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I stopped categorizing my acquaintances months ago after realizing that adhering in a strict labeling of  people principle doesn't help. Before, I was very particular as to who my friends, best friends and colleagues are, I don't mind now. Simply put, you cannot own people and all you could claim at the end of the day are the good memories you shared with them. When you can tell yourself that you had a good time with their company then that's it. There's simply no getting back the time. The emotions that you felt are the only realities you can hold dear in your heart.

That's how I regard my relationship with my former board mate SEBASTIAN. I can't explain it but we simply enjoy each others company in simple ways. A small talk is enough and a simple hey is already an assurance of each others company. I sometimes cannot understand though why he is so kind and thoughtful to me, something that I'm guilty of not being one to him.Whatever it is., an act of kindness is an act of friendship.



Take yesterday for example, he came all the way from PASIG just to see me in the early morning. He actually told me about that way back August but its something I have taken rather lightly. Until the night before yesterday, I kept thinking what possible occasion could make him go here all of a sudden. I can't think of any.

And so I asked him, he said because he is on leave. That's it. Of coarse he brought with him lots a stuffs. He loves giving stuffs to people, something that I always object when we were boardmates. This time I was not able to say no--again. It's official. I received my 1st Xmas gift yesterday.

Other than that, he came to give me  PEPSI CANS from Saudi Arabia coz he knows that I am collecting. I will tell you about it next time. For now, I would like to say that I'm officially accepting gifts. hehe

Thanks a lot Sebastian.


  1. At least you realized that you cant own a friend but rather friendship. Tulad nga ng movie na in my life na linya: Hindi mo siya pag-aari. drama ko ha. Pero nareliaze ko rin yan. You learned from the friendship mismo or may mga instances na ganun ang situation. Tama ka dapat i-enjoy yung moment. Kapag magbigay ka dont expect something in return. Kung may nagawa ka, yan dahil gusto mo. Dahil masaya kang gawin yun. Pagkatapos yun na yun. Just do your best and enjoy it. Yun ang motto ko. You are lucky to have a friend like him at na-appreciate o na value mo yung ginagawa niya. Advance merry christmas!

  2. Sa bahay nyo ba yan? yung picture? ang ganda naman ng loob, colorful.

  3. REDLAN---Kung may nagawa ka, yan dahil gusto mo. Dahil masaya kang gawin yun.--yep. that's the secret of being happy I guess, the rest bonus na lang.

  4. Alkapon --yep sa bahay--kuha nung August pa yan. wlng kalaman-lamn---colorful lang. hehe

  5. Hahaha!

    Kakamiss mga blog entries mo/....

    Well, kung ikaw ay tumatanggap na... ako rin! Haha!

  6. hello there, its been a while... hehehe after a long silence in the blog world, here i am again.....
    i've got some catching up to do... hehehe please check out my new post later...

    me too.... accepting early Christmas gifts... wahhaha

  7. http://www.manojksrivastava.com/members/buy-phentermine-without-doctor.aspx 30ml phentermine no script

  8. Mangyan Adventurer---sana marami pang gifts na dumating no? lol

  9. Ailee Verzosa---we all love gifts don't we? lol

  10. Base on my personal experience,yes its true! You really can't own a friend.People are people. They come and go.

    At ayoko ng mag-invest ng deep emotions sa isang kaibigan...ilalan ko na lang ito sa family ko hehehe...

    Buti ka pa napaaga ang pasko mo hehehe...pwede bang kaibiganin yang Sebastian n yan at baka bigyan niya din ako ng geps hehehe...

  11. Jag---mahirap talagang lumalim minsan kasi kaw rin mahihirapan at the end of the day if it fails.....cge, pakilala kita. lol

  12. Im accepting both birthday and Xmas gifts! YEY!

    Im sure I saw that photo in FB..... hmmmm...was that in FB?

  13. Yay nice!

    Tumatanggap na rin ako "officially" ng mga gifts... kahit anu pwede sakin. di naman ako choosy hehe :D

    Happy Christmas!

  14. yay. christmas na naman. ang dami-dami ko na inaanak. asan ba yung nagtatagong icon sa plurk dito lol. kiddin aside, the essence of christmas is giving gift to kids so kahit marami yun pwede naman pagkasyahin.

    advance happy holidays.

  15. KRIS JASPER--yeah. I posted it in FB a few months ago. hehe. when will be your birthday? is it soon?

  16. dodong flores-- like smoke it is indeed. Merry Christmas too Dodong.

  17. fiel-kun---sige--di choosy pala ha. arinola sayo. lol

  18. taympers---uo. bonus nalang talaga the rest....thanks

  19. Lawstude--uo. daanin nalng natin sa idea that it's the thought that counts....lol

  20. tama yan
    never put a label on friendship
    better yet never put labels on people


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