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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

na na na...goodbye, 2009

already the 5th of Jan. but I'm still in a state of exhaustion, as always. This is nothing new since I really push myself hard to complete what I have accomplish before each year ends. Call it similar to cramming before an examination but that's just who I am, still restless at the age of 29......

therefore, I sometimes feel that Christmas and New Year are just things to accomplish. It's like saying, lets get over this and just put it on record. I hope I'm not sending a wrong message here. I enjoy every moment of this season. But as soon as I'm over it, all the energy, all the savings, all the emotions are just drained. And so, it took me a few days to put thing back in perspective.

Anda PAngasinan
the last sunset of 2009, taken from Anda Pangasinan

The past year was undoubtedly one of the most challenging to us especially in the island of LUZON where a series of storms tested both our patience and endurance. I am one of the lucky few, having moved to Binangonan Rizal in August, we were spared from the devastating flood. I am very thankful for being one of the lucky few spared from the devastation but  my heart also goes to all the victim.

I call it  invest, invest , invest year. Not that I had a new business but most of my earnings went to the house we loaned and the stuffs in it. Sure, there was a part of me which cried several times coz instead of buying a cellphone, I had to buy a washing machine and instead of  a BENCH store, I go straight to ACE HARDWARE or hypermarket once entering a mall. My needs suddenly changed and twas hard to accept at first. I hope I will come to terms with it this 2010.

About the specifics of my goals this year, I think I still need more time. I was a bit impulsive last year so the success rate of my plans was just  75%. Not bad though since I decided to bite more than I can chew.......

For now, I just wanna bid goodbye to 2009. Life is a learning and indeed, 2009 has taught us a lot of things. Points that we could carry this year so that we could weather whatever challenges it has in store for us......


  1. Hindi ko pa nga medyo na absorb yung 2010. 2009 pa rin ang tema ng buhay ko. Pero it's positive to look forward. Parang wala lang nangyari na Ondoy of course hindi ako naapektuhan. Pero yun nga, bumabangon ang pinoy sanay sa hirap at patuloy na kumakayod. Simple lang naman ang hangad natin at mababaw ang kaligayahan. I-appreciate na alng natin at i-experience, tas we learned. Productive ang life mo base sa post na 'to. I like the line na instead buying for yourself, you buy for your newly build family life. Kasunod niyan, well exciting, instead of buying jplibee, donut, cake, milk na bibilhin, pero masarap yung feeling na tumataas yung antas at more matured at maging complete ang life mo. kaya kaw pa rin ang isa sa mga maswerteng tao. Happy New year and more blessings to come!

  2. 2009 for me is not really that memorable. Toinks! Ewan ko ba. Haha.

    Nice layout Kuya. Nagmukhang sleek ang blog mo.

    Happy 2010!

  3. hello Antonio! Happy New Year!

    Just came back from Penang yesterday... I love the shot of the sunset. Where did u get that? Inspiring shot.. I want to pose like that girl!!! LOL

  4. 2009 was also very colorful to me..but im thankful coz it has taught me a lot..your post is an eye-opener..Happy New Year friend!
    all the best in 2010, cheers!

  5. redl;an--uo---pareho tayo---2009 mode pa. ayaw bang-mag-let go? lol

    naku---dont remind me---dipa ko ready bumili ng milk. lol.


  6. poot--- hmmm---just try to think deeply and you'll realize that there's more to it than just that. at any rate, hope this year would be more memorable---cheers~~~~

  7. eunice--the shot was taken from my Hometown Eunice. thanks

  8. aquamarine-- uo--definitely is a very good year for you Leery---hope we van sustain the momentum this year.

  9. here's to more blessings this year!

    grabe i felt guilty not counting my blessings the past year when others had their annus horribilus worse than what i usually rant about.

    more positive outlook this year...

    ps.s grabe dami mo nga gastos this year ngayon ko naisip!

  10. nice picture..saang kuha ang picture na iyan..sino ang babae na iyan..good luck sa iyo ngayong taon..

  11. alex---uo--halos tumambling ako sa dami ng gastos--at deprived nako s travels because of that.sana makagala na this year......

  12. Arvin U. de la Peña---sa ANDA PANGASINANA yan. sa hometown namin. hehe

  13. yes naman, family man na kasi! ♥

  14. Why so bleak and gloomy, cheer up, you have your own house!!!

    And aren't trips to ACE Hardware exciting? You're building something that your future generations will enjoy...

  15. glentot--lam mo na---pag maraming deprivations sa kabataan--hehe

  16. Chyng---ang masasabi ko dyan is---huhuhu.

  17. I fully understand your thoughts about that feeling of being drained. In fact, that long Christmas and New Year break seem to be not enough right?

    Let's toast for a good year of 2010. :)

  18. CaptainRunner -- it takes one to know one. mahirap talag breadwinner minsan.

  19. ••itsyaboyKORK--happy new year din....


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