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the bibimbap connection.....


It's slowly sinking now.
I live 1 hour away from Manila
That sometimes sucks.
When I used to rent in Ortigas area,
everything's just 15 minutes away.
Now, civilization is
1 coaster, 1 tricycle and 1
fx journey.

Good thing I study in PUP and therefore have to travel to Manila every Saturday after which I usually hang out with my friends. The latest of which is in MINATO--a Korean restaurant along amber drive in Ortigas.

It's a few minutes walk from TEKTITE where we used to work so it has become our favorite place when somebody is salivating for KOREAN food. Usually Celine-lol. I have to admit, I didn't like it at first. I thought I will not want hot and spicy food but now I'm getting used to it. I guess the law of exercise is correct.

I used to eat only bibimbap since I could put a sweet sauce in it if I want. And of coarse samgeupsal which is best eaten with lettuce. Now, I can eat kimchi, Kimchi jjigae and the other jjigae I hope I could recall next time.hehe. I think I'm starting to love Korean food.

the restaurant full of people on a Saturday night....

about to start eating....I was so hungry.

from left: Ems, ( a new addition to the group) Mela, Celine, Joan, josh and me

humirit pa ng pose sa harap ng mini-stop-hehe

Id say, food is our common ground. Another thing which binds us together. And since most of us are working at home and are scattered in different corners of the Metro and beyond, this bibimbap connection is indeed something to look forward to.....

thanks Joan for bringing the ca me ra---lol


  1. 1hr is alright... the place (my ex classmate's apartment) i stayed when i was in manila too far from the city centre >.< i still remember gotta take 2 different jeepney to reach makati :) lol am i loko like filipino?? as the drive spoke tagalog and i passed him the exact fare =p funny... erm, korean food huuh? one of the best cuisines after chinese and jpnese cuisine i must say!!

  2. where did you stayed in particular fufu?hmmm--let me guess---LAGUNA? so you tried taking the jeepney---must have sweat a

    hmmm----I dont like japanese food as I dont like raw food. Chinese food? hmmm---I think I have to be more experimental with food to find out --hehe

  3. Zara---which one---the food in our table or the food in your table? lol

  4. hindi ko maxadong trip ang korean food. well siguro medyo natrauma ang dila ko when i first tried kimchi... hehehe!

  5. lucas---ako rin nung una sa kimchi---excited pakong bumili sa mga co-rteacher ko----dinila nagustuhan---nilangaw lang---napahiya ako---lol.

    but I didn't stop there---hehe

  6. Wow, sarap!

    I remember nung nagturo ako sa isang Korean school sa Baguio may pinakain saking parang sushi pero hindi, sounds like ng bibimbap... Kimbap ata.. basta ganun.. sarap talaga.

    Di ko lang ma-take yung kimchee ng iba... Gwrk!

    Walang korean foods dito pero this post reminds me of one korean food I've learned from them..

    Ibabalot mo sa lettuce yung roasted meat with any sauce you like kung gusto mo may cooked rice pwede. sarap! Lalo na kung spicy alamang ang sauce! Waaaah!


  7. ur one lucky stud to have the MRT around u guys are kimchi fan, ha. i misd that kind of young bonding. RGDS.

  8. dylan dimaubusan---ayan tuloy--namimiss mo na mga pagkain dito--hehe---yep it's kimbap---mas okay sya sakin kesa sushi I guess---yoko lang talaga ng amoy ng seaweed minsan kaya tinatakpan ko nose ko pag kinakain ko yun---hehe

  9. abou--haha---wlang di masarap na pagkain sa taong gutom---hehe. tama ba?

  10. AJ---hmmm---I dont get it. what's with the MRT? slow ko. hehe.

  11. Yung friends tsaka sarap ng pagkain talagang masaya.

  12. REDLAN--uo mas sumasarap talga kainan---depende sa kasama--hehe

  13. "Now, civilization is
    1 coaster, 1 tricycle and 1
    fx journey." And all these take an hour of your time? I'll say this is not bad, timewise. When I was still in the work force (I'm now retired), what takes me 25 minutes to drive in my own car normally takes me a couple of hours if I commute via the local transportation network. Still OK but a pain if you value your time.


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