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I will tell you about our latest road trip
by the middle of the week. But first, I
would like to show you more of
Tondol Beach...........

As I said earlier, the beach area is vast.
The stretch took us around 45 minutes to
reach the easternmost corner.........

and another 15 minutes to this island they call Tanduyong.

We were surprised to see this Inn in the corner.

For Php 4, 000 you can have tis beautiful cottage with 2 aircon rooms---each can accommodate at least 4 people. They have no cable tv but at least you can avail of the huts in front if you are to have any plan to drink.

After eating haalo-halo here, we set off to walk to the island. The crystal clear water is just below the knee so it was easy. Just be careful with the sea orchins.

I was surprised to see this Kubo in the far corner.

Like somebody waiting waiting for the 1st guest to come.

The Island in the other side is a bit disappointing as it was underdeveloped and it's sand is not that fine. But we welcomed the isolation.

....and the good view of the sunset.

We were able to get back to the main beach before it got completely dark. It has been sometime since I've been to this part of Tondol, the last time I could remember was in 4th year high school.


  1. Ohhh!!! lurve the pictures!
    adventure gaLore itETcH!
    whu said that summEr,s oVer???
    glad to be back here pre!

  2. bale 3 weeks ago pa yan---pero umulan din sa area that time---kaakainis nga e---aga ng tag-ulan.

  3. Nice sunset.

    Although namimiss ko na ang mga ganyang view.. MAs gusto ko talaga ang ulan.

    Long time...;) Punta ka ba sa Summit?

  4. that is my type of beach. simple pero ganda. astig talaga sa akin ito.

  5. 4K for the whole house is cheap nga! Keri lang kung walang tv etc.

    4th and 5th pics are good shots! :D

  6. Xcited na ko sa next entry mo!

  7. sarap naman dito pra akong nagbabakasyon - everytime kaka-relx! at kaka-inggit! tsk! tc dre! more posting!

  8. Dapat pumunta yan.. kasi sya lang ata kilala ko na pupunta dun.. tsaka ikaw.. hehehe

    Mura nung 4000 ha... Time lang talaga kulang sakin para makapagbeach... sigh

  9. i like the pic with the hut and boat. very romantic.

  10. the kubo is a bonus point for the scenE!!! heeheh
    ^ ^

  11. Dylan Dimaubusan ---malaki chance na makasama ako---kaso wl pa reply ang iblog admin sakin---diko lam bakit---nag-email nako sa kanila but no reply

    the donG --medyo plain nga lang---tuwa naman ako na nagustuhan mo---

  12. Chyng---YM nga tayo minsan---tell me about Munting Buhangin---interesado ako don---hehe

  13. I love the third, fourth, and the fifth photo. Parang painting...

    Maganda din ang last photo...

    I see you enjoyed a lot with this adventure...

  14. akin na lang yung pic ng sunset

  15. pero yung 4k per night ay actually medyo expensive. you can get a house for 3k per night even on peak season in other beaches. :D

  16. darkhorse --anu pa kasing hinihintay mo---bakasyaun kana.

    gillboard ---uo. napakaremote kasi nung place---malayo sa kabihasnan.

  17. Niel Camhalla---I think sso too---especially because it's in the corner and there seems to be nobody around.

    Antoine Greg --uo---bonus talaga

  18. i wont mind the disappointing spot. i am sure marami pa rin magagawa doon and "isolation" is one of my fave past times. lol. masarap mag muni-muni basta kasama mo camera mo.

  19. dodong flores ---really enjoy it a lot.....thanks

    JOSHMARIE---sige Josh---sayo na---hehe

  20. Mukha ngang mainam na puntahan itong Tondol Beach. Kaming anim na magkakaibigan ay pupunta sa Munting Buhangin Beach Camp sa Nasugbu, Batangas ngayong darating na Sabado. Hanggang Linggo kami roon. Aking babanggitin sa kanila ang tungkol sa Tondol Beach.

  21. Lawstude ---sabagay--mukhang tuloy kayo ni Dom sa Tondol ha---

    reyjr ---ewan ko lang ha---kasi buong bahay na yun---at yung mga huts sa labas---but let's see---baka pwede pa tawaran--mahal nga ate---hehe

  22. yawyawen ---kung ang Munting buhangin is dulo ng Batangas---ang Tondol Beach is dulo ng MUNDO---este western Pangasinan pala---I would not suggest it kung galing pa kayo ng Manila---unless enjoy kayo sa road trip. hehe

  23. arry ---go back here---when do you plan to do so???

  24. I'm not sure if I'm going.. gusto ko nga eh. Kaso di ko naman alam kung sinu sinong pupuntang kakilala ko.. hayz..

  25. Wow a gorgeous sunset to end the post! The Tondol Beach is lovely! I will visit it someday!

  26. Ganda dun ha. Sarap mag soul searching dyan

  27. luv the pictures! ang ganda ganda ng place..na-miss ko tuloy ang photography...

  28. Dylan Dimaubusan ---kami---si gillboard namn ata sasama din---busy kapa?

    Dennis Villegas-- sana makapunta ka nga minsan.....

  29. wow awesome pics, thanks for adding me up and I did already added you up on my list.

    Nice to meet you and I am looking forward to your future post.

  30. REDLAN--tama ka dyan---lalo sa gabi---pati ghost hunting narin.

    Eben --- bakit? tumigil kaba? what happened?

  31. ganda naman ng place na yan.

  32. Curbside Puppet--honestly? doubtful no? ---keke

  33. Very nice! nasa list na ito ng next destinations ko :)


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