwag kang sumuko, huwag ka mawalan ng pag-asa. In God's time, yung gusto mong maabot ay ibigay and you have work for it.

  13. this sends me chills... especially the haunting note at the end. i like the arrangement...way to go, Charice! :)

    kakadownload ko lang ng vid..hehe! :)

    yung nga ang exciting sa larong yun eh. haha! the possibility of abusing someone or abusing yourself in the process! hahaha!

    ayoko din ng larong yun. hehe! but i admit it's an exhilirating game...

  14. Phivos Nicolaides ---in English sir---

    gillboard --pansin ko nga rin---pero better parin than other nationalities---close to native speakers.

  15. juyjuy ---cge---gawa nalang tayo ng fans club ni Chyng--hehe

    Josh of Arabia ---ay--bat Indian ang producer---blame the man. bad

  16. .pOot!----a few reasons to make us proud ey? hope we can find more reasons to celebrate then....

    the donG ---talga? well I guess that's another reason to celebrate Dom....

  17. REDLAN ---tama- ka judgemental kasi ang pagkakapanalo e---kahit nmn sa American Idol ganun din---sisiskat ka if you persist.

    lucas--like the arrangement too mate---buti nalang andyan si David Foster

  18. Thank you for sharing the video, kudos to your post, we all love CHARICE - she brings new hope and inspirations to our young Pinoy talents.

    Please support our OFW bloggers, kindly grab the KABLOGS support banner available at http://thoughtsmoto.blogspot.com/

    Maraming salamat po.

    Life is beautiful, keep on blogging.

  19. i also love her rendition of the prayer with another italian artist.

    great job Charice!

  20. charise is a filipino's pride. . .what a talented kid


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