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the real fun starts in BOHOL BEE FARM

as I said, the sun came out as soon as we got to
Tagbilaran port. I thought it's an indication
of good things to come. Sure did.

Teary eyed, I immediately fixed myself
and looked around for our resort service while Teresa kept herself busy getting brochures of resorts and other attractions in the island. As soon as I stepped out of the terminal, the driver was waiting for us. We were the only guests to be fetched that time, 9am so it felt more of an exclusive service. Gave me a lot of chances to talk to the driver and ask millions of questions about the area. Twas a smooth 15-20 minute ride to Bohol Bee Farm Resort and Restaurant.

The moment you enter the vicinity, you immediately have this homey feeling. The place is beautifully nestled in a quiet area and there are trees all around. My idea for a retreat. I think I mentioned several times that I want to loose myself in an anonymous place where I cam leave all my worries behind. Well, this is it. Sorry for the comparison but reminds me of Sonya's Garden minus the congestion. Here, you will really feel that you are at peace with nature.

Bohol Bee Farm
our bungalow accommodation @barn rate--lav ya bee farm!!!

You might find the place not photogenic in the website but it is a lot more beautiful in person. We were immediately greeted by the front desk representative. I noticed that people are friendly. Every resort representatives you might say are friendly, I don't think so, some are because they expect a big tip- I can feel that sometimes. Here, people are just friendly, because they are friendly. That adds to the relaxed environment.

Bohol Bee Farm

the eggplant room.....

Since Marvin decided not to go with us, I asked Ms. Vicky as early as we were in Cebu if we could downgrade our accommodation to the barn since we only need a room for 2. She said no problem. She even called me the night before. I thought they have a very warm and friendly manager. I found out later on that Ms Vicky is not actually the manager but the owner of the resort. haha. Sorry po for being makulit sa text and

Bohol Bee Farm
now you know why it's called the eggplant room....haha

As I was saying, instead of downgrading our room, they allowed us to stay in the bungalow at barn rate. Cool. That is even without me asking. Thanks a lot.

Bohol Bee Farm

taken in front of the house of Ms Vicky, the kind owner of bee farm....

We immediately unpacked our things and explored the vicinity. Going trough the trees is like going trough a maze with a lot of surprises in store. Bohol Bee Farm is simply amazing!!!

Bohol Bee Farm

farther down the farm in the hilot area. Nice view while relaxing in a good massage.....

Bohol Bee Farm

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Bohol Bee Farm

We finally realized that we were starving so we ordered some lunch. The menu book looks plain with no pictures at all so I ordered something generic like Spare Ribs and Honey-Glazed Chicken. Both served with organic red rice, ginger bread and organic garden salad so we just added Peanut Butter Shake and fresh buko juice for our drinks.

.Bohol Bee Farm

great food, great setting.....great environment.

Sa iba kasi masarap ang dish pero pangit ang rice or could be something else. But here, everything's just perfect. Sarap pa ng hangin sa tabi ng dagat. It all add up ika nga.

As a bonus, they even have this Spacious Wooded Platform Right At The Beach for sun Bathing And Lounging  . We spent a few minutes here after eating lunch in the restaurant nearby. A good place to enjoys the sound of the waves as it hits the cliffs. Very good for relaxing.

Bohol Bee Farm

the wooden platform on the cliff area....

We went back to our room after that and started dialing numbers of local resorts like Bohol Beach Club and Panglao Island Nature Resort for day trips. From bee farm- car rental for BBC is 500 pesos while and 700 for PINR. The entrance fee for BBC is 350 php, 250 of which is consumable for food while its 450 for PINR, 350 consumable. I almost the cheaper rate but after texting some friends, we finally decided to go to PINR.

On our way to Panglao Island Nature Resort ans Spa (PINR)  and back, our driver told us a lot of tales about bee farm and Ms Vicky. The employees in bee farm are well treated, properly compensated. They feel part of a big family. I guess that's the reason why people are innately kind.
Sure enough, the decision was a good one. Will tell you more on the next post. cheers!!!
note: I would like to thank my friend Chyng for all the tips. Really helped a lot. We might have missed a lot of things if not for you. And, we stayed in the same room pala. Odd, hehe. Thanks again.

Bohol Bee Farm Resort and Restaurant here

next post: Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa


  1. ako ba nauna?
    parang ako yata PG!

