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Sorry for the long wait. Naabutan na ng Pyesta ng Patay post ko so 10 years na ang inabot all in

We left bee farm 7am the next day and since thereis a free shuttle transfer from the port and back
we instructed the driver to take us to the Provincial hall instead.There, our driver and guide Kevin was waiting. 

Again, thanks to Chyng, for introducing Rj and RJ TOURS to us. It's probably single best decision I made in the trip.....1st stop, MAG-ASO Falls.
loboc church2
Loboc Church Bohol

This is located in the town of Antequera Bohol. It's on the Western side so it's basically out of the itinerary . Good thing, the manager Rj was kind enough to change some sites and include MAG-ASO Falls on the list. There we a few people then when we arrived. The cool water is inviting but we were not in the mood to take a dip. One more thing, I'm not into waterfalls since I always have this premonition that a slippery rock will get me. Just got curious from all the positive reviews of the place. Sure is a good place to visit.

 antequera church
Antequera Catholic Church.....

Mag-Aso Falls Bohol
 We only stayed here to take a few shots of the place then we were back to the town center. By the way, thisplace is known for basket making. They have displays in the plaza that time so we thought of checking it out.Teresa managed to buy to small trash bins. I stopped her from buying big items kasi dyahe sa plane. lol 
Then were off to the eastern side, next stop, Tarsier Sanctuary covering an area of 167 hectares within the three municipalities of Corella, Sikatuna and Loboc. currently under the administration of the DENR and is part of its Social Forestry Project

Here, you can see tarsiers in the wild. In their natural habitat. We learned a few things about these primates, that they are territorial and monogamous. The females at least. Usually, there is 1 male for 5 or so females. Lucky males. hehe It's quite hard to take clear shots though. Good thing, before going on a river cruise, Kevin, our guide took us to this place in Loboc where you can see them up close and even touch em if the caretakers are not looking. I managed to kiss one. hehe. Before getting there, we passed the LOBOC Church. Old and creepy as it may seem. Much to my fascination. The Church of san Pedro in Loboc Bohol is the 2nd oldest Church in Bohol.

our car from---RJ TOURS with the church on the backdrop.....

We tried to take a peek inside but it's a bit dark given the fact that its during broad daylight. So I thought it's a bit creepy. Hope they renovate it and bring back the old glory days.

Loboc Church

Next  stop, LOBOC River Cruise. One of the most memorable part of the tour. Since here, you get to just relax , enjoy the view and at the same time have your lunch for only 300 pesos, eat all you can. Native food is served and local song are being sang on the background by the band. They also played some Korean ang Chinese songs. Fun fun fun!!!!

Loboc River- Bohol

A few meters at the end of the 1st half of the cruise is this station where locals sing lively songs accompanied by small guitars. I donno exactly how to call it but it’s somewhat similar to that of ukulele.

Loboc River cruise

Happyslip mentioned that this is her most favorite part of the tour when she visited Bohol a few months back. I now know why.
And there’s even this small waterfall at the end of the river trail which signals the boat to turn and heed back to the station.
Loboc River cruise

After spending a few minutes on the restroom, we're off to the Chocolate hills. It's a long trip past the towns of Bilar and Batuan. you don't have to worry though, roads in Bohol are well paved. Kevin said the government officials here are really giving a priority to that. They sure know where to put their tax money. You will enjoy the view along the way anywhere you look. Bohol is simply beautiful.
Then this, the  man-made mahogany forest stretching two kilometers  in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns......


 with our car again.....who would not want to have a car in place like this. lol
I specifically asked Kevin to stop at every major church.  


 This one is in Batuan along the way to hills.
 Then the much awaited part. Alas. The famous Chocolate Hills.


I was actually disappointed a bit at first coz the hills are scattered in a vast area of land so you have to zoom the camera to emphasize them. Yeah, one might think that there are only a few of them. But if you look closely, there are many indeed. More than a thousand as a matter of fact. With some covered with trees. The hills in this area are covered only with grass so they turn brown during summer, thereby the name CHOCOLATE HILLS

 Chocolate Hills

It's also a bit difficult to get a good photo since there is this metal bar that ruins the view. You have to stand on top of a bench or mono block chair just to have enough elevation.

Chocolate Hills

the most prominent hill in the area....hope they can give it a name.hehe

 Chocolate Hills

If you are lucky, you can ask for the assistance of the photographers there for free since tripods will not do any help. We did, after availing of their photo prints for 100 pesos each.

