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finally watched Harry Potter in IMAX-North EDSA last Saturday. The 2nd imax theater in the Philippines opened a few weeks ago so we thought it would be nice to check it out.

So for 400 pesos for a full length movie, I say the movie was a good experience. Although some would get disappointed with the 3D part because it is only the 1st 15 minutes of the film but Im okay with it. I guess the trailer of the DISNEY movie A CHRISTMAS CAROL added to the whole 3D experience.

as for the theater, it's a smaller of the IMAX theater in Mall of Asia. So if you want it GRAND, go to MOA instead.

as for the movie, I am okay with it, since I donno anything about the book version. Guess that's the advantage. For those who haven't seen it yet, don't watch if you are tired or sleepy, the long conversations might make you snore. hehe

........and talk about KOREAN invasion all over again. WONDERGIRLS and 2NE1 are all over the airwaves these days. ...and this Robot dance version made me feel better about my terrible ability in dancing.

...if these robots can do, maybe I can do too.lol


  1. As in SM north edsa, meron ng Imax? whoa! thanks sa info! ;D

  2. meron pang isang theater na magkakaroon ng imax other than sm north right?

  3. thanks for the review of the imax there. i thought it's as big as the one in moa knowing that it has the same price.

    as for the HP if you havent read the book, you'll appreciate it. if you read the book, you'll understand it in details but will be a bit disappointed because some parts were changed.

  4. so there's IMAX invasion over there in our country...
    Like the dance moves hehehe..nice!

  5. nakaka-LSS nga yang Nobody nobody na yan. pati mga lalaki dito kinakanta at sinasayaw na yan. LOL

    haven't watched HP yet. maybe i will this weekend. oist ex-links tayo oh.



  6. mate, noong saturday ka din nanood??? sa North Edsa??? sayang di tayo ngakita. i was looking for you kasi alam ko manonood ka din. 2:05 yung samin eh... hehe!

    nabitin ako dun sa 3D but it was really cool. i still prefer yung sa MOA. hehe!

    baka panoorin din namin yung Christmas Carol. Ang galing nung trailer eh. Full-3D pa!

  7. 3D Imax coolll medyo mahal nga lang talga khit dito rin...tc

  8. imax!!! yeah...its expensive but... it's worth it... ;)

    imagine.. bottomless pop corn!!!


  9. yep---kakabukas lang lam ko a few weeks ago......

  10. gillboard--- yun nga yun sa SM North EDSA, pero balita ko me isa pa oopen sa Sm-City Cebu.

  11. the dong----ou. same price---dibale---experience .hehe

  12. aquamarine----katuwa yung mga moves nila.bagay na bagay sa robots. mas magaling pa sila sakin.hehe

  13. Mon--- you have to watch soon---ako out of curiosity lang rin kasi diko basa book.

  14. lucas---nasa PUP pako that time--- nalate kasi ako reply sayo chat facebook e---8:15 yung showtime nung samin....sayang.hehe

  15. darkhorse--okay lang---paminsan minsan lang naman---hehe

  16. The Teknisyan---sayang din na nasa Manila us diba? kung tga probinsya ako wl akong magawa kundi maglaway---hehe

  17. hmmm ok ba talaga ung movie? i heard di masyado maganda....kahit di mo nabasa ang book..but i still want to watch it hahaha


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