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the CHRISTENING of baby Jilianne......


Had a terrible flu last Thursday
which led to the cancellation of all
my online classes since I find it
impossible to speak painlessly.

.......the weekend is supposed to be the time to recover but I had to attend to several occassions, one of which is the birthday of Marvins mom--in Pasig on Saturday and the Christening of baby Jilliane in my former boarding house in cityland yesterday where I am one of the NINONG........



with the whole barangay---hehe

in the front door---love the big doors in churches

This is the 1st time I became a ninong since quitting public school. One of the advantages I guess---1 inaanak in 2 years time. Not bad. That stopped the count at 14. If I didnt resign, maybe it's already 24 by now. You know in public school and all.hehe

One more thing, I specifically asked the parents to make me a Ninong. That spells a lot of different. You don't get the feeling of being robbed and be a ninong against your will.

Now, the godfathers......


Ninong 1: Kuya Jess with the bell

Ninong 2: Josh

Ninang:1--hehe---- kampanerang kuba este, Ryan


Ninong 4: me and my take on the bell...


The reception followed in their residence in Cityland. I ate a lot of salad and sweets and cold drinks which aggravated my cough. hehe. And to wrap it up, my fiancee and other friends went to Antipolo in a place they call overlooking. My first time here so I acted like a 9 year old upon seeing Manila glittering below. Kulang nalang tumalon talon pako---hehe .

We went to this place they call Leonardos beside Padis Point ordered dinner and sang videoke till past midnight. Very Romantic place. Reminded me of Tagaytay---except that the view there is the volcano of coarse.

Too bad my camera is still in the repair shop ....... hay. busy weekend.


  1. welcome to the christian world to your inaanak... ngayon lang nakabalik... hehehe

  2. gillboard---uo nga, buti pa sya.hehe. bat, san ka galing ??

  3. happy christening to your inaanak!!!!

  4. aileen---parang kami ang nagpabinyag---hehe---kami ang mas

  5. naging ninong din ako just last week. i just wish these parents know what they're doing. wala akong alam sa pagiging godfather eh.. hehe!

    did you try to ring the bell??? hehe

  6. Super busy ka sa pag attend ng special gatherings. Saya-saya kaya yan. Panghabol ang bagong inaanak mo na yan sa darating na pasko. Ako rin padami ng padami. Yun ba yung antipolo na palagi ko nakikita sa movie scenes? yung tanaw ang kamaynilaan especially kapag gabi? Hope you're okay na.

  7. welcome to the real world baby jilianne. with good ninong and ninangs, ayos na.

  8. lucas ---hehe. para di ipasa sayo responsibilities sayo ??? hehe---minsan napipilitan tayong maging ninong---parang holdup---hehe

  9. REDLAN---uo---humabol nga---dibale ako namna volunteer dito--hehe

  10. dong-- at sana nga good parents para di sakit sa ulo sa mga ninong ninang---hehe.jokjok

  11. ako wala pa inaaanak... kaya pwede pang hindi magtago sa pasko...hahaha

  12. princejuno --ay talaga? seryus ka? galing mo namn --hehe or

  13. ahaha ngaun ko lang nabasa ung link mo... tongue twister ba un???hahaha

  14. aiLee920--anu yung tongue twister na sabi u? diko ata alam yun. hehe

  15. gustong gusto ko talaga magkaroon ng inaanak. kaso walang gustong kumuha sakin. ahahaha.

  16. ung url ng blog mo. hehehe parang tongue twister... naka 5 takes ako bago ko mapronounce...

    the best gift i received was the whole day of September 20, 2009. hehehe God granted all my wishes, and i couldn't ask for more.. hehehe

  17. Allen Yuarata--naku Allen, baka alam nilang barat ka---lol

  18. aiLeen920--hehe--yun pala---email add ko rin yan. basta matalinghaga yan----lol

    \yun--ang impt happy ka.sigh.hehe

  19. hey there ninong! haha, may tataguan ka na sa christmas. :)

  20. photoshoot it is!

    any feedback pala sa kimberly manor ba yun?

  21. tomato cafe---di naman---ako mismo nag-volunteer dito.

  22. Chyng --anung kimberly manor? diko magets---hehe

  23. guess i gonna take ton of pictures there... and be your model... hohoho

  24. what I was looking for, thanks


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