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rekindling old bonds.......


If you want something badly, expect some

Since most of our batch mates in
our former company are already
working on a freelance basis,we rarely
see each other. Most of us now work
at home.Sometimes stress level and
boredom really gets out of hand so
we decided to go somewhere---


where to go???

......the 1st option was supposed to be ANAWANGIN in Zambales---but just when all the tents are all ready, one of the members brother in Saudi Arabia got involved in a car accident. So it was postponed several times.

PUERTO GALERA was the 2nd choice but the d*mn weather got so unpredictable. It rained and shined the whole week. As of Thursday, the LPA above Mindoro suddenly developed into a storm. Talk about perfect timing. Afraid of crossing Batangas Straight on such circumstances, we ended in Tagaytay with only 5 of the original 10 members. The show must go on. There no substitute to the chance to bond and rekindle old friendships........

L-R: Celine, Mela, me and Joan

We commuted from Manila Saturday morning. This photo was taken in front of SOTO GRANDE where we stopped. The tricycle ride in the intersection next to it took us to our destination ------174 Asisan Street.

Joan's frustration: to climb pine trees........

L-R: Celine, Joan , Mela and Josh

How to get there:

From the main road, take the tricycle, go straight. Turn left on the 1st intersection with a Catholic Chapel as a landmark. Go straight passed these pine trees ...



In the next intersection lies the transient house where we stayed. It's the first one you see when you turn right. .....

the transient house--newly renovated and furnished.

......clean and spacious

It was supposed to cost us 4, 000 pesos, but since only 5 of us were able to make it, I texted the owner if we can have it for 3,500 and she immediately said yes. There were 2 queen size beds on the upper house and 3 double beds underground.

All in all---it could accommodate 11 guests.


love the grass........I could sleep here.

the wide front yard
is just perfect........

these steps are perfect for photo shoots.....
above is the gate.....

and the benches are more than ordinary.....

still fresh during the 1st day......

Aside from this, the kitchen is also very spacious, we went to the market to buy some food and we took the time to cook dinner together. We didn't have to bring anything, the house is complete with utensils ,cooking wares and stove. Josh cooked adobo and pakbet. It was very delicious. Food gets more appetizing indeed when shared with special people. Not to mention, if you are already starving. keke

Our main goal is to spend time together, to have a chance to talk and make fun memories. Odd enough, it didn't rain despite the weather disturbance. We stayed outside and chatted until 1am and then transferred to the balcony for a drink.....

watch out for our next bonding moments...............


for more info:
you can contact 0919-827-6052


  1. another getaway. love the place :)

  2. gillboard ---ay--sa blog summit? fat chance.

    Myk2ts --- yep- this is just the house where we stayed overnight. fun fun fun......

  3. gala ka talaga nyahahah. nice shots you have here. pero sayang parin yung ibang 5 na kasama nyo. sana in a way kumpleto kayu.

  4. miss these guys too..please extend my regards...have fun!

  5. zeb --- sayang nga---pero yung natira yung parang core group so okay lang.

    aquamarine ---kinumusta na kita at miss kanarin nila.

  6. Hmm perhaps you should ask for 3000 pesos instead? XD

  7. hhmm, ganda nga ng place. perfect pang retreat! :D

    inferness, improving ang shots! woohoo!!

    na-atat ako sa photos, tingnan ko na sa frenster mo.. hehe

  8. hey... ganda ng title ah.. pang anime movie!!

    Tagaytay is better than nothing... nice place you got there!

    hey... care for a link xchange?

  9. ganda naman sa Fuerto galera! sa may subic ba yan? lam mo yun isang lalake kamukha ng bf ni Chyng!

  10. LZ---haha---I thought so too LZ

    Chyng --bat kaba subrabg atat ha? keke

  11. Evil M --better than nothing? hmmm---cguro--oldo talaga kahit ganu pa kagasgas yung place samin---feels new kasi excited kaming magsama-sama

    sure---ex-link us. thanks

  12. darkhorse ---nope---Tagaytay kami napadpad--- ala ka--magagalit sayo si Chyng.....

    Phivos Nicolaides---haha. the 1st one, yes---the 2nd one, maybe.keke

  13. wow...nice!! hihihi...i would like to go back to 100islands ya... miss those islands... and it was only 3 of us when we did the island hopping =) as if we were the master of the islands =p

  14. that's the value of traveling. go places with friends.

    joan's desire to climb pine trees made me eager to try it too. maybe in sagada.

  15. Deep in my mind I was thinking that the first picture and scenery is familiar.

    Then I know!

  16. the place looks great! green na green... and i can see you really wanted to blend in with your shirt...ahehe!

    i love green. :P

  17. fufu--- hope you could also visit other places in the Philippines like Boracay and El Nido.

    the donG -- seriously?????never done yet? babalik n nmn kayo ng Sagada?

  18. Cedric Ang ---so, you have been to Tagaytay?

    lucas---I thought kaya pang humabol sa summer so bumili ako kagad ng green shirt---next time matinggad na orange namn o yellow.

  19. haha, halatang di nagbasa ha. Puerto Galera daw.. chos!

    Kamukba ba nya tlga? ;)

  20. hawig akala ko lng kasama kayo

  21. @Pusang-gala,

    yes I have been there before. Really nice place. Maybe I will visit again in the near future.

  22. Nice to have an overnite stay somewhere with good friends.

    And the place looks really clean.

  23. wow! mukhang enjoy kayu dito ah at naka tawad ka pa! ^^

  24. ganda nung pine trees. haha.

    kelan ba matiigil pagbabakasyon ng mga tao? mamamatay na ko sa inggit.

  25. Chyng--- keke--wag mo na emphasize para di mahalata.keke---ewan ko---kaya nga ikaw ask ko e. lol

    darkhorse---hehe. di kami magkasama ---dipa kami nagkikita ni Chyng.

  26. Cedric Ang ---hope you can visit other places in the Philippines one day---

    KRIS JASPER---tama ka dyan---esp in a cold place---sarap magkwentuhan.

  27. cyndirellaz ---uo---nakatawad ako--buti nalng-di kasi ako magaling tumawad talaga kaso pinilid ako mga kasama. hehe

    Allen Yuarata---kasi kasi---you just have to make the decision to grab that rubber shoes and run away...

  28. How! That's really a nice way to bond again with yah friends! hehehe. I hope I'll experience something like that too in the future!

  29. ang ganda nung lugar ^_^ nakakamiss tuloy ung mga kaibigan ko..

  30. ayos ah. mga model material lahat.

    great place + great company = one unforgettable event.

  31. Millionaire@age20 ---I think you have more than you can chew there in Malaysia---hehe

    karmi---san ba sila?

  32. Lawstude ---model material ba---kailangan nalang namin ng pro photographer---pwede kaba? hehe

  33. WOW, seems like everyone went to tagaytay for summer :(

    I was there for a vacation, but didnt get to go cos I ran out of time. Just went to baguio..

  34. Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!


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