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Thursday, January 21, 2010

power village?

My friend Inah, who is a member of the POWER LEGENDS visited us last weekend with her family so as to reserve a unit here in the village. In roughly 10 months, we will be expecting a new kid in the block. Another power legend here would mean more than one reason for our friends to be around. I like that.

Power village?
Inah (5th from left) with her family....Celine and Fiance Jules extreme right.
St. Monique Valais on the background.

.......not to mention, Jen will be back from Ireland on March 9 and she also intend to get a house here. 3 is a crowd. This place is turning into a POWER village if you will.

PS: I hope Celine and her fiance will follow suit.lol


  1. Ano po yung POWER LEGEND something to do with POWER RANGERS ba yun hehehe have no idea!

  2. Naunahan nya ako sa Power Rangers haha!

    Nakakatuwa naman alalahanin ang mga Power One Onliner's!

    (Online English teachers po sila, ang name ng company is Power One Online.)

  3. glentot---ayan---inexplain na ni Riza ha---kasi yung batch namin na dating PIONEER sa company---Freelance na lahat ngyon---hehe

  4. Riza--binuking mo naman ako kay glentot.lol

  5. Kala ko rin Power Rangers lolzz pero astig ah!Online English Teachers, malake ba kita? :D

  6. Lord CM--naku---palitan ko na ta title.lol

    about the salary. secret muna.jejeje

  7. that wud be great,healthy neighborhood!..saya nun..best regards to all..

  8. aquamarine--naku---Lerry kaw nalang inaantay. hehe. POWER LEGEND ka rin e. honorary member.lol

  9. wow..power one.............ang madalas kong puntahan na internet cafe noon sa cebu ay ang pangalan POWER ONE.....

  10. Arvin U. de la Peña ---a talaga? katuwa naman? aba---me kapangalan pala ang former company namin. anu, nagsara naba?lol

  11. Based from the photo, your village seems to be a very beautiful place to live by...

  12. dodong flores--a peaceful place to start a family indeed....

  13. Ahihihihihihi kunin nyo na lang buong block tapos pangalanan nyo ang street na power ledgend... jejejejejeje

  14. hey Pusa, thanks for the blog visit lasttime

    Amp power village

    by the way check out my new blog post hope you like it: http://lovenashyboy.blogspot.com/2010/01/yummy-corner-sizzlin-weekend.html

    I'll come and visit your blog more often keep in touch!

  15. I am Xprosaic---ahaha--mahal masyado. walang budget.lol

  16. Nash ---it's my honor that a BIG GUY like you visit my blog....

  17. hey Pusa! Thanks alot but I'm just a simple and ordinary blogger :)

    by the way Im using Nikon D60 :)


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