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Monday, October 26, 2009


 for those those missed my Bohol Bee Farm post,
chck it HERE

After eating lunch at Bohol Bee Farm, I immediately contacted several resorts in the island of Panglao as we intended to go on a day trip. Several options came into mind like Bohol Beach club which is only 500 pesos away via car rental from Bee Farm but as per advice of some friends, we opted Panglao Island Nature Resort instead.
...sure glad we did as this is another part of the Panglao Island you shouldn't miss. Located in Bingag, Dauis  Bohol, it's a 15 minute ride away from Bee Farm for 700 pesos back and forth transfer. Maybe it would take longer if we didn't take the shortcut which is trough rough road. Along the way, I thought the island of Panglao resembles that of my hometown Anda Pangasinan in its interior.

Panglao Island Nature Resort-Bohol
breathtaking view from the pool area.....

We immediately paid 450 pesos with 350 of it consumable for food. Lockers are provided so no need to worry about your valuables. Upon entering the lobby, you'll see the pool area,

Panglao Island Nature Resort-Bohol

the pool and sunbathing area......
and from there, this.

PINR's famous man-made island.....

from there, the view is just splendid......

Panglao Island Nature Resort-Bohol

and there's no better place for this duyan than here......
You would love swinging here feeling the wind and enjoying the view.....

me, wearing pants in the beach----saan ka don. hehe
And there are kayaks too if you are that active type. The resort is alos famous for its man-made island so there are boats to take you there during high tide.....
Panglao Island Nature Resort- Bohol

the boat, ready to take you to the island...happiness.lol

High tide or low tide, I would suggest you go to the island as you can have a good view of the cottages from there. That's the Panglao Isand Nature Resort and Spa advantage.

Panglao Island Nature Resort-Bohol
don't you think it's very inviting.....

BOHOL 2009
the envy of many.......
When you are in the island, you would love to be in one of those bungalows, when you are in one of those bungalows, you will crave to go to the island. It's just beautiful any way.
After the photo shoot, we decided to take a dip into the pool until sunset. This is the view that I have been dreaming of. Reminds me of Bali the way it registered in my mind, with pools seemingly parallel to the blue ocean.


At around 6:30 pm, we ordered our dinner. 700 pesos was enough for a decent meal here. Our service arrived past 7 and we were off to Bee Farm again. Have to slow it down for the next day's mainland day tour.

 for more on Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa


  1. I really like the water there. So blue and clear

  2. Borneo Falcon--you've been here mate?

  3. Awesome place. So blue and quite peaceful. The sky seem to coordinate with the water. Really wonderful pics!

  4. wait--- BOHOL is really blessed to have Panglao Island in the southern tip~~

  5. ~Myslyke Meeh---hello---nice to see you around again. Salamat. And it's true, my camera was not good but the beauty of the place is still obvious....

  6. Ang ganda ng view ng isla, parang gusto kong pumunta sa islang yan. Mag swimming na walang saplot,kasama ang paboritong artista na si ara mina..

    na para kaming sina eba at adan sa walang malisya sa sarili, malayang gawin ang nais naming manyari..

    mmm. nalilipasan na yata ako ng gutom, kung ano-ano na naisip ko.

  7. haha--uo-ikain mo na yan. naghaha-llucinate kana. lol

    at isa pa dimo pwedeng gawin yun. uo me pagka-exclusive ang resort pero syempre me mga tao parin don. gawa ka ng eksena.lol

  8. sana makapunta din ako dyan. haha.

    san ang next destination nyo?

    ei kuya ton, maiba ako, eto pala temporary link ko. http://allenyuarata.blogspot.com, pakivisit nalang ha. may munting announcement ako dun. ^^

    Good day. ingat!

  9. Allen---wala pa for now--ipon muna uli e---aha---anu kaya yun--me niluluto ka no? hehe

  10. indeed,the pics are so inviting...would like to take a plunge at the infinity pool and watch the sun setting down...luvit!!!


  11. the best ka talaga! papunta ko ng bohol sa january, ill check PINR. hmm yeah, thanks sa bakas. sana nga ganun nalang, nakukuha sa tulog ang lahat no? :)

  12. aquamarine---palakihin na kagad yan si baby para makagala na kayo---hehe

  13. Myk2ts--oi--talaga? s January? try Bohol bee farm as well then day trip kanalang iba resorts. hehe

  14. Told you...

    Glad you enjoyed! ;D

  15. Chyng---salamat sayo. kundi sa Bohol Beach Club padpad namin.hehe

  16. Wow so beautiful, and the waters look so clean and fresh. I would love to go there in summer. Beautiful and breathtaking sceneries!

  17. what i remember most about panglao is the sticky-powdery texture of its sand. napakaputi na dumidikit talaga sa paa. other than that, the view there is absolutely stunning.

  18. what i remember most about panglao is the sticky-powdery texture of its sand. napakaputi na dumidikit talaga sa paa. other than that, the view there is absolutely stunning.

  19. Dennis Villegas ---uo---summer is the best time to visit. para picture perfect. dyahe kasi kung maganda ang place tapos biglang maulap.

  20. Lawstude-- yun ang gusto ko sabihin--sticky yung sand sa subrang pinu.

  21. wow, mate...it's truly breath-taking! seems like a perfect place to unwind and think---or not think at all! hehe! Stay safe!

  22. RON--maybe a place where you should just relax and not think at all.....

  23. M oh my! Those are breattaking views! I wat to gothere! Now!

    It is indeed inviting.. I'd love to go isald hopping some time. Hehehe

    Breathe fresh air and listen t the sound o the waves, feel the breeze and relax under the tree.

    Hayz. Someday!

    A new food bloger here blog hopping!


  24. ganda naman dyan... parang so relaxing... sarap mag-unwind... umemo na ren... btw salamat sa pagdalaw dalaw sa blog koh..i appreciate it... ingatz... Godbless! -di

  25. Chilli --thanks for the visit. welcome. yeah, why not go island hoping and add more spice to your life. cheers!!!

  26. Dhianz --haha--mag-emo ba. trip ko rin yan. lol

  27. OMG! Ang ganda pala talaga diyan. The photos show it...

  28. dodong flores--uo, tama ka dyan. try it. highly recommended.

  29. wow! a pool by the sea! how nice that you guys always go to such beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters! you know we have to spend lot of money to get to such exotic beaches.

  30. Eunice--that's why you need to get down here now. you asked me before where to go in the Philippines, I guess Bohol and Panglao Island will be the place I will highly recommend to you. Aside from Boracay of coarse. hehe

  31. hi! how were you able to get the day tour package in PNIR? i called up their sales office in Manila, they don't offer as such.. TIA!

  32. thanks for posting this. i wouldn't have known about PINRS day tour if i did not find your blog. i had a great time at the resort. you may check out my story at http://www.ramblingsensations.com/?p=428

  33. The pictures of the beach and seas are nice. Good info too, useful for my future trip to Bohol.


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