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world pyro olympics 2009....

LATEST SCOOP: WTO was postponed till Jan. 2010 due to concerns about the weather.

It has started. The world pyro olympics 2009. The 1st pyro musical competition in the Philippines and we were there tonight at it's new venue in the CITY of FORT Bonifacio Taguig. I say it started with a bang from Germany and crowd favorite CHINA........

the pyromusical on a rainy day....

I came all the way from Binangonan just to see it and the heavy traffic and a sudden downpur almost ruined the fun. T'was 7:05 pm when Teresa and I got there so I thought we would see the first firing while at the bus. Sure enough, the rain also moved the schedule to 8pm with Germany first followed by China at 8:30.

There were tents setup for those who want to enjoy some drinks and snacks. Served as a refuge from the rain as well.

good thing the rain didn't erase it......

The 1st to present was Germany. And Since I didn't bring any tripod, I decided to record a video instead.I sure did. But it broke my heart when I found out as soon as I got home that it's deleted in my camera. Sigh. Too bad coz I thought of recording all the presentations and just let my readers decide which is the best at the end.

world pyro olympics 2009

in green......

All in all , it was good and well choreographed. Reminds me of blitzkrieg "lightning war". It was like bang bang bang--- wow!!!---jaw dropped.Then there was too much smoke, like in a war. hehe The music was too loud for me. I am a romantic type so I think I would prefer to see fireworks with a more subtle musical score.

China satisfied me on that part. The romantic music made me imagine beautiful landscapes while looking at the fireworks display. True to it's spirit, the sky was dominated by red colors which I thought was very striking. Teresa thought it was not better than Germany though. She said it was good at first but it bored her from the middle till end.

I was in the middle of the GENERAL ADMISSION area in the open field holding my camera on the right and my jacket on the left since the rain started pouring again. Glad I was able to bear the NGALAY factor plus the annoying rain......

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This is a 5 minute preview of a 18 minute video

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And glad this time the video was saved so you decide if it captivates you as well. Feel free to leave your feedback. Enjoy!!!!

next week: 28 November - Canada and  Australia


  1. di ko ma-play. try again later.

    matraftfic? madami tao?

  2. Tagal ang downloading ng video. excited pa anaman ako pero I guess china mananalo. Tagdalawahan lang pala. Nanood rin si DOngho ng wpo ah.

  3. lots of my buddies were also there kaso inulan nga daw. maybe next week mag cocooperate weather.

  4. Chyng---a sorry- link error. yan. sa iabng player na to. please try again. hehe

  5. REDLAN---sorry po. ayan. okay na. naayus ko na. Talaga? andon ba sya? diko lam e. maybe next week I will meet some of the bloggers who will be around.

  6. Lawstude---si Dongho ba nakapunta? bat dika naka-attend? uo. medyo dyahe yung ulan pero okay lang din namn.

  7. hey i love your tshirt!!! didnt know german music would rock over there ya =p erm... pyro olympics? never heard of it too =p

  8. fufu --- it's new. just in its 5th year. the pyro musical is 1st this year.

  9. waah! kakainggit! gustong-gusto ko din makapanood ng fireworks show lalo na yang pyro olympics... ang saya sigurado jan. hanggang kelan ba ang pyro olympics d2 sa atin?

  10. fiel-kun--every Saturday til December 19---kaya pang humabol. go go go. Punta uli kami this Sat. see you there~~

  11. di ko pa din naview. tagal eh. haay. abangan ko sa actual! nood pa ba tayo o ayaw nyo na?

  12. Chyng---cge. nuod tayo pag Italy na. di na muna us attend next week. maybe well just go somewhere....

  13. sayang at wala na sya sa moa
    we could see the fireworks from our place don, eh

  14. Raft3r--nakita ko yung mga pictures nung nasa MOA pa--pakiramdam ko mas maganda ang effect pag sa tubig. commercialized na kasi. better din para sa future ng event.....

  15. Naku kelan kaya uli ako makakita ng actual fireworks ulit... well, sa place ko bawal kasi... but the last timw was sa cebu at sa manila... hayz... pero lahat naman tipong pasurprise lang... yung tipong... ah may fireworks pala ngayon... jejejejejeje...


    \\ gusto ko ring mapanood yan. parang maganda. buti nga lang di umulan nung presentation proper huh?

  17. I am Xprosaic--okay rin yun pero--at least me element of surprise.....hehe

  18. .pOot! ---umulan nung sa China. kaya nasira presentation.

    LATEST UPDATE: POSTPONED sa January next year ang PYRO OLYMPICS---dahil sa bad weather. sana nga better na sa Jan.

  19. wow beautiful. I also want to shoot this. too bad you erased the video ;(
    But then thanks for sharing the pics, bro!

  20. Dennis Villegas---uo nga e--frustrated talaga ako. anyways...looks like uulitin sa January so I can take a better shot maybe. hehe

  21. I watched ur video. Awesome! U r so nice to take a video of the firework display when you could just enjoy watching it through your eyes instead of via the LCD screen of your camera, wasn't it? Thanks for sharing.


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