A noteworthy experience though. Teresa purchased a tee shirt with our faces printed in it for 350 pesos. Cool. As a bonus, we still managed to see the hanging bridge on our way back, the Albuquerque Church,

Alburquerque Church

The Albur parish was established in 1869 after being separated from Baclayon, Bohol
the blood compact site and of course the BACLAYON Church. The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Baclayon is considered to be one of the oldest churches in the Philippines.

Baclayon church

It is one of the best presevered Jesuit build churches in the region.

Too bad my camera ran out of battery at this point so I was not able to take pictures inside the church. huhu

The tour which started 8am ended 5pm that day. we retired into our accommodation in Vest Pension house near Tagbilaran City center. Our last night before the flight back to Manila. Has been a very tiring day. We retired with a grin on our faces.

thanks Rj and Kevin for the wonderful day trip. Really is a good choice having you guys. And thanks Chyng for the referral. For those who are planning on a day tour in Bohol. I highly recommend them. They sure do know how to take care of you.

click here for more info on RJ DAYTOURS
contact # :Rj--  0917 324 5488


  1. the churches in bohol is something that i need to explore soon. three of the many churches you've posted here are really nice. enjoy na enjoy sa bohol ah.

  2. hehe
    tama ka
    10 years ko nga itong hinihintay, eh

    natikman nyo nga pala yun sinasabi kong osang's broas?

  3. oh yeah, in a place like that, kalokohan ang magcommute...

    inferness, ganda ng shots. sabi mo low quality.. yabang! haha

  4. Dong--ianpdate ko yung post---pangit kasi e kaya nilagay ko sa Flickr bago ko upload dito.....yeah---kung pwede lang I wanna see more churches talaga sa Bohol....

  5. Raft3r---diko natikaman e--nakauwi na kami nung nabasa ko yung comment u--hehe

  6. Chyng--uo. pangit talaga. nilagay ko lang sa flickr kaya gumanda ng unti---sa setting pala. dapat large e nilagay ko sa pinakamaliit. yun. kailang n ng flickr para improve yung quality.....hehe

  7. para ka ren lang si ms. sexy Chyng... hilig mag-travel.. saya naman.... and nice... chocolate hills... yummy... sana makapunta den dyan laterz... oh yeah nice pictures den... ingatz... Godbless! -di

  8. Dhianz--haha.alala ko nga nasa Singapore kami nung nasa HK-Macao sila. that's when it all started--pati yung correspondence namin ni Chyng--hehe

  9. BOHOL! Oh mai gah! I'm DYING to get there.. Esp yung forst pic mo, napaka inviting! Sarap magtampisaw! Kahit di ko feel yung heat dito..

    Naman, kainggit.. haha! Love your shots..


  10. the wait was well worth it. ang ganda ng bohol and your post reminded me of the places i visited there. ang ganda ng mga photos.

  11. oh i forgot to say. paganda ng paganda ng mga kuha!

  12. dong----salamat sa flickr. kasi diko na-adjust setting camera ko nun kasi kagagaling lang sa repair shop. buti nalng me flickr to save the day.

  13. lawstude--- kaya dapat pag bakasyun u dito don ka una pumunta---hehe

  14. Lawstude --uo nga---at lagi ka ata sa SOUTH---nasa Cebu kana namn? you are a big fan I guess.....

  15. it's a lovely trip! i always like to see waterfalls as there isn't a natural waterfall in Singapore. wow those chocolate hills are picturesque! what an unusual sight!

  16. Eunice--yaeh--no natural waterfall in Singapore, and honestly, I am wondering how the island gets its supply of fresh water....hmmm

  17. Ahhhh, the luxury of traveling. Good for you. It was nice that your guide managed to squeeze in that waterfall site, but bad that you did not take a dip. You are right in saying that Loboc Church is creepy because I learned that there are dungeons in its basement where Filipinos were tortured to death by the Spaniards.

  18. Alkapon --talaga--just perfect....

  19. Random Student --ay--katakot namn yang info mo--hehe

    Im not into places like that e--waterfalls. feeling ko talaga mababagok

  20. namiss ko bigla ang bohol ah. galing! kaya pala todo ngiti si teresa sa mga pics. hehe

  21. sayang
    sarap non

    pero cute ng tarsier no
    sarap i-squeeze

  22. been to Bohol last year... maganda talaga at super friendly ng mga tao..

  23. BOHOL is the best!

  24. Bohol has beaches that are even better than boracay. Especially in Anda town where the whitest sand beaches are found.


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