    I can tell that you guys had a great time there...
    nakakainggit parekoy...
    parang kelangan ko rin ng bakasyon, sobrang occupied kasi sa work yung mind ko lately...
    tnx for sharing your escapade...
    keit papanu para na rin akong nakapunta dun...
    meow! meow!

  2. hanggan ngayon naaalala ko kung gano kasarap yung meal sa BBF. plus facot nga yung tapat pa ng beach with th breeze! :D

    yeah, sa eggplant room din kame. haha

  3. mavz--nauna ka nga--hehe.

    it really helps a lot kung me mga tips ka sa mga kakilala u pag pupunta ka sa new place.

  4. Chyng---agree diba? mas masarap sa TGI Fridays? lol

  5. pasabit naman dyan PG!!!! hahaha ganda ng place tsk buti kpa! tc!

  6. darkhorse--cge, me extra paper bag ako dito--hehe

  7. sarap naman nung glazed chicken... yum yum!!!

  8. Ailee Verzosa--- as I said, the best meal
    set I had in my life.

  9. if ever i have enough time, magbabakasyon din kami ng family ko.. naiinggit ako parekoy ang sarap ng buhay mo.. he he he

  10. Alkapon ---wait--tama yan. you desrve a good vacation with your family---pero mali na masarap buhay ko--lol

  11. Whew! That must be an awesome adventure. Your photos and write up say it all :D

  12. wow! that's a great place i can tell... mukhang sulit na sulit noh, mate? i first learned about this bee farm from chyng's site. pupunta ako dyan minsan..hehe!

  13. dodong flores --the best travel experience I had so far.

  14. lucas--uo-sulit talaga--at salamat kay Chyng at don din kami pumunta because of her blogpost. hehe. highly recommended talaga mate.

  15. ang ganda naman dyan.

    sana makapunta ako sa lugar na yan with somebody hehe

  16. Ang saya naman...the place looks peaceful and serene...and the food, from your description is worth the visit. Love the pictures and the stories!

    Btw, you and your loved one look really romantic. Kakainggit ;)

  17. Abou --sa Aklan ka diba? dyan kapa ba ngayon? e di malapit ka na dyan--RORO nalng. hehe

  18. Dennis Villegas--peaceful and serene--those are the words...yung kami romantic---hmmm---parang ba--kasi me nakasimangot na minsan--hehe

  19. Great post. You're a good writer! I enjoyed stopping by!

  20. Matt Hansen---cool. thanks for appreciating my naive writing. you make me feel good. cheers!!!

  21. bakit nga ba sya tinawag na eggplant room?

    na-try nyo na yun osang's brosas ng bohol

    sarap non
    sobrang pabortio ko sya
    the best broas in the philippines

    walang panama yun sa lucena
    no offense sa mga taga don
    i only speak the truth

  22. mukhang masaya si teresa oh... laging nakangiti sa camera. tas ikaw parang binagsakan naman ng langit. inaalala mo ba gastos? hahaha joke lang. ilang months lang yan with the koreans.

  23. Raft3r --ay--yun ang namiss ko--broa--puro kisses ang pinagbibili namin na pasalubong e. hehe

  24. The Islander --hehe. nadali mo JP---galing mo talaga. lol

  25. hello Antonio!! wow I miss this site!!

    When u first mentioned that this place is not photogenic, I thought some places are photogenic but not really nice when we are physically there. But hey the last few pics show the beauty of it, the crystal blue sea view! Wow! Romantic for both of u!! hehe

  26. Eunice---OMG---I miss you too. Honestly. That's so nice of you to even remember visiting my blog and even leaving a message despite me being on and off the scene. Congratulations on your latest achievement. Yeah, having been nominated already means a lot. You are big and you have to keep that in mind. I'm sure next time you will nail it. Keep it up. thanks again. cheers!!!

  27. all praises ang pusang gala sa place so dapat sigurong bisitahin na rin ang lugar na to. ayos na ayos ah.

  28. Lawstude--must visit place talaga to sa Panglao....salamat

  29. Stumbled upon your blog.

    I'm going to Panglao next week and will visit Bohol Bee Farm. So excited. Thanks for sharing your BBF adventure. :-)

  30. dyosa--great. you should not really miss bee farm. it's such a cliché but it really is your home away from home. And if you will go on a day tour in mainland Bohol, i could suggest a person you can contact who definitely take care of you. sila yung nag-guide samin last time. affordable at super alaga ka pa.

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