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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

life is rowing uphill............

it's true, like learning, living is rowing uphill----to stop is to fall back. 2009 was a good year for me. I wanna keep the momentum going.

I realized last year that being too ambitious makes you unhappy but I cant stop at this point. Not now that I'm in the middle of doing certain projects. Maybe that's why it was hard for me to bid goodbye to 2009 since there's a carry over of my goals last year.

this will be a make or break year for me.

anda pangasinan december 2009

so here is my must do list......

1. make my HEALTH a priority
I'm only 29 but I feel like 49. I'm even worse than my father when it comes to feeling pains all over my body. My physical condition has degraded after 3 years of sedate lifestyle. Not that I have a serious sickness but I just feel that I need to exercise more. It's true, when young, people lose their health to gain wealth, when old, they lose their wealth to gain back their health.

2. get institutionalized.
Not that I can keep it a secret ayt? This is my shot at taming my restlessness.Keep posted.

3. complete the basic appliances and furniture at home
a source of frustration and at the same time joy to me. Frustration coz I wanna buy gadgets instead but joy whenever I go home and see all of it in place. masakit nga lang sa bulsa.

4. finish paying for my motorbike.
It's loaned for 18 months and I still have until December. lapit na. sigh

5. travel abroad.
can't wait for the follow up of our Singapore trip last 2008. I'm eying HK-Macau, although Teresa wants Saigon-Bangkok. Either way, I have to travel abroad.

anda pangasinan december 2009

6. Finally set foot in BANAUE and SAGADA.
it's my dream. since watching the movie "don't give up on us"--I always imagine how Piolo and Juday spend lazy hours there. I want to take time out from work, stay there for a few days and just let time stop. Anawangin and Nagsasa are also on the list.

7. Climb Mt. Pinatubo or Taal.
I have always been afraid of volcanoes but I am really curious about the photo perfect summit of Pinatubo. If I can't, I can settle for Taal instead.

8. buy Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38
Taking pictures make me happy, but I end up being frustrated most of the time because my camera is not good enough.Time to invest in a more expensive one. I can't wait to have those crisp photos.

9. an LG touch phone
I'm now a big fan of LG after the purchase of an automatic washing machine which I love so much. I let it do all the dirty work and just come back to collect the dried clothes to be hanged. A touch phone ( even the most simple version) will do great.

10. work abroad
what took me so long?I guess some people are just not lucky But I will make a way to find employment overseas. Not so much for the money, but for the experience. To break the monotony. I'm tired of teaching online. A change in environment will be at most welcome.

There, I said it. I hope to succeed. I wish myself good luck~~~~


  1. Good luck talaga ang kailangan nating lahat...

  2. either or will be accomplish first, basta all the best for you and tere this 2010..

  3. glentot--- yun lang. minsan kasi swertehan talaga.

  4. aquamarine-- parang excited na tuloy ako na magawa na lahat. restless talaga....hehe

  5. Hope everything turn out well in 2010. I agree with you. Health is more important

  6. Happy New Year!

    I hope you goodluck...

    Sa mga adventures mo... sana makasama ako dun... Haha!

  7. Borneo Falcon-- health is wealth talaga. what's your resolution Falcon?

  8. Mangyan Adventurer-- ako ang sama sa mga adventures mo. hehe

  9. naku, what do you mean by "institutionalized"? ahahaha! anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm visiting back.

    Balik tayo sa topic. I hope that you accomplish your goals. Ehehe! Especially yung tungkol sa appliances. Ewan ko kung bakit, siguro home buddy lang talaga ako kaya yun ang pinakagusto kong ma-accomplish mo. :-) Good luck, and happy new year!

  10. yeah... happy 2010... wish you all the best ya... take care :)

  11. Ja, Ganbarasho ka! Make it happen man!

  12. Chad the Coffeeholic--hehe. cge . yun ang uunahin ko.lol. salamat din.

  13. fufu--and that goes for you too fufuf. more travels for you lah....

  14. Jag---I will really work hard for it. thanks

  15. Now that's a list, very precise. Hope you achieve everything in your list Mr.Carranza. Ü

    S A G A D A!

  16. good luck na lang sa iyo..sana lahat mangyari..

  17. Wow, that was a long list. Just do those one step at a time. You'll be surprised to know that you are already halfway months from now.

    Here's my Good Luck and God Bless too!

  18. Chyng--quite a list actually. lista lang ng lista. hehe

  19. Arvin U. de la Peña--gyera to this year. hehe

  20. wow. travel abroad! pasalubong ha! dont forget!hehe.

    I have an LG touch phone. pero yung cheapest nila syempre. hehe. Try the LG BL40 (Chocolate). Maganda yung specs. yun nga sana gusto ko e. kaso mahal.

    Happy New Year!

  21. CaptainRunner--I hope I'm not biting more than I can chew again. ehhehe

  22. Allen-- uo nga e. okay lang sa kin yung cheapest. dina practical ang mahal. basta touch phone---touch phone.lol

  23. Wow! ayos ah... may mga plans na! ayos yan dahan dahan pero at least may pupuntahan... good luck parekoy!

  24. Happy New Year ^_^

    Nawa'y pagpalain tayong lahat ni Bro. ngayon 2010

    at sana...

    matupad lahat ng dreams mo for this year!


  25. I am Xprosaic-uo. para me direksyun kahit unti. hehe

  26. fiel-kun---uo. kailangan natin ng help ni Bro. salamat.

  27. TAma! health is wealth.so let's keep our bodies in tip-top shape!

    regarding travel, go for the HK-Macau trip for the child [and shopper] in you, and go to saigon-bangkok for cultural purposes! also, sagada is one of the most beautiful places in the philippines! the banaue rice terraces are so beautiful! don;t forget to eat at masferre, their beef broccoli is the best [i just had to share that! he! he!] :)

    hope you achieve everything you want for 2010!

  28. kg---thanks for the practical tips. tatandaan ko yan anf=d I will do that when I get to Sagada.

  29. Oo nga, health is wealth. Priority ko rin yan ngayong taon.

    God bless bro. Sana matupad mo lahat yan. :)

  30. Hello, I hope you get all these plans go through for this year. Regarding marriage, I think you are in the right age already (although I got married at age 35). Pero tama ka dapat pagplanuhan muna talaga.
    Anyway, regarding the camera, I agree on your choice, maganda talaga ang Panasonic FZ series. I've used one before and it's great camera!

  31. lots of travel listed there...i won't worry about the appliances though...slowly but surely

  32. That's quite a list. Here's hoping for your success...

    By the way, a shameless plug. a fellow Cebuano, fellow Unificationist and a rising blogger featured me in his website. You can find it here. I hope you can take your time to view/read it...